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Beauteque's Mask Grab Bag is Back until July 23rd!

 Hey Guys! I wanted to get this up quickly since these grab bags are only available until the 23rd, which is only 5 days away from the day I'm posting this! Beauteque has released these Mask Grab Bag in the past and they've always been pretty popular, so now that they're back, I wanted to let you know before they're no longer available!

For $15, Beauteque will send you a variety of masks that are specific to your skin type. When you go to purchase a Mask Grab Bag, You will be able to select 2 Skincare concerns/ skin type etc. You can choose from:

Please Note: If you only have one skincare concern, I was able to add a bag to my cart choosing the same concern twice. (I put Acne for both of my skincare concerns) So keep that in mind if you have very specific skincare needs!

My Mask Grab Bag literally showed up an hour ago, so I haven't had a chance to try any of these masks yet, I just wanted to let you all know what you could receive.

My choices were Acne and Brightening.

 I love, love, love, seeing name brand masks here. $15 is a pretty good deal for what you receive here, but only as long as their not no-name-brand masks. Here we've got the Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask in "Pearl" and the It's Skin Carrot Brightening Sheet Mask. This is the first time I'm seeing/trying the Missha "cell sheet masks" as I'm used to seeing the regular "Pure Source" masks, which I'm surprisingly not a fan of- seeing as how I love Missha products normally. These cell masks are apparently made with a "compact cell fabric" that help the mask adhere better to skin. Having said that, I'm not sure if these are the exact same masks ingredient-wise as their normal line that I dislike. I'll give it a try anyway, though! I really love the It's Skin sheet masks. They tend to fit my face quite well and stay saturated for a decent amount of time. This sheet mask is made from cushion pulp and includes natural carrot extract, which provides a natural glow, and brightens the complexion. Happy with both of these brightening choices!

 Next up, we've got the Acne masks. The Etude House Tea Tree Sheet Mask is a pretty common mask in the sense that I've seen it and used it quite a few times. It does help "clean" the skin as well as soothe it. Next up is the My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask. This is one of my favorite sheet masks because I not only love My Beauty Diary, but this particular one is great for balancing and controlling oil production, which is imperative for controlling breakouts. I love this mask so much that I bought a box of them for my older sister for her birthday- because I felt like she needed them in her life immediately!
The final mask isn't a sheet mask at all, but a wash off mask. The Hanaka Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask is kind of a double dose for my bag as it's not only made to absorb impurities and oil, but it also purifies the pores and brightens the skin! This isn't a sheet mask, but more of a peel-off mask. I tried it just before writing this review and I have to give you my thoughts on it quickly:

I first thought this was a clay mask, but it's actually a peel-off. Of course I didn't know this until I had applied it to my whole face. It's not a huge deal as I've used peel off masks on my face before, but once this stuff dries, it REALLY sticks. Think of it as a nose strip for your entire face. Warning you right now: do NOT get this anywhere near your eyebrows on hair line. My eyes were watering with pain trying to yank this mask off where it was dried onto my hair. Not only that, it really pulls. If you have a lot of blackheads on your face, this would be amazing for you, but honestly all this did was irritate my skin and pull half the fine hairs off my face. Ouch. I would suggest using this as a spot mask only on the chin, nose, forehead or anywhere you have a lot of blackheads and clogged pores. 
The final item included was the Cucumber Herb Day Massage Cream. I'm not entirely sure how this falls into my acne/brightening requests, but cucumber is pretty good for a wide variety of skin concerns, so I'm fine with it. I had the Mugwort version of this cream and I ended up passing it on to my mom, but I really think I want to try this one out and get into the "face massage" game. Check out this chart from The Face Shop that explains how to do a face massage as well as the benefits of doing one:
You would use the Cucumber massage cream while doing these massage movements for 1-3 minutes and then rinsing the skin or simply removing the excess cream with a tissue. I used the mugwort cream once or twice and I did find it to leave my skin incredibly soft without being overly moisturized or greasy, so I'm interested to see how the cucumber one works!
Overall Thoughts
I really love the Mask Grab Bags, specifically because of their customization. I have way too many moisturizing sheet masks for someone who has oily skin! The masks Beauteque chose for me are really perfect for my skin type and skincare concerns.
If you want to snag yourself a Mask Grab Bag, they're only available until the 23rd! You can pick one up here: Beauteque Mask Grab Bag.

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