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Peach and Lily Seoulcialite Box 2.0 August 2015 Review and Unboxing!

 If you're a K-Beauty fan, then you are probably familiar with Peach and Lily.  Their site is beautiful, sleek, and easy to shop. It's filled with Asia's best beauty products and brands, including some of the more difficult to find skincare lines like Maycoop an Cremorlab. They are known for their attention to detail and for always keeping up with what's on-trend in the k-beauty world. 

Way back in October, Peach and Lily released a limited edition beauty box called the "Seoulcialite Box." This box was not a recurring subscription. It was a one time purchase, cost $49 (free shipping to the US), and promised to contain 6 full sized products, a travel kit and a surprise gift. I ended up purchasing it even though I was a little unsure due to the higher price point than I'm used to. And while I wasn't bowled over by how amazing it was, I did think it was a beautifully curated box and had lots of useful products that I hadn't tried before.

So of course, when Peach and Lily announced the Seoulcialite Box 2.0, I yet again contemplated whether I needed to spend the $49 on a mystery box. I caved in a lot sooner this time around out of fear it would sell out and then I'd wish I had grabbed it...which is usually how I am coerced into buying things most of the time! Either way, I placed the order back on June 30th, so it was about a month wait before it arrived. I'm used to waiting ages of Memeboxes to show up, so this wasn't a big deal for me!
I was so happy to see that even though shipping was free, it shipped quickly and arrived within 2 days. I barely had time to become impatient and antsy before it arrived on my doorstep!
 The box is made out of a very sturdy coated cardboard, and has a magnetic closure so it can be reused to store all you K-beauty treasures. The inside of the box was even prettier with a lovely silver embossed pattern that mimics the Peach & Lily logo. I rarely keep boxes since they tend to just sit around unused, but I kept the first Seoulcialite box, so this one will be a nice match for it!
There is also an incredibly detailed information booklet included, which I think is one of the biggest strengths of this box- P&L make sure to keep their customers completely informed on the products they've included!

Peach and Lily's Description:
The Seoulcialite box gives you exclusive access to the latest products that beauty insiders in Seoul are raving about- and you get to try these buzzed-about buys before they even launch on our website. Seoul is an ever-changing, innovative beauty mecca that birthed now-mainstream must-haves such as BB Cream, cushion compacts the facial sheet masks and so much more. That's why we're constantly jetting there to discover the latest and best beauty products. 
To make sure that you get the best of the Korean beauty scene, we do the legwork for you: pound the pavement to hunt down cult sensations, vet ingredients, interview brands and R&D teams, test products on US focus groups and more. This rigorous curating process means that only a small percentage of the products we find actually make the cut.
Among these carefully hand-picked items, the products in this box are some of our favorites for 2015 that beauty mavens in Seoul have also fallen in love with. This box contains a hand-picked group of products from our most recent trip, a selection of standouts that we're obsessed with. We've also included Shangpee's modeling rubber mask as one of our picks even though it's been freshly launched on our site this summer- because we though that you should have the chance to try what we think could be the next big thing to come out of Seoul that might be able to take your skincare to the next level.

So what was inside?

Shangpree: Gold Premium Modeling Mask X2 ($20) with Bowl and Spatula ($10)
This was the group of products that was "spoiled" for this box. I was a little unsure about how badly I would want something like this, but I thought it was interesting enough to make me curious about what else could be in the box. This set comes with two treatments, a mixing bowl and spatula, which isn't pictured because I couldn't find it until a few minutes ago when I saw it stuck to the bottom of the shipping box!
So what is this exactly? It's essentially a really fancy-pants mask. It's used as a hydrating and anti-aging facial treatment and includes gold and nourishing asian botanicals to help provide moisture, remove impurities and revitalize skin. The claims are that each session using this mask will leave the skin firmer, more youthful and more hydrated. 
The bowl and spatula are both antibacterial and are specifically designed for easy and sanitary use of the modeling mask. Each box contains two packets: a gold gel and an active collagen powder. You mix these to together in the box and spread evenly over cleansed, toned skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then peel off in one piece. I've got to admit I'm definitely interested in trying this out myself. I don't normally like masks that are a "process" to use, but I think something like this is a fun treatment to do on the weekend when you're relaxing!

Dr. Dream: Rose Line Mild Natured Powder Cleanser ($52)
 Dr. Dream is a brand of skincare developed by one of the largest and leading plastic surgery clinics in Korea. They use active ingredients and cutting edge science to give skin the best care possible. This is a hypo-allergenic cleanser that has no artificial preservatives or sulfates. Cornstarch and enzymes from papain are included to help cleans the skin and remove dead skin cells. Rose stem cells and trehalose leave the skin moisturized and cleared of dirt and debris. 
Since this is a powder cleansing, you need to add a few drops of water to a small amount of cleanser (about a teaspoon) and then massage onto the face. I haven't tried many powdered cleansers and while I really, really dislike the scent of Rose, I miiight give this a try. There's some discretion over what the actual pH of this product is, considering you can adjust the amount of water and powder you actually use. I've read everywhere between 5.5 and 8.5. Anything over 6 is too high for me, so I might have to play around with this and see what I come up with for a reading. If you dislike rose scents like I do, this is definitely a product to avoid- it's quite a strong scent, at least for me personally. Having said that, since this cleanser retails at $52, I'm definitely interested to see how well it works!

Skin Inc: Custom Blended Serums ($45)
 Skin Inc. is a Japanese brand that focuses on custom-blended serums and products based on the philosophy that everyone's skin is different and needs different care and treatment. Peach and Lily has included one of 3 serums in the Seoulcialite boxes, and I happened to receive the Anti-Aging serum. It contains a blend of CoQ10, Marine-Collagen and Hyaluronic acid, and is formulated with Skin Inc's patented encapsulation technology. It enhances the skin's natural ability to renew itself, promotes elasticity and skin suppleness, and naturally hydrates. All of the Skin Inc serums are free of fragrances and parabens. 
I think this serum looks really, really cool with the multi-colored beads floating in it, but I couldn't help but feel a little confused as to why it's only 3/4ths of the way full? This size costs $45...and I cannot imagine spending that on this tiny amount of serum no matter how effective the ingredients are. I suppose it's good to get a product like this in a box of this nature so I have the opportunity to try it without breaking the bank!

Be the Skin: Moisture Natural Cleansing Soap in "Charcoal" ($19.50)
 There were 3 types of soaps that customers could have received, one of them was Rose (ugh) so I am so relieved I got what would have been my first choice: charcoal. These soaps are 100% handmade and certified organic. They're free of chemical preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances and are appropriate for all skin types. The charcoal version combats dullness and brightens overall skin tone while reducing toxins. Jasmine Extract is also included and it helps heal blemishes and acne scarring. You can apparently cleanse your face with these soaps as well, although I won't be using this anywhere on my body. For some reason, solid bar soaps dry my skin out pretty intensely. My fiance only uses bar soaps, so I'm willing to bet he'll be stealing this from me.

COSRX: Applezone Power Patch ($13)
 My precious....
Eye patches! YES! Or are they?
 Cosrx is kind of a big deal lately. For some reason they started rising in popularity and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. I do like some of their products, although I am pretty lukewarm about others. I haven't seen or tried these patches yet, so I can't wait to bust the open! These patches are called "Apple Zone" patches because they go on the T-shaped area on the face of the same name. It's from the highest point of the cheekbone down to just before the jawline. (See cute little sun picture on the packets for reference.) This area can apparently get easily dehydrated and is most often exposed to UV rays and pollutants- resulting in acne and accelerated signs of aging. These patches target this area to help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. These are used like any other sheet mask or eye patch in that they are placed on the affected area after cleansing and toning and left on for 20-30 minutes. Pretty simple! I never realized there were specific patches for this part of the face, although I shouldn't expect anything less from kbeauty brands!

Ciracle: Jeju Volcanic Pore-Tightening Mask ($4)
What's a kbeauty box without a sheet mask, am I right? This one is called the "Jeju Volcanic Pore-tightening mask" from Ciracle, and it actually sounds like they made it just for me and my skin. It's infused with jeju volcanic clay, clarifying binchotan charcoal powder, mineral rich Jeju seawater, and Ciracle's own pore tightening serum. It seems like a really great combo of ingredients, and together they're supposed to help remove impurities and seal up the pores while moisturizing the skin. 
According to Peach and Lily, their testing panel said that the morning after using this mask, their skincare and makeup products applied extra smoothly. Since I have insanely large pores that no amount of daily skincare has been able to fix, I am always looking for masks that will at least temporarily shrink them, and this one looks really promising!

Shangpree: Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner- Travel Size ($12.50)
 This little travel-sized essence toner is from the same brand that brought us the gold peeling masks. They're apparently a very well know Spa in Korea, which is neat! This is a 2-in-1 product that utilizes fermented extracts of lotus, soybean pumpkin, rice, pomegranate, milk and rye. With the addition of ginseng root, this toner/essence not only balances your skin's pH, but the fermented ingredients penetrate better into the skin, allowing the ingredients to be more effective and the results more immediate. The benefits of this product are boosted hydration and a smoother, brighter complexion. To use this, simply apply a small amount on a cotton pad and sweep over the face after cleansing. It is recommended that this product be completely absorbed before moving on to the next skincare step. This seems interesting ingredients and multi-use-wise, so I'm probably going to toss this into my routine immediately to see how it works. My skin usually does really well with fermented ingredients in skincare, so I'm hoping this works well for me!

Assorted Samples
 Peach and Lily included a couple of bonus samples that were hidden away on the outside of the packing box underneath the packing slip. So before you cut through it, make sure you open up the little plastic covering on the packing slip and grab your samples out! I received the Mion snail repair ampoule and Cremorlab essence tonic. 
There were also 2 foil packet samples within the Seoulcialite box itself, and they were both from Shangpree, which seemed to have quite an appearance in the box overall! One is their crystal BB Cream and one is a cleansing gel.
Overall Thoughts
The Seoulcialite Box cost $49 shipped and had a total value of $177.50.
That value is going by Peach and Lily's prices alone. I haven't researched many of these products and whether or not I could find them for less money elsewhere online (there's a high chance I could), however the fact of the matter is I definitely got more value for the money I spent. To me, that's the most important. 
I have to admit I wasn't super impressed by this box when I first opened it. I was hoping for a really nice cosmetic product- maybe a pretty Fall lipstick or something. The more I read about each product and played around with everything a bit, the more I warmed up to this box overall. I don't use bar soaps nor do I enjoy Rose scents, so two of the products aren't useable for me unfortunately. Having said that, there's a wide variety of products that are super interesting to me, and things that I don't already have. The peel-off gold masks are brand new to me, as is the "apple zone" patches and the toner/essence etc. It feels a little...empty for me for a box that cost me $50- but I think that's because I'm used to lower priced products being included in Memeboxes and BB Bags. This definitely felt like it had more of a high-end vibe to it, and I think it was thoughtfully curated.
I think I would say as of now, I don't feel like I wasted my money by any means, although I'm not entirely sure if I would purchase a 3rd Seoulcialite box if one does happen to pop up.

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  1. Hm. This is a lot of one time use products. If I'm going to spend $50 I want to have something to show for it. The Skin Inc is a brand from Singapore and that same size bottle was in Glossybox last year. I really liked it and swapped for more so I have lots. I think you'll like it. Still. When I have my box in hand I might be more positive. Thanks for the review!

    1. I agree on the one time use products, especially. The sheet mask, the peel off masks and the cheek patches not to mention the foil packets and the travel sized toner are all kind of tiny...even the Skin Inc product is very, very small. I'm also concerned that they listed the Skin Inc serum as a Japanese product when it's actually a brand from Singapore. I do have similar sentiments toward this box, however I still feel like it was worth the money for me. The most important thing kbeauty wise for me these days is to try things I don't already have millions of. I do think it could have and should have included a more substantial product in place of one of the one-time use products or the bar soap, maybe. It's nice overall and most of the stuff I will use or at least have fun trying, but definitely didn't hit the mark the way the first box did.

  2. Skin Inc is one of those "Japanese" brands that while made in Japan, the company is actually headquartered in Singapore. Their products are not sold or distributed anywhere in Japan. And when I wanted to source one online, the company wouldn't sell it to me, because my shopping address was in Japan.
    Overall, I'm really not comfortable with such brands. Because how come they don't want to sell in their own country? Is it that much overpriced? And of that low quality ( despite the fancy bottle)?

    1. Hmm that's really odd! The Peach and Lily card simply said it was a "Japanese brand" so I was trusting what they said considering I had never heard of them before. It's kind of insane to call the such if they're not available in Japan nor ship to Japan! I'm interested to see if it's all that its hyped up to be, especially with such a cray price tag! Thank you for all the info on thr brand though- it's good to know this stuff!

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