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Love With Food: August 2015 Review, Unboxing and Coupon!

For the past few months, I've been receiving the Deluxe Love With Food boxes thanks to an amazing coupon that I found that saved me a lot of money on a 3-month subscription. Due to my schedule being so insane these past few months, it seems I forgot to cancel and I was charged the full amount for an auto-renewing 3-month subscription. Normally I'd be a little angry at myself for not remembering to cancel, but I am so incredibly happy with Love With Food month-after-month that I have no problem paying full price! And I have to say- August may be my favorite box since I started subscribing!

The Deets
Love with Food is a $10 a month (+$2 shipping) subscription box that features 8+ organic and/or all natural snacks delivered to you monthly. For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in an effort to support the end of child hunger. I think it's an absolutely wonderful cause and makes me feel good about subscribing to them!
Love with Food also offers a Deluxe Box which is the one I will be reviewing this month. The deluxe boxes cost $19.95 per month (free shipping) and features 16-20 snacks. It seems like the deluxe boxes are double the amount you get in the regular box, plus a few extra goodies.
They also have a Gluten Free box available for anyone that might be interested!
The theme this month was "Road Trip."
Adventure is calling, and that calls for some serious snacks to keep your Summer road trip rolling. While you're noshing with the wind in your hair, you'll know your choices have helped make a difference. After all, for every box sold we donate money to fight hunger. So crank up those tunes and hit the open road!
As always, Love With Food includes lots of great coupons from the brands featured in the box that month. This month there was a free product coupon from Bandar!
Pop Art: White Cheddar Jalapeno Popcorn
Spicy and I have a strange relationship. I really love the flavor of spicy foods, but I have a hard time dealing with the mouth-on-fire aftermath that certain spices can cause. Because of that, I'm always a bit weary to try things like this popcorn. There were a few spicy things in the box this month and I was brave enough to try them all! I think this popcorn is most definitely my favorite! Think of it as Smartfood popcorn with a little kick! The first handful or two tastes like your basic white cheddar popcorn, and then once you've swallowed you get a little bit of a spicy aftertaste. The more you eat, the more intense the spice gets, but it never got too overwhelming for me, personally!

Stonefire: Original Naan Crisps
Jeff and I both really loved these! The flavor of these sort of reminds me of classic Ritz crackers, but maybe if you made them in your own oven? It's hard to explain because they have a bit of a "grilled" flavor to them- sort of like if put them over a fire for a moment. They're really delicious- but Jeff and I both agreed they'd be even better if we had a chive and onion dip or some pub cheese to dip them in!
Lundberg Family Farms: Shasta Chipotle Lime Multigrain Chips
This was the second "scary spicy" snack in the box this month, but I actually think the flavor of these is balanced nicely with the sweetness of the lime. Jeff and I both weren't sure how we would feel about these, but he seemed to enjoy them much more than I did. i thought the spice was a little too much for my tastes, and I also felt the multigrain chip had a strange aftertaste. Jeff said he didn't detect an aftertaste at all and was surprised he enjoyed them since he doesn't like lime/citrus flavors with savory snacks usually. Mixed reactions overall!
Bandar Foods: Crisped Harvest Sea Salt Vegetables
I definitely think this is one people will either love or hate. I'm not usually one to enjoy vegetables. I have certain ones that I love, and others I have such an aversion to that I steer clear of them at all costs.  Regardless, I have tried a variety of different vegetable chips and have enjoyed almost all of them. These are so beautiful when you open the bag! All the veggies still LOOK like veggies and are so bright and colorful! There's carrots, green beans, sweet potatos, okra, pumpkin, purple sweet potato and...onion. Yep. Dried onion. I tried each veggie individually and they all have a very satisfying crunch, a hint of natural sweetness and a dash of sea salt. Super delicious! My only suggestion is not to eat the dried onion on it's own. It's very strong- but I think it would taste very good when paired with the other chips!
ILoveSnacking: Fruity Pies (Apricot and Almond/ Fig and Walnut)
 I'm not really fond of dried fruits/fruit snacks etc because I have very sensitive teeth, so I passed these along to my roommate who luckily seems to like all the things that I don't! He said these fruit pies were quite good. They were soft, but you could hold them in your hand without it falling apart. He enjoyed that they were sweet, but not too sweet and that the added nuts were broken down into small pieces so they didn't overwhelm. A good review overall from him!

Hillside Candy/GoOrganic: Apple Hard Candies
While we usually get 2-4 pieces of candy when it's featured in a Love with Food box, this time we got an ENTIRE bag! Excitement! These candies are so incredibly good. They were a household favorite immediately and we've already hunted down where we can buy more. They taste like hardened apple juice n the most delicious way possible. Like Autumn in a tiny piece of candy.  Absolutely delicious, and not filled with any gross additives or ingredients, which I appreciate!

Pik-Nik: Original Shoestring Potatoes
Who else remembers having these in their lunchbox regularly as a kid? Obviously not this brand, but I think I ate more of these things than anything else when I was younger. They definitely brought back some nostalgia! If you for some reason are unaware of what these are, it's essentially a can of little potato chip "strings." They're delicious and go perfect with almost any lunch!
Kind Bar: Healthy Grains Popped Salted Caramel
 I've been a fan of the Healthy Grains Kind bars since I first tried one in a Birchbox years ago. My personal favorite was the peanut butter and chocolate one...that is until I got my hands on this flavor! It really does taste exactly like caramel popcorn, but it has the nuttiness of the granola mixed in there to make for a really soft, chewy, delicious bar. It works best in the AM for me, but this could really be a snack anytime!

Mandy's: Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins
I feel like I've tried these before, although I'm not entirely sure if they were in a Love With Food box, or one of the other snack boxes I've gotten over the years. Regardless, I really love these! You get 4 decent-sized cookies in one bag and it's only 90 calories for the whole thing! I ended up using my Love With Food points to buy a box full of these! I think they'll be great for when I'm craving something sweet and don't want to waste the calories!
Olympos: Pitted Greek Olive Mix
This was the only thing in the box that I refused to even attempt to eat. It's a bag of olives. You either love olives or you hate them with a firey passion. I'm part of the latter group. I can't understand what is appealing about the flavor of olives- and sadly enough- I don't know anyone that likes green olives, so these went in the garbage. I hate wasting food, but I wasn't able to find anyone who actually wanted them. Womp.
Enlightened: Wasabi Roasted Broad Beans
The final destination on the Spicy frontier this month. These are roasted broad beans that came in a variety of different flavors. I was the unlucky one that got wasabi flavor. I did try these anyway, and while they actually weren't awful in terms of the broad bean and basic wasabi flavor, I found they were way, way too spicy and the aftertaste wasabi leaves in my mouth reminds me of...nail polish? Permanent marker? Just something not so appetizing. I passed these onto my roommate who of course, loved them!
Belgian boys: De Liege Wafel
Finally, we get to my favorite thing in the box! This simply-crafted belgian waffle was so incredibly delicious! At first I expected it to be hard/crunchy like the other waffle snacks I've received in food boxes, but this was a big, super thick, yet light and fluffy waffle! The consistency reminded me a bit like a mix between a donut and a pancake. It had a bit of sugar sprinkled on was pure heaven. No other way to describe it. I would have ordered more of these in a heartbeat if I trusted myself not to eat them all in one sitting. SO SO good. 
Overall Thoughts
With the small exception of the olives, every single thing in this months Love With Food Deluxe box was really awesome! Even if I was a bigger fan of certain things, I was excited to try/test everything out- which is what makes this box so enjoyable. My fiance and I always have fun sitting down together and reading about each snack in the info booklet and then testing them out. This particular month seemed like it had so many snacks that were up my alley- I really didn't know which one to try first! A great mix between sweet and savory snacks as well as a packed-full box made this my favorite snack box so far this year.

 I've been getting Love With Food deluxe boxes for most of 2015 and I can confidently say: If you are ever looking for a snack subscription that provides healthier snack options than the grocery store, gives you large portions and snack-sized, travel/packed lunch friendly packages, and a wide variety of snacks and brands that you can't find in just any grocery store, Love With Food is definitely the subscription for you!

Don't Forget!
If you're interested in trying Love with Food, you can get 40% off your first box when you use THIS LINK.
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