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MiraClear Face Cleansing Brush Review

As I mentioned in an earlier review, Memebox decided to surprise their Ambassadors (people that do reviews for them occasionally) with a couple of interesting products. They've been a bit under-the-radar lately in terms of contacting bloggers, so I was pretty surprised when I found this random contraption in my mailbox. From the title of this review, It's now obvious to all of you what this is, but I'm telling you- if I had just shown a picture of it with no explanation, you'd be just as confused. I'm still not entirely sure what the purpose of it is...but I guess we'll figure that out together!
Here we have what is called the "MiraClear Face." No specifics in the name to help us figure it out, apparenlty! Pulling this out of the box- I have to tell you I was completely clueless as to what the heck I was looking at. It sort of looked like a fancy perfume bottle?
That's when I noticed the bottom had pink silicon bristles! Ok- so a face brush maybe? But I figured it was a bit too large, and what was with the strange little button on the top of the handle?
So here's the product out of the box with a slightly better look at the top of the handle. I noticed that there was not only a white button, but a little lip in which it looked like you could lift something out of the handle. That's when this happened:
Now at this point, I was even more confused. It looked like a hollow tube, so I began thinking that maybe you put cleanser in there and it came out through the bottom onto the silicon pad. However once I pressed the "handle" down, I realized I had pushed air into the brush...and I saw the silicon pad expand. Seriously I wish I videotaped how confused I was by this, but my face was something like this:
Seriously...what the heck is this contraption?!
After staring at this brush for a few minutes and figuring out that the little "handle" that popped up was actually a pump, I started to realize that I was supposed to be pumping air into the brush and that would somehow expand the silicon bristles at the bottom? But for what purpose?? I felt like I was watching LOST and the more things that were answered, the more questions I had!
That lady is clearly enjoying her MiraClear brush...
So after confusing myself for a good 10 minutes, I then noticed the directions at the bottom of the container- which honestly don't explain it a whole lot, regardless. Basically what we have here is a really interesting face brush that you can blow up like a balloon. I mean...that makes sense, right?

What It Actually Is:
Optimize your daily skin cleansing routine with this luxurious and advanced facial cleansing tool by Miraclear. This special tool allows you to reach all parts of the face to make sure no dirt would be left behind. It also minimizes friction which eliminates the probabilities of skin damage. It has an antibacterial surface which ensures that your skin is free from germs and any harmful elements that may cause damage.

 I like the idea that the bristles are antibacterial, as there's no cover for them and no way to put this brush down anywhere without placing it bristle-side-down. I would still of course run it under some hot water before using it on my face, but that does alleviate my concerns a bit!
Here's a closeup of the bristles. They're super soft and not abrasive in the slightest. I feel like this would do a nice job cleaning the face without over-stimulating or irritation the skin.

So enough about the boring stuff...let's blow the brush up, shall we?
The first picture on the far left is what the brush looks like before any air is pumped into it. The middle photo is the brush with 3-4 pumps of air, and the final photo is me going nuts and putting 10+ pumps of air into the brush. I'm sure you could keep going of you wanted it even bigger, although I'm sure it has a limit at some point!

At first I wasn't entirely sure what the point of a blow-up brush was, but I tried this out at all different levels and definitely saw what difference it can make. When the brush is completely flat (like most other silicon brushes) it's difficult to get into the little nooks, crannies and contours of your face. Once a bit of air is pumped into the brush, the rounded shape helps provide a more concentrated clean. When you pump even more air into it, the silicon bristles become more like little massaging bumps, and the brush is puffed out enough where you can reach into the crevices of your nose/chin etc with ease!

To "deflate" the brush, you use the mystery button that I mentioned at the beginning of this review!
Simply hold it down until you hear all the air release from the brush.
Overall Thoughts
I'm going to come right now and say it: This brush is gimmicky. There's no way around that. I'm sure you could get very similar cleaning experience and overall result by using one of the small, inexpensive silicon face brushes that most kbeauty brands sell their own version of. What I will say is that this was kind of a blast to play with! I actually enjoyed using it during my cleansing routine, and cleaning the silicon bristles is a breeze, especially because they're antibacterial. I think that this did a great job cleansing my skin and I didn't feel any irritation or have any skin-issues after testing this product for a week. I did find that the sheer size of it and attempting to find a place in my tiny bathroom to put this was a bit of a struggle, but that is pretty much the only issue I had with it, overall. It did what it was supposed to do as a cleansing brush- and that is clean my skin without irritating it. I'm not entirely sure if I would buy another one of these for myself, although I would definitely pick up one as part of a fun kbeauty gift for a friend.

If you're interested in picking one of these brushes up for yourself, you can do so on the Memebox Website! They are currently on sale for $15.
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