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Beauteque Head to Toe Skinfood Bag Review

Skinfood is definitely one of my favorite Korean brands. While I don't think there is anything in particular that is a "stand-out" product necessarily, I think their line in general is always pretty great in terms of performance, quality and price range. Not only is their packaging appealing, but they have such a wide variety of products that it's almost impossible to have tried them all! That's why I was so excited to see a Skinfood bag from Beauteque. I knew that anything I already had I would mostly likely be fine with having a backup of, and there are so many things I haven't tried yet- so it was a win/win for me!

Head-to-Toe Bag Details:
Not everyone is interested in beauty subscription services. Now if you're reading my blog, you're most likely not one of those people, however you may be on a strict budget that doesn't always leave much room to pay for a monthly subscription. The good news is, every month Beauteque releases a new limited edition bag called their "Head-To-Toe" series. This is not a subscription, but a one-time purchase bag that is curated around a specific theme. So if you have a little extra month on a particular month and want to treat yourself to something special without committing to a subscription, the Head-To-Toe bags are perfect for you! could subscribe to the BB bag and grab the Head-to-Toe bag if you're really addicted to kbeauty!
The cost variess from bag to bag since it's not a subscription. This particular bag is still available for purchase for $25 plus shipping HERE.
Skinfood, a well-known brand established in South Korea in 1957, follows the motto, "Good Food For the Health is also good food for the skin." All of their products are made from different types of food. Each food has a different skin property including: Moisturizing, soothing, cooling and more. Beauteque chose six great products from this brand that we believe will be most liked! 
Skinfood: Glacier Water and Deep Sea Water Gel Masks ($3 ea)
 While I'm usually ho-hum about receiving sheet masks in kbeauty bags (unless they're a sheet mask-specific subscription) I for some reason get super excited for "sea" or "ocean" related products, no matter what. While these are called "Gel" Masks, they're actually made from cotton and the essence they're soaked in is a gel. The Glacier Water mask is used to soothe and tone irritated skin, and the Deep Sea Water Mask is used for clarifying and brightening. 

Skinfood: Watermelon Embossing Cleansing Tissue 30ct ($21????)
 I can't even write my thoughts on these yet without pointing out that for some reason, Beauteque has these listed at a $21 value. I...I don't even have words for something like that. I am very understanding when it comes to US-based kbeauty companies valuing products at their western prices- which are always higher than the Korean prices. However $21 for a package of Cleansing wipes from an already-affordable company? Nope. Most places I looked (on ebay and on official online stores) These go for about $10.50 on average. Which to me I still think is a bit high for a package of face wipes. *shrugs*
As for a review of these wipes: LOVE. The pH is about a 6 (a little under by my reading) and they have everything I love in a cleansing cloth. I love cleansing cloths that have the plastic closure on the top of the bag- it makes it so much easier to store them and to keep them from drying out. 
The cloths themselves are heaven. Some of the best I've tried from a mid-price kbeauty brand. They re super thick, very saturated and overall quite large. The "embossed" side of these cloths is essentially little risen bumps- they're not exfoliating at all but they would definitely help with removing makeup etc. Plus the light, fresh watermelon scent is SO refreshing and calming. If these weren't so expensive I would absolutely repurchase them!

Skinfood: Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner ($8)
 I have seen this product quite a few times while browsing kbeauty sites and it's always interested me, but I've never owned it until now! This product contains pineapple extract which helps remove dead skin cells around the nail to essentially clean off the cuticle and dryness without having to cut them (which is dangerous and bad for your nail health and you should never do it!). To use, you simply apply a small amount to the cuticle area of your nails (fingers and/or toes!) and wait about 15 seconds for it to penetrate the skin and soften the cuticle. I haven't used this yet but I'm definitely going to give it a whirl the next time I do my nails. My only complaint with this product is that it doesn't smell like pineapple at ALL. So depressing as it's one of my favorite scents!

Skinfood: My Short Cake Setting Mascara ($11)
 Seriously, it's the month of mascaras!! It takes me months to go through a single tube of mascara, and I am pretty sure I got at least 4-5 tubes this month alone from random boxes. Not to mention the stash I already had- I'm either going to have to start wearing mascara 24/7 or give some away! Having said that, I decided to leave this one sealed because I'm not sure when I'll be using it and I don't want it to dry out! I really like the cute/simple packaging of this, and I especially like the large handle. It's always a pain when mascaras have a tiny handle that I can't get a good grip on. This is a pretty standard mascara from what I've seen of the reviews. It does a nice job giving a natural look on the lashes while also providing some impressive length. I also have heard this is kind of a pain to remove (like most korean mascaras) so keep that in mind! Overall this seems like it would be a good "daytime" mascara, or one that I would use on my days off when I'm hanging out at home but still want to do a natural makeup look!

Skinfood: Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream ($10)
 I was recently talking to my friend about how I've been thinking about taking better care of my neck lately. Seems like a weird conversation to have with your pal, but considering my bestie is also a kbeauty blogger (Sample Hime- she is brilliant and I'm not just saying that because she's my boo!) our conversations tend to go toward skincare a lot! I was telling her that while I was doing basic care for my neck area, I really wanted to invest in more neck-specific products like neck sheet masks etc. I started noticing some of the lovely ladies in my life that are older than me have started to show signs of aging in their neck area, and since Ive lost a significant amount of weight, the skin isn't as resilient on my body anymore. I want to avoid "chicken neck" for as long as possible! This Skinfood Grape Seed Oil Neck Creams contains adenosine and grape seed oil which helps care for and prevent wrinkles while also providing moisture and smoothing effects. 
I feel insane for adding yet another product/step to my already extensive skincare routine, but hey...what's one more product, I guess? Even if you don't have neck-specific products, I do want to mention you should always be carrying your skincare down to your neck!
Overall Thoughts
 The Head to Toe Skinfood Bag costs $25 plus shipping, and has a total retail value of around $42. That value is based on a more realistic price for the cleansing tissues. Everything else was priced close to (or even less than in some cases) what other western sellers were charging. At $25, I think this is a really great value! It's a big challenge taking on a brand like Skinfood since they have so much to offer, but there's a nice variety of products here in terms of introducing customers to the brand as a whole. Sheet masks and cleansing tissues are useful and a nice introduction to Skinfood's skincare products, and the neck cream really shows how specific their products can get! I love that there's also a cosmetic item and something a little different with the cuticle cleaner. Even someone that is super familiar with this brand, they could still find this bag desirable. I have to say my favorite product in the bunch is hands down the Watermelon cleansing tissues. They're really fantastic!

If you'd like to purchase the Head to Toe Skinfood Bag, you can do so right HERE. And don't forget: Beauteque ships to many more countries than just the US and Canada- so no matter where you are you can get your kbeauty fix!
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