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Naturebox August 2015 Review and Unboxing

I feel like it's been forever since I last did a Naturebox review! Basically what happened is my 6 month subscription ended and life got crazy-busy and I ended a handful of subscriptions so I could better keep up with reviews etc- not to mention I was getting so many snack boxes that I wasn't able to eat everything before the next month's boxes began to pour in! Now that things have calmed down a bit here, I'm able to start up Naturebox and reviewing again! I do want to let you know ahead of time that since this is a new 6 month subscription, I may be getting some repeats. I'm pretty picky with my snacks, so if I do have any repeats and I have already reviewed them (and I remember that I've reviewed them) I'll mention it's a repeat snack. I think that's important to note so you know which snacks are my personal faves!

About NatureBox
Naturebox delivers a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door. Each snack contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Snacking has never been so deliciously fun and naturally easy.

How It Works
Naturebox has you choose a subscription plan from the following options:
 Free Trial
This option is a small sampler box that contains 5 different snacks. It's free, however they have a $2 shipping charge on this box, AND it rolls into a monthly subscription. So if you are interested in this option but do not want a subscription, make sure you cancel as soon as your box ships.

You can also choose to pay month-to-month for your subscription, which is $19.95 per month. 
There are also discounted rates for subscriptions that are paid in advance, so if you know you'll be subscribing for awhile, these are good routes to take.
Each box contains 5 snacks, and to my knowledge, an occasional "bonus snack" that Naturebox chooses and adds into your box.

Many Options
You can leave your box up to chance, which has NatureBox choose all the snacks that will be in your box, or you can browse their snack library and add things to your "pantry." This will let Naturebox know which snacks you are interested in trying, and they will incorporate them into your box.

You can also add extra snacks into your box. Each snack costs a different price to add on, however the more you add on, the less the snacks cost.

So now that we've got the basics out of the way, Let's take a look at what I got in my Naturebox, and what I thought of each snack!
Salt & Pepper Lentil Loops
This is a repeat snack, and I swear if it wouldn't make my reviews super boring I would probably pick them every month. They are so incredibly satisfying! I rarely crave sweet snacks these days. For some reason I'm always digging around for something salty or savory. These lentil loops are perfect for that craving. Light and fluffy, they kind of have a the consistency of an airy potato chip. They are seasoned pretty reasonably with pepper and a little pinch of salt. If you don't like pepper, you're definitely not going to be into these. After a handful or two, my mouth is usually on fire. Sometimes I forget how spicy black pepper can be! Even so, the spiciness keeps me from eating too many in one sitting, which is a good thing!

Mini Belgian Waffles
This is another repeat snack that I absolutely could not resist getting again. I refuse to even look at the nutrition facts on these because they're just so yummy. On the rare occasion that I'm craving a sweet snack, these are the perfect thing. They taste exactly like a waffle cone- that's the best way to describe them. They have a good cookie-like crunch and just enough sweetness without being overbearing. Highly recommend these, but beware- you will have to pry yourself away from the bag!

Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops
This is a new snack for me that I thought I would try out Basically, these are little pretzel spheres that are dipped in a honey/macadamia flavored glaze. They're very airy and it's almost difficult to tell these are pretzels by the flavor. I was hoping for a bit more sweet/salty mix, but these are mostly sweet. The outside layer of glaze is actually a bit too thick for my liking as well. It makes them a bit difficult to bite down on. The flavor is tasty, though! Jeff and I both agree they kind of taste like they could be a cereal!

Masa Crisps
This is new snack for me, and I was a little weary of even trying them. I'm not a massive fan of sesame seeds, although I do sometimes like them if they mix well with whatever their in/on. These masa crisps are essentially little broken pieces of corn crisps. They taste exactly like Fritos, with a light sesame seed flavor. I ended up enjoying these way more than I thought I would, although my roommate totally stole these and ate the majority of the bag! They're definitely a popular snack in this house!

Santa Fe Corn Stix
I'm pretty sure these were my favorite in the entire box. This was another snack I wasn't sure I would like because I have a very low tolerance for spicy things. I do like the flavor of spicy food, but my mouth just wasn't cut out for anything too crazy. The description of these on the site made me think they would be too spicy for me, but they're not at all! These taste similar to the masa crisps in that they taste like a corn chip. The closest thing I can compare these to is tortilla chips and salsa. The seasoning really does taste like a mild salsa- and it's stinkin' delicious. i ate this entire bag by myself because I have no self control- but they were seriously delicious. Plus you get a LOT in one bag so they'll last you at least a week or more if you break it up into snack-sized baggies!
Overall Thoughts
I am seriously so happy that I am getting Naturebox again! While I wasn't always a fan of their service, I'm now a total convert. They've made so many positive changes and continue to make new and exciting snacks so I can get my old favorites and also branch out and try different things. I do miss when they would add in a "bonus snack" every now and then, but I still think this service is fantastic in terms of healthier snack options!

COUPONS and Deals!
If you're interested in trying Naturebox, you can do so two ways:

Free Trial
If you simply want to give this service a try and are interested in trying a few of their snacks, go for the Free Trial! You get 1 full size bag of snacks, and 4 trial-size bags. It doesn't cost anything, however you do have to pay $2 shipping. This trail does roll into a monthly plan though, so if you just want the one box, make sure to cancel before the next month! 

Coupon Code
There are a wide variety of coupons constantly available for Naturebox. Some give you a percentage off, others will take $10 off etc. They are always changing though, so I'll link you to the retailmetnot page so you can pick which one works best for you!
See Coupons here.
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  1. I think it's very cool they have everything in bags like that. The belgium waffles look really cute!

  2. That's great. I think that I would like to try them too. You know, that is a good idea to post all the various unusual foods here.