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NEOCELL Biotin Bursts & Beauty Bursts Soft Chews Review: Supplements for Hair, Skin & Nail Health!

It's incredibly rare for me to be so excited to share a review that I stay up until 6am to write it. Sometimes, there are these things that pop into my life that I am so surprised by, so impressed by, and I feel like I need to tell everyone I know about it.

I get a lot of requests to review supplements. I always turn them down because I feel it's not relevant to my blog, nor do I enjoy the thought of consuming a bunch of supplements from a lot of new companies that not much is known about. Not to mention I don't like recommending anything to my readers that comes off as medical advice. Thanks, but no thanks. Even with my fierce aversion to supplement reviews, I received a request to review some supplements from NeoCell. I noticed that the products were beauty-focused, and that definitely interested me.

Can you improve your skin, hair and nails from the inside, out? Of course in theory you can- with a good diet and plenty of water. But what about with supplements? Can you consume collagen and hyaluronic acid and have it change and improve your skin? I had no idea, and I wanted to know. I had a feeling many of my readers who are as skincare obsessed as I am had probably looked into these before and got some mixed reviews.

I'll go into detail later about the arguments regarding whether or not these supplements really work as they claim, however for anyone waiting to hear my thoughts: I loved them, and they worked amazingly well for me- but but more on that below!

Biotin Bursts
Biotin is a pretty popular supplement with beauty enthusiasts because it helps your hair and nails grow thicker and stronger as well as promotes skin health. Also Check out this article for even more benefits of Biotin! I've been taking biotin for a few years now because I have very thin hair and brittle nails, which became even more so after my weight loss surgery. Biotin has helped me in so many positive ways that I cannot recommend it enough. I do want to mention however, that some people have had breakouts due to Biotin supplements and that there are claims that most people do not have a Biotin deficiency, and too much can have the opposite effects on hair and nails. I want to be open here about both sides when regarding supplements because I encourage you to do some research before deciding to being taking new supplements. Having said that, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Biotin.

These Biotin Bursts actually have 10,000 mcg of Biotin, which is double the amount I am used to taking, so I was interested if doubling my dosage would be a good or a bad thing for me.
Nutrition Facts
-Serving size is 1 Chew Per Day
-Free of gluten, palm oil and Soy
-20 Calories and 3g of Sugar per Chew. (This is a bit high in my opinion, however it's only 5 more calories than my daily vitamins. They taste SO good that you will truly consider these a "treat" everyday more so than a supplement.)
- 10,000 mcg of Biotin

Let's take a look at the chews!
I chose the "Brazilian Acai Berry" flavor and they are the most mouth-watering delicious things I've ever eaten. I even gave one to my fiance and our roommate to try as well because they were that good. It's like a berry-fusion flavor with a hint of grape. Sweet with a tiny bit of sour. The chew itself is actually very soft- if you have bad teeth you'd be able to suck on this until it disappeared in a short amount of time. Also...I want to go back to the flavor for a second: It's. So. Delicious. I cannot stress that enough. 

I have been taking these chews every morning for just over 3 weeks now. Since I have been taking Biotin for awhile in capsule form, I wasn't sure if I would see a major difference while taking the chews. However, I did notice that upping my Biotin intake was a great thing for my nails, especially! Not only has my hair maintained its strength, but my nails are growing at an obviously faster pace and haven't broken in 2 weeks (I tend to break a nail at least once or twice a week). I honestly couldn't be happier with the results.
What I love the most about these, is that I never forget to take them. When your supplements taste better than candy (yes, BETTER than candy) you end up looking forward to taking them everyday and are more consistent. I haven't forgotten a dose of these once so far, and I use to skip my Biotin capsules for days at a time before I'd remember I hadn't taken them. 

I have already repurchased these because I love them so much- and I'll even show you how to get some for yourself with some sweet discounts later on!

I was even more interested in trying the Neocell "Beauty Bursts" because they are made specifically to target your skin. Since I'm kiiind of obsessed with skincare, I figured it would be important to nourish my skin not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. I don't have any experience with consumable collagen/hyaluronic acid, which is really what made me the most excited to try these. I was going into this with no knowledge of how they would work for me, if at all. 

As I said earlier, there is all kinds of debate regarding whether or not these kinds of supplements can be scientifically proven to work, however it seems that most supplements I've researched have many conflicting views. Collagen is one of those "ingredients" that has all kinds of conflicting research. Most of us know by now that collagen in skincare products does little more than moisturize. You can't restore or rebuild collagen in the skin by simply applying it topically. However, consumable collagen hasn't been totally understood yet in regards to it's effect on the skin. To learn more about consumable collagen and some great facts on collagen in general, I advise taking a look at this blog post- I learned a lot from it, personally!

But what about Hyaluronic Acid? We're used to seeing it on all sorts of ingredients list with our skincare, but does it help to consume it as well? It's considered not only great for the skin, but it also helps support healthy joints as well as vision and hair health.  There have been studies that show oral hyaluronic acid improves the look of skin and hair while also reducing joint pain, however it was also shown that injectable Hyaluronic Acid was more effective than taking it orally. Oral Hyaluronic Acid has been shown to add moisture to the skin and give it a more smooth feeling overall.
Even if the oral supplements happen to work for you, they are not a replacement for skincare or regularly moisturizing, so keep that in mind as well!

Beauty Bursts Description
Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. NeoCell Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable gourmet soft chews. Super Collagen 1 & 3 is the body's beauty protein and strengthens skin, hair and nails. Hyaluronic Acid is known as "Nature's Moisturizer" and hydrates the skin. Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen production in the skin. These three beauty nutrients work together to build beautiful skin from the inside out.

The Beauty Bursts contain 60 chews per bag (instead of 30 per bag with the Biotin Bursts) which is a one-month supply as you need to consume 2 per day.
Nutrition Facts
-Serving size is 2 Chews Per Day
-Free of gluten, palm oil, artificial flavors and Soy
-20 Calories and 3g of Sugar per chew. (Again, a bit high for my liking- however if they work, it's more than worth it considering how yummy they taste!)
- 2,000 mg of Hydrolized Collagen
-20 mg of Hyaluronic Acid
-20mg of Vitamin C

Let's Take a look at the chews!
There are two flavors of Beauty Bursts: Mint Chocolate and the Super Fruit Punch. I tend to prefer fruity flavors, so I chose the latter. These chews are a bit "harder" than the Biotin ones, so if you have bad teeth or can't chew on something like a soft caramel for example, I would have to advise against these. Since my teeth are in decent shape, these didn't seem to bother me at all. They're not super sticky so you don't feel like they're coating your teeth when you chew them. The flavor of these is also incredibly delicious- something between pomegranate and fruit punch to me. I think I prefer the flavor of the Biotin chews more, but these are still quite good regardless.

I have been taking these chews every morning for just over 3 weeks now. I tried to take a mental note of how my skin looked the day I started taking these. Since I have combination skin and it's Summer, my T-Zone was especially oily, my cheeks were a bit on the dry side from an overzealous use of acids (whoops) and I had a pretty noticeable breakout on my chin from who knows what. In a nutshell, my skin wasn't looking so hot, so I thought it would be the perfect time to test these babies out!

I do want to say that during the first 3 weeks I was testing Beauty Bursts, I did not change my skincare routine, or anything about my diet, amount of sleep etc. I wanted to be as sure as I could that any changes to my skin were because of the supplement and not because I was suddenly getting 8 hours of sleep and discovered a new amazing serum. While I can't guarantee that the results weren't from something random that I didn't account for, they have been so consistent that I can only attribute them to the Beauty Bursts.

I would say just 2-3 days after I began taking the Beauty Bursts, I noticed an immediate "plumping" of my skin. I checked out a few other reviews and noticed that many others had also noticed this- but it was surprising to me as I didn't expect to see a visible result so soon. It was almost as if my skin was suddenly loaded with moisture. Not oil-but healthy moisture. Every time I looked in the mirror I noticed it and it was definitely shocking! I couldn't believe the difference, even if it was visually minor, I could definitely notice it.
About a week and a half in, I also began feeling a difference. My skin actually felt softer, and not just on my face, but all over my body! Also by this time, the oily t-zone and dry cheeks had completely subsided and I had nothing but soft, smooth, plump skin on my face.
3 weeks in I took a finally look and analyzed my face and how much it had changed since I began taking these supplements. Not only was my skin visibly more plump and healthy-looking, but it really does seem smoother all-around and feels so much softer. 
Something I didn't anticipate when I started using these, is that my LIPS look healthier! Is that even something that is possible from these? Who knows? But I have medium-sized lips that have began getting those fine lines that happen naturally as one ages- however I definitely notice that the lines on my lips are slightly less apparent and the skin on my lips is not only less flaky, but looks more plump and healthy. That was probably the biggest benefit for me because it was so unexpected!
Overall Thoughts
I was genuinely blown away by how much I liked these supplements. I figured I'd try them, they'd taste delicious and I'd give a general review with lukewarm results because that's just what I anticipated. But I am so impressed with the quality of these chews not only in regards to flavor and consistency, but also the awesome results I've been seeing.
I very, very rarely go out and purchase more of something that I am sent to review, even if I really like it. It's usually because I'm always reviewing things and never have time to use one product regularly even if I wanted to. However since it's been 3 weeks and I have about a week left of these supplements, I immediately went online and purchased more. They're relatively affordable for beauty supplements, and they are sold on a website that offers lots of awesome deals! 
I am going to write a bit about the website that sells these supplements (this is not being sponsored by the website in any way and I do NOT get money or any sort of kick back for this review- I simply love these products and thought the site gave me a great deal!) So if you're interested in buying these and trying them out for yourself, please continue to read on past the giveaway box!

Quick Mini Guide on and How to Get a Great Deal on NeoCell Products! 
 So as I mentioned above, I was so happy with these supplements that I wanted to buy more as soon as possible! iHerb is the recommended site to purchase NeoCell products, although I had never shopped with them before. I was super impressed with their deals! Here's how to get the most out of your order for the least amount of money!

1. Visit and add the Biotin Bursts and/or Beauty Bursts to your cart.

2.  Visit the "Trial Pricing Page."
 This is a page where iherb has a wide variety of products at an incredibly low price (10 cents and up) and you are able to choose one to add to your order. I chose some eye gels that were only 50 cents! They also have a pill organizer for 10 cents, a travel mug for $1...and tons more! Think of it as a "low price" sample. Keep in mind it is one per order- any more than one item added to your cart will not have the trial pricing.
 3. For a LIMITED TIME, iherb is giving every customer the "VIP members discount", which is shown in the above photo as $1.30 off. 
5% off any order under $40/ 8% off $40+/ 9% off $50+/ 10% off $60+ This automatically applies to the cart as long as you are within the time frame that they offer this promotion.

4. Use Coupon Code: IHB500 at check out to get $5 off your purchase! 
(for first time customers only)

5. Choose Expedited 1-5 Day Shipping for FREE if your order is over $20! 
(the free shipping applied for my state, but please be aware it may not be free everywhere)

How great is that? I got both the supplements and a box of under eye gels shipped for free, all for under $25!
I hope you found this review helpful, and if you do try these products, I'd love to hear your experiences with them! I always love when I find something new that really works well for me, don't you?

Also if you want to take a look at the other products that NeoCell has available in their lineup, you can do so on the official NeoCell Site.

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All thoughts and opinions in this blog post are genuine and belong to Harlot Beauty. No monetary compensation was received, although products have been provided and accepted for purpose of review. Post does NOT contain affiliate or referral links.


  1. How interesting! I've never thought about what effects ingesting hyaluronic acid might have... but I suppose it makes sense. If it works on the outside, it might just work on the inside. It would be interesting to test these out!

    1. I honestly never thought of it, either! I thought I was pretty well informed about supplements, but I had never come across Hyaluronic Acid ones- but they do exist! Although not as delicious as these ones, obviously! Good luck on the giveaway! :)

    2. Thanks! Hopefully I'll win - if not, I'll probably wind up purchasing these, since they aren't too pricey!

  2. This sounds great, definitely going to try these as I suffer the same thin hair and nails too. Great review and thanks for the chance at the giveaway. :)

    1. Ugh, I don't wish thinning hair and brittle nails on ANYONE- so so sorry you have to deal with that as well. The Biotin supplements definitely help both of those issues. You do tend to hear from a lot of people that Biotin will help your hair grow faster, but that's actually a myth; It does however, help your hair grow back slightly thicker and a lot stronger, so it helps breakage and fallout for sure! Good luck and thanks for entering!

  3. I'm do excited to try these. I just turned 41 and obviously I don't want to look 41. I tend to have problematic skin and I use/try everything on the outside. I love the idea of beauty from the inside. Thank you for all of the great information!

    1. I totally understand that! When I entered my 30's I wished that I could go back in time and slap my younger self and make her start doing skincare earlier! I am the same way though- I use any and everything on the outside and never really thought of skincare from the inside out aside from drinking water and eating as well as I can force myself to! These supplements are really fantastic- I'm really interested to see how they work as I continue to use them in the coming months. And you're very welcome- good luck in the giveaway! :D

  4. Thanks forage great review, it never crossed my mind that internal Hyaluronic acid would have a benefit, totally awesome! Looking forward to trying these out, hopefully winning! If nit I'll buy them for sure!

    1. You're welcome! I totally didn't realize it either- I have so many skincare products with Hyaluronic Acid in it, and I never even thought you could consume it! LOL And definitely- I hope you win(!) but even if not, they're super affordable!

  5. I stumbled upon this review looking for something else but I'm so intrigued by the results you've seen so far - especially the hyaluronic acid chews. Here's hoping I win the comp! :)

    1. I'm so happy you stumbled on my blog! Hope you enjoy and stay awhile! :) I'm just as intrigued as you are about the results to be honest! I was definitely skeptical, especially since I try to read both sides of discussions about the benefits of supplements, I wasn't sure how well these would work for me, but I'm very happy with how they're working! Good luck on the giveaway! :D

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