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Walmart Beauty Box: Summer 2015 Review and Unboxing

 I know that the Walmart Beauty Box comes 4 time a year, but I swear it seems like I only recently got the Spring box! I can't believe that was all the way back in March, and here I am in July already. Crazy.
While I can't say the Walmart Beauty Box is my all-time favorite subscription, what I can say is that for it's low price, it manages to provide a wide variety of drugstore brands and products for me to try. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I went into the beauty section of Walmart or CVS for that matter. I usually order most of my beauty items online, so I don't get familiar with the new products being released. I figured the Walmart box was a good way to keep up with the new stuff coming out.
 The Walmart Beauty Box is actually "free", except they charge $5 for shipping. So really, I like to look at it as $5 per box since most subscriptions don't charge for shipping. Rather than releasing boxes every month, the Walmart Beauty Box is released once per season, or 4 times a year. Everything included in the box will obviously be available for purchase at Walmart, so I wouldn't expect any high end brands in here.  

The Walmart Beauty Boxes tend to have a slight variety regarding their contents. I believe I've only seen 2 variations for the Summer box, however they may be more I haven't seen. No one knows for sure which boxes go to which people, however it's speculated that the boxes are sent out based on how old the subscriber is.
 Neutrogena: Cooldry Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF70
I'm one of those people that would live in a vat of sunscreen if it meant keeping my skin in good condition. The higher the SPF, the better. Having said that, I tend to keep these kinds of SPF off my face because I have very sensitive skin. I love the high SPF of this particular sunscreen though, and I will definitely keep it in my purse to apply to my shoulders/arms etc. I like having a travel sized sunscreen in my purse in case I run out the door and completely forget to apply one. 

St. Ives: Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Ah the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Opinions on this scrub have been split down the middle since I can remember. Some people swear by it, others say it creates micro-tears in your skin and that the ingredients are terrible etc etc. Since this is a Walmart Beauty Box review and not a St. Ives review, I'll say that I used this stuff quite a few times as a pre-teen and it did me absolutely no favors. I do think I'll keep this and use it as a body/hand/foot exfoliator, though!
One Direction You & I Perfume
 While I would normally say, "I'm too old to wear a boy band perfume" or something to that effect, let's be honest with each other here: I'm such a massive KPop fan that saying I'm too old for boy bands would be a lie. What I really mean to say is, "I don't pay attention to Western Boy Groups." Because that would be more true! Having said that, this perfume isn't terrible, surprisingly. It's not my style scent-wise, though. It's a very youthful floral with some fruity undertones, but I definitely go for more musky oriental scents. It's not offensive, or overly strong. I can see this scent being quite popular with teens and 20-somethings; Especially those who light lighter, more feminine scents. 

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream
While this might not be the most exciting thing in the box, you really can't go wrong with some Nivea Moisturizing Cream. I've been using this stuff for years and it's one of the best basic moisturizers out there. Now of course you can use this on your face, however I choose to use it on my elbows, knees and anywhere else that tends to get more rough than other areas. It works great as a typical hand cream as well!
 Dove: Go Fresh Body Wash in "Mandarin and Tiare Flower"
So I saw this sample and thought, "Oh I got this in another box not that long ago..." Come to find out, it came in the last Walmart box I got. What's even more lame, is that some people got a Caress Body wash in their Spring why not switch them up rather than send the exact same one? I're Walmart. You can't tell me you don't have mounds of sample sized products laying around warehouses across the country. Either way, I'm actually a fan of Dove body washes, so I'll put this in my travel-sized drawer for those rare occasions where I go anywhere overnight. Because let's not kid ourselves- it's not like I'm making enough money to be vacationing enough to use all the damn travel sized items I have!

Clear: Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo
My fiance really loves the men's version of this shampoo, although I can't say the same.  I know this product has it's fans, but if you check out some reviews here and there around the internet, there have been endless people complaining that this stuff made their hair FALL OUT. I already struggle with some serious thinning of my hair (which is slowly correcting itself thank goodness) so I don't even want to risk it by trying this stuff out. I think I can find a home for this though- I do know a few people that really like it.
NYC: Liquid Lip Shine in "Fashion Ave Fuchsia"
 I think one of the few things I love getting from the drugstore is a good lip product. While I'm one of those people that usually thinks that higher end brands almost always surpass drugstore makeup quality, the majority of my lipsticks and glosses are from the drugstore. NYC isn't exactly the most glamorous brand, even for drugstore standards, but I do have some of their lipsticks and they're pretty fantastic. I wasn't going to even open this because the color looks way too 80's for my liking, however Rebecca over at Hello Pretty Bird was brave enough to open and swatch this, and it's actually more of a pink tint than a full coverage gloss, which is nice! I'm still going to leave it unopened in case my best intentions of actually using it don't come to fruition...I've got way too many lippies as it is!

Jergens:: Natural Glow Moisturizer
Since this is a $5 box, I'm totally OK with getting foil packet samples as little bonuses. I feel like Jergens is pretty much known for their gradual tanning lotions now, but I honestly haven't tried them myself because I happen to like my pasty white skin. This sample has 3 uses included, which is good since you of course want to be able to see how the product works for you, and one packet isn't going to do the job. I know my mom loves looking like a sunkissed beach bunny, so I'll be passing this on to her.
Overall Thoughts
I don't really do a cost breakdown for the Walmart box because we're looking at mostly drugstore brands and sample size products. Considering the sheer amount of products that come in these boxes plus shipping costs, I'd say $5 is more than reasonable. I think it's a great way to try drugstore brands that you might not normally shell out the cash for when you're saving up for your next Sephora spree. I can't say I've found any mind-blowing products from these boxes yet, but they sure are fun to get every season. Since they come 4 times a year, you're only out $20 bucks a year- I think it's more than worth it to get a little surprise in the mail each season, even if you may not use everything. I think this box is a great option if you just like getting fun things in the mail, or if you're on a strict budget. It's actually a fun thing to gift to people as well- I signed my mom up for this box because it's not a lot of money out of my pocket, but she has such a blast getting this box in the mail every season!

The next box coming out will be the Fall edition, and will be shipping sometime in September.
If you're interested in signing up for the Walmart Beauty Box, you can do so HERE.
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  1. You're right, I haven't had my mind blown but for the most part they're pretty useful. Plus for $20/year, why not? :D