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Beauteque Mask Maven August 2015 Review

 This month's Mask Maven was right up my alley! While most of the past themes have been pretty general, the August bag featured the theme "Acne & Pores" which are almost always my major skin concerns. I spent years of my young adult not caring for my skin outside of maybe washing my face in the shower once a day. I slept in my makeup, picked at breakouts religiously and wore a lot of makeup to cover up my skin issues. Because of those things, I now suffer from some seriously large pores (which were already big naturally, but sleeping my makeup for a decade didn't really help) and due to some medical/hormonal issues, I suffer from pretty frequent bouts of acne. I can definitely keep breakouts under control with my skincare routine and they're no where near as bad as they used to be, but I am always on the lookout for products that help me combat zits quickly and efficiently!
What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends you 9-11 masks each month. These masks range from sheet masks, hand and foot masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more, although it seems that it's usually sheet mask-heavy. You receive a different variety of masks each month.

Subscription Details and Pricing
You can subscribe Month-to-Month, or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You are billed on the 20th of each month if you subscribe for the month-to-month option. If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, you will have to wait until the following month to receive your bag. Bags are shipped starting on the 20th of each month, although they have shipped earlier occasionally.

 Month to Month: $16 per month
3 months: $16 per Month
 6 months: $15 per month
12 months: $14 per month

Shipping costs range from $3.95 to $9.95 depending on where you live. Beauteque currently ships Mask Maven to the following Areas: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

 Beauty Friends II: Green Tea and Kiwi Sheet Masks
This is a new-to-me brand, but these seem to be pretty basic run-of-the-mill sheet masks in terms of ingredients, packaging etc. That's fine with me, though. Inexpensive sheet masks are great for basic moisturizing and soothing, and with the colder weather approaching before we know it, having these kinds of masks on hand is a lifesaver. I tend to use one at least once a day to keep my skin moisturized as well as to combat that "red look" that cold winds and snow can bring about! The green tea mask featured here helps protect skin from free radicals and conditions, while the Kiwi mask uses vitamin C to help soothe rough, damaged skin.
 SNP: Troubled Skin Care Essence Sheet Mask
I'm vaguely familar with SNP, so I'm always happy to see products from a company I don't know well yet. This mask is free of parabens, mineral oil, artifical color and synthetic silicones, and is good for all skin types. As a "troubled skin" mask, it uses herbal extracts to nourish and prevent breakouts. The essence that this mask is soaked in is extra concentrated to help improve skins texture as well. I really like the packaging of this mask as well!

Esfolio: Volcanic Water Essence Mask
Beauteque has sent out a few things from Esfolio, and I was totally unaware of them prior. I've really enjoyed their products so I was excited for this volcanic water essence mask! Essentially, this contains volcanic ash, which is an active mineral ingredient that helps the body resist and destroy bacteria, which in turn, prevents breakouts. This will probably be the first one I try from the bunch- admittedly because I like the packaging. I'm one of those weird packaging people, it's a curse.
 Face Q: Luffa Oil Control Sheet Mask
This is a Taiwanese brand, similar to My Beauty Diary. They even have the same type of packaging! This particular mask is made with luffa extract, which is an active enzyme that removes dirt and impurities from the skin keeping you oil-free. These oil control masks are usually temporary fixes, but they're great to put on before applying makeup for the day as the oil stays at bay for most of the day.

My Beauty Diary: Citrus Firming Aroma Mask
I have tried almost every MBD mask at this point, because I find them to be some of the best in terms of quality for their price range. They also fit my face well. I have tried this particular type a few times in the past and while it's not a particular favorite, it's still a good one! This contains plant essence from hamamelis virginiana, lemon and grapefruit which work together to regulate and balance oil while firming and clarifying the skin. 
Hanaka: Marigold Oil Control Sheet Mask
Hanaka is another brand that I've become more familiar with through their regular appearances in Beauteque bags, although I can't say I'm a huge fan of them at this point. I don't dislike them or anything, however I did use this exact mask a few months ago and shortly after broke out pretty badly. I'm not entirely sure if it was the mask, but it was the only thing I used that wasn't a regular item in my routine. It could be a specific ingredient that doesn't like my skin in this mask, but I'll be passing this one on to someone else. Regardless of how my skin reacted to it, this mask includes marigold and vitamin A which help with acne, oil control and aging issues.

PureDerm: Strawberry Yogurt Pack
 I am quite familiar with Purederm, and have used this particular mask many times! I love Purederm because they are a no-frills skincare brand that is insanely affordable. I buy their cleansing wipes in bulk because they're around $2 a pack and you can get them from Forever21, so no waiting a month or paying a bunch of money to ship heavy cleansing wipes from Korea! I received an entire box of these single-use mask packets from a Memebox long ago, and I've used it a few times and think it's quite soothing! Since this is a wash-off mask, it actually looks and feels a lot like regular yogurt, although it contains vitamin E, collagen and strawberry extract as well, which help soften and refresh the skin while removing impurities. 

PureDerm: Deep Cleansing Peeling Gel 
Another Purederm product, although this one is something I haven't tried. This peeling gel is made with fruit extracts and is used to remove dead skin cells, clean pores and refine the surface of the skin. There are a few different ways peeling gels are used, however this one is used on a cleansed, dry face. You simply apply onto the skin and massage for 1 minute, then rinse off with warm water. 
Overall Thoughts
Mask Maven costs $16 per month (less if you pre-pay for a longer subscription) and the August bag contained 7 sheet masks, and 3 mask packs, making each mask cost under $2. (around $1.60)
I really loved the theme this month! It's overly common to get "moisturizing and soothing" masks because I find they're the most common, and while those can be great it's so nice to have a bag full of masks that are finally catered to my skin type! Even if you don't suffer from acne or large pores, I think many of these masks would be useful for their other various benefits. I would love to see Beauteque continue to have interesting themes like this in the future!

If you'd like to learn more about Mask Maven or sign up for yourself, you can do so HERE.
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