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Target Beauty Boxes! July 2015 Review and Unboxing (Head of the Class / Honor Roll)

Target has been releasing these beauty boxes at random for some time now, and they always seem to sell out incredibly fast. I rarely review them because I hate that they're no longer available for purchase! However, I decided to do a quick review on their 2 most recent boxes so that anyone who is unfamiliar with these boxes can get an idea of what they include, and keep an eye out for when they release new ones. I always post about newly released Target Beauty Boxes on my facebook, so if you want to be informed when the next ones are out, please feel free to follow me on facebook!

This time around, Target released 2 boxes that were both loosely "Back to School" themed. The first one called "Head of the Class" and the second one is "Honor Roll." I decided to review both of them at the same time. These boxes both cost $5 with free shipping for everyone. There was no limit on how many you could purchase either, so if you had friends or family that might enjoy them, it's definitely worth it to pick up a few! The best part is if you have a Target Red Card, you can save 5% off of them as well.

Both boxes also included a coupon for $3 a $15 Beauty Purchase at Target.
 Must-haves. Can't-live-withouts. Obsessions. As purveyors of all-things beauty, we at Target Style like to keep a lookout for what makes the grade. We've put together a few of our faves- all in one convenient box for you to try for yourself. Test 'em out and tell us what you think. And if you love them as much as we do, find the full size versions at

Head of The Class
 Covergirl: Colorlicious Lip Gloss
I actually really like Covergirl lip products, but it's been quite awhile since I've purchased any since I've made a silent vow to use up at least half of my lip gloss/stick collection before buying more. This one is a peachy pink with a slight golden shimmer, although it's more of a "shine" product than one that gives off much color on the lips. It's very pretty and doesn't have any stickiness, which I quite liked!

Wet N Wild: Max Volume Plus Mascara
Wet N Wild has seriously stepped up their game over the last few years. I remember when I was younger, they were basically considered the makeup brand you went for if you needed something desperately and had no money. Mostly everything was $1 and mediocre quality at best. In recent years, they've really come into their own and have their own pretty loyal fan base, especially regarding their eye shadows and lip products. I actually haven't used one of their mascaras before, but this one looks like a very interesting one to try. It contains macadamia nut, jojoba and olive oil to strengthen lashes while giving them 10x the volume. I haven't tried this yet but I'm interested to see how it compares to some of my higher end favorites.
 Yes To Cucumbers: Facial Towelettes
Ahh cleansing tissues. My one true love. Although I recently read that they take a very long time to decompose and are bad for the environment, so I'm trying to use regular face washes more often rather than being lazy and always using wipes. Regardless, I just got the Yes to Blueberries version of these in my PopSugar box, and I'm happy to say their pH (both varieties) is about a 5, which is awesomeness. I will say that for some reason, the cucumber variety left an ever so slight burning sensation which I wasn't fond of considering they're supposed to be soothing, but there was no visible irritation after using them. They did a good job removing my makeup and have a good amount of wetness to the to wipe your whole face clean.

Herbal Essences: Wild Naturals Illuminating Dry Oil Spray
This is a mist-on hair oil that hydrates your hair while sealing each strand to give a shiny, glossy look to the hair. This stuff smells amazing and I bet it would work really well for anyone with medium/thick hair, however my hair is very thin and oily as it is, I don't want to be misting even more oil in there. I'll be passing this on to someone who'll enjoy it. I'm not sure if this is a sample or a full size, but it's quite generous regardless!
Bathery: Pumice Stone
There isn't a ton to say about this. It's a pumice stone that is used to smooth out rough skin- most often used on the feet. I have about 5 foot buffers and pumice stones etc, so this will also be given away, but it's a nice addition to the box!

Hollywood Fashion Tape
Hollywood Fashion Tape has a wide variety of products at this point, but this is the first and original one. It's basically double-stick apparel and body tape. If you're wearing a low cut neckline, or have a shirt that keep puckering and showing little peeps of your bra, you can use this tape to hold things in place. I rarely wear things that require me to use tape like this, but I'm sure it'll come in handy the next time I wear a dress!

Goody: Ouchless Elastics
 These were included in both boxes, and are your standard hair elastic that are made without metal closures for less snags and pulls. Pretty standard products but definitely a useful one to have!

Honor Roll
 Olay: White Strawberry Body Wash
I'm pretty sure I got a smaller sample of this in one of my past Walmart Beauty Boxes, although I could be wrong? Subscriptions tend to blend together for me sometimes! Regardless, this is actually a generous size for a sample, and it has a really refreshing scent of white strawberry and mint.

Bathery: Delicate Poof
One of those products I can't really elaborate on, haha. It's a bath pouf. I will say it's quite soft and fluffy so it'll be perfect for my sensitive skin!
 Covergirl: Outlast All-Day Primer
I haven't made my way down the drugstore makeup aisle in close to a year (I know, it's insane) so I'm not sure if this is a new product or if it's been around for awhile, but I'm definitely interested to see how a drugstore primer works in comparison to my higher end ones!

NYX: Butter Gloss in "Strawberry Parfait"
I bought a few of these when they were first released, and I had mixed feelings about them. It a soft gloss that isn't sticky at all and has a really sweet taste to it. I found that some of the were a little "milky" looking and streaked a bit on my lips, although I don't think I've tried this one so I think I'll give it a shot and see how it works.
Burts Bees: White Tea Facial Wipes
Ah I am blessed with more cleansing wipes! These ones are from Burt's Bees and are the White Tea variety. It says they are hypoallergenic and are made with natural soothing ingredients like white tea and aloe which help cleanse and remove makeup without irritating the skin. I haven't pH tested these yet to see if I can use them, but I'm crossing my fingers that they're 6 or less- I go through face wipes like water!

John Frieda: Luxurious Volume 7-Day Treatment
I received this exact sample in a past New Beauty Test tube and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked for me. The claim is that it's a semi-permanent treatment that gives fine hair more fullness even after multiple washes. You essentially apply it to your hair at the end of your shower and leave it in for about 4-5 minutes and rinse it out. When I used this, I absolutely noticed my hair was more thick and full-feeling, however I will say it did not last a full week. If I remember correctly, I used this product once every 3-4 days to keep the volume going. It wasn't an extreme change, but it was noticeable. Enough that I will most likely buy a full size of this soon!

Goody: Ouchless Elastics
 Already talked about these earlier! Hair elastics. Metal-less. No ouchies. Moving on!
Overall Thoughts
The Target Beauty Boxes cost $5 apiece, and each box has a value of around $25, which is fantastic! I love that they both had such a great variety of makeup, haircare, skincare, body care and beauty tools. You really can't beat the value of these, and I especially love them because they help re-introduce me to a lot of drugstore brands I haven't used in a while. I'm quite pleased with most of the things that were included this time around, and I'm excited to try everything out!

Again, since Target releases these boxes at random, I'm not able to tell you exactly when the next one(s) will be available. However I do post links to the boxes on my facebook page as soon as I find out about them. So please feel free to follow me on facebook for updates!

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  2. Both of these boxes are fun! The Honor Roll one was sold out by the time I figured out what was going on so I got the Head of the Class one. I'm curious to see what you think of the Cover Girl primer.

    1. I totally agree- very fun boxes for only $5! I'm super interested to see how the CG primer works as well. I'm used to buying higher end primers so comparing it with something like Porefessional or Smashbox's Primer will be interesting! Maybe I won't have to spend so much on primers if this one is good! haha :)