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Memebox Glowing Skin Box Review and Unboxing

I seriously feel like I've gone back in time writing this review. It's been so long since I did an official Memebox review, hasn't it? Almost 6 months! I have to admit, I missed all the pink boxes strewn all over my house just a little bit! While I can't say that my obsession has reared it's ugly head again, I will say that Memebox had a pretty amazing box sale about a week ago and I scooped up 2 boxes using a coupon code and some Memepoints. I got a great deal on them, but I caught the tail end of the sale and wasn't able to get all of the ones I was scoping out! If you missed out on the sale, I found out about it through a Memebox e-mail, so make sure you're signed up to receive them in case they do another one in the near future!

I have always had a soft spot for brightening skincare. While my skin is already quite pale naturally, I do have issues with redness and uneven tone. I find that brightening products have really helped even out my skin tone and give it an overall brighter and healthier appearance. So of course, the "Glowing Skin Box" seemed right up my alley! This box was completely 'naked' on the site, in the sense that everything was revealed ahead of time and there was no surprise like the old days. So to have a little fun, I purchased this box and a second one (which I will review later!) without looking at what was inside. That was part of the fun during the Memebox heyday, wasn't it? I don't know. I've always been partial to the "mystery" box rather than having it be totally spoiled!
(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product. Some recent boxes have included these types of cards, which direct you to a virtual info card on the Memebox website.)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes and what they offer.

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "Glowing Skin Box" cost me $20 (this was a sale price, I believe), and includes 6 products.

From Memebox:
Make dull skin a thing of the past and #ShineBrightLikeADiamond! Don’t walk around with zombie-like skin, use the “refreshments” in this box to reveal lustworthy luminous, youthful, and glowing skin that is ever radiant.

Etude House: Pearl Aura Fall In Brightening Kit ($21)
I was in love with this the moment I pulled it out of the box. I have a weird obsession with "kits" and mini collections of skincare and I haven't tried any of these products before, which makes it even better! This kit is limited edition, apparently (how fancy!) and it helps to promote brighter and softer skin. It's formulated with Tahiti Black Pearl extract which helps skin achieve a translucent, healthy glow. There is also a peeling care product that removes dead skin cells and allows the essence and lotion to absorb better. 
To Use:
1. Use the Peeling softener after washing and cleansing the face. Take a small amount of the softener and massage onto the face for 1-2 minutes and rinse with Warm water.
2.  Use the essence after using a toner. Dispense a small amount onto the palms of your hands and spread onto the face using circular motions until absorbed. 
3. Finally, use the essence lotion as the last stage of your skincare routine. Take an appropriate amount and spread a thin layer onto the face and neck. Finish with a sleeping pack on top if desired!

Etude House: Sparkling Toc's Scrub Foam Cleanser ($12)
Since I'm one of those crazies that are obsessed with the pH of their skincare products, I figured this product would be going directly into the giveaway pile. Unfortunately, it's all too common for cleansers in particular to have insanely high pH, which by now, most skincare enthusiasts know why high pH is a no-no. Granted, it doesn't have the same effect on everyone's skin. I know that my skin is very troubled, oily and acne-prone. Only a month or so into using specifically low pH products, I noticed a very positive change in my skin. It's only continued to improve, so I'm not breaking the habit! pH Ramblings aside, I did test this product and was pretty shocked to see the pH is 5.5. Since I use anything that is 6 or less, I can actually keep and use this! Hooray!
What is it, exactly? It's described as a "skin clarifying cleansing foam" that contains ingredients like sparkling water and micro scrubs that help penetrate deep into the pores to remove sebum and dirt leaving behind "radiant, glowing skin." While I normally don't use physical scrubs on my face, I swatched this product and the "micro scrubs" are very few and far between, not to mention pretty tiny and gentle. I'm actually pretty interested in this product since it seems pretty different from the typical cleansers I use, and it's got a low pH. Win/win for me!

Secret key: Snow White Cream ($15.50)
This is a brightening cream that contains niacinamide, which is an ingredient that helps improve the skin's overall appearance and texture. This cream can be applied as a primer before makeup because it improves the skin's texture and brightens, but it can also be worn alone due it it's skin enhancing properties. This is one of those creams that gives you an instantly more "white" appearance, so if you're a golden goddess you might want to avoid a product like this. Since I'm already white as a ghost, this kind of cream is great for me to cover up any imperfections or discolorations. I've also used creams like this on my legs to hide hair folicles and other marks etc. 

Tonymoly: Panda's Dream Eye Patch ($5)
You should have witnessed my face when I pulled these out of the box. Seriously, it was pretty close to this:
Actual footage of me when I saw eye masks. I need help.

Seriously I do NOT know what it is about under eye products and hydro gels etc etc- I just love them so much I could buy a lifetime supply and still want more. While I'm partial to hydro gel eye patches, I actually like these Panda's Dream patches because they go around the entirety of your eye, essentially making you look like a human/panda crossbreed. I'm totally fine with that, though! These are are actually really saturated with essence so they don't dry out quickly, and they stay in place really well. I haven't had enough of these to use them daily and see what kind of difference they make long-term, but my eye area always feels moisturized and refreshed after using these.

Banila Co: It Radiant Lace HydroGel Mask ($5)
Banila Co is one of those brands that I pretty much love everything I try from them. I honestly haven't tried one of their sheet masks before, but this one sounds pretty magical if you ask me. It contains Arbutin and 10 kinds of white flowers that apparently help brighten the skin tone. It's also forumulated with exfoliating properties to help remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. Bonus ingredient: hyaluronic acid for epic moisturizing, of course! I think what makes this mask super fun is that it's a hydro gel that has a lace piece within it, so it looks like you're a fancy bank robber when you wear it! Here's a peek at it since I haven't used it yet!
Pretty cool, right? Granted this mask retails at $5 which is like...a fortune in my world. Most of my sheet masks that I purchase regularly fall in the $1 range...sometimes less if I'm hunting for a good sale. Having said that, there are some masks I will pay more for if they are super amazing. This one is just really cool-looking, so unless it makes my redness disappear and my acne miraculously vanish, I probably wouldn't buy it again solely because of the price.

Leaders: Vita Brightening Renewal Mask ($2.50)
Leaders has become known lately for their sheet masks. They're not super cheap, but they're still inexpensive enough to buy a few of your favorites without going broke. this one has lots of uses that work perfectly for my skin. Firstly, it helps even out the complexion by helping to eliminate pigmentation and dark spots. The essence used in this sheet mask is formulated with a Vitamin C derivative that brightens and helps skin appear healthier. Since this also battles blemishes, it's a great sheet mask for me. If it was also an oil control mask on top of it all, I'd probably buy 100 of these!
Overall Thoughts
The Glowing Skin Box cost $20 (it shipped free with a $30 purchase) and has a total value of $63.
While that retail value is a far, far cry from the $100+ value of the old school Memeboxes, I still think it's is a great value for the price I paid for this box. Seriously this box deserves a round of applause. Why? Because there is a nice variety of brands here, A wide variety of products, and every single item is used specifically to brighten or help even out skin tone.Which might make you say, "Well, yea Rachel...that was the box theme!" But some of you may remember that Memebox didn't always stick to the themes of boxes and we could end up with something completely opposite of what we thought we were getting. Because of those past memories, I'm actually more than impressed with this box. I'm not entirely sure if I would have bought it had it not been on sale, but I'm really happy that I have it because there's quite a few things I'm super excited to try!

I'm not entirely sure what kinds of magical deals are afoot on the Memebox website right now, nor do I know if these coupon codes are still good or when they expire. Having said that, it's more than worth throwing them up here so you can give them a shot!

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