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PopSugar Must Have Box: August 2015 Review and Unboxing

 I mentioned in my PopSugar review last month that I had unsubscribed for the month of June. My 6 month sub had ended and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep spending $40 a month on one subscription. Of course I resubscribed after one month without it- I'm seriously addicted to this box. I don't think there is a single subscription box out there in this price range that consistently gives such a high value and exciting curation. You really never know what you're going to get- and if you're like me and like variety, this is the perfect subscription. A little beauty, a little lifestyle, sprinkle food and home decor on top and you've got PopSugar! The July box was amazing, and while I normally stay pretty neutral this early in my review- I have to say that the August box will definitely be considered in the top 5 best PopSugar boxes I've ever gotten.
 The Deets
PopSugar Must Have Box is a subscription that sends you full size "must have" items from all areas of interest: fitness, beauty, skincare, home decor, books- you name it! You never know what is going to show up in these boxes, and that's why they're always so much fun to recieve! 
PopSugar costs $39.99 per month, however you can save more by buying a longer subscription, or if you gift yourself a box each month, you can use the frequent coupon codes they have available. You can use the code (REFER5) to save $5 off your first box, currently!
Each month, Lisa Sugar (PopSugar's Founder) will put all of the things that inspired the box on the info card. 
This month was inspired by: 
Organization, morning routines, celebrations, caffeine, back to school.

 American Colors: Mediterranean Plaid Scarf ($79)
The big ticket item right off the bat? You know it! I love love LOVE scarves, and some of my favorites have actually come from past PopSugar boxes! This one is SO pretty and very different from the ones I already have. It's a great Summer-to-Fall transition scarf as it's soft and light and has a different pattern on each side. While both different, they work really well together! It's made from 100 percent cotton gauze, so it's not too heavy to wear in the early weeks of Fall, but it's long enough where it can be wrapped around you a few times to keep you warm when it gets cooler. I love this scarf so much and it's probably going to be a staple in my Fall accessories lineup! 

Meri Meri: Toot Sweet Pink Stripe Napkins ($5.95)
And just like that, we go from apparel to napkins! These are probably the cutest disposable napkins I've ever seen- complete with pink stripes and a scalloped edge! They seem like the perfect thing to have on hand for coffee with your besties. Super cute and useful!

Southern Culture: Shortstacks Pancake and Waffle Mix in "Birthday Cake" ($7.99)
Honestly, my mouth started watering the moment I pulled this out of the box. While it sort of looks like a pint of Ben and Jerry's (yummmm) it's actually a container of pancake/waffle mix! Not just any mix though- birthday cake flavored pancake/waffle mix. I can just imagine this tasting like buttery cake and warm vanilla frosting. *drool* My fiance promises me he will make these for me this weekend, although I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to wait that long!

Royal Apothic: Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment ($36)
How absolutely fancy is this eye cream? I think the little drawered box is just as pretty as the actual jar! I actually was originally introduced to this brand through Birchbox, when they included a tea-based face mask in one of my boxes. I actually quite enjoyed it, so I'm so happy to see yet another Royal Apothic product in a subscription box! As I mentioned, their packaging is so beautiful, but their products are also really awesome. This cream is made with a base of green, black and ceylon tea which help nourish the eye area with antioxidants and super fruit extracts. It helps reform wrinkles while peptides eliminate bags and dark spots. Sounds like the perfect eye cream, doesn't it? I just got a new eye cream in a different subscription, but this one is so fancy that I might have to bump it up to the top of my "to use" list!

 Pastel: Best Day Ever Mug ($12)
I have probably mentioned it a million times over, but I am a serious coffee addict. During the Summer, it's not unusual for me to go through 3 iced coffees a day. During the winter I will throw back a least 4-5 cups of hot coffee a day. I feel weird if I don't have a coffee within arms reach at all times. Having said that, I also make sure to switch between coffee and water so I never dehydrate myself! Anyway, back to the topic at hand here- the gloriously adorable coffee mug from Pastel. I love the cute, positive "Best Day Ever" quote on it, and since I collect quirky coffee mugs, this is totally perfect. I also love that it has a sort of vintage-feel to it!

Folgers Iced Cafe: Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate ($4.99)
Continuing on with the coffee-love is this a "Special Extra" from Folgers. PopSugar tends to add a bonus item that is usually something from a larger company; Like in this case: Folgers. I have seen these in the store before, but was weary of buying them and actually trying it. I guess I'll have to now! These are what I like to call "Coffee Mio" (since I also love Mio's to flavor my water) in that they flavor milk instead of water. I think this is an awesome idea, especially if you somehow run out of coffee- having this on hand would be a blessing! I'm a little worried about how it's going to taste, but hey- it'll be a fun experiment!

Happy Jackson: Yay Lunch! Lunch Box ($10)
PopSugar sent out a small tupperware-like lunch container in a past box sometime last year. I love it so much that I use it almost every single time I take a lunch with me to work. The only issue I have with it is that it's more for smaller things like chopped veggies and dip; there isn't room for something like a sandwich, for example. Coming through for me in the "cutest lunch boxes ever", PopSugar has included this amazingly cute "Yay Lunch!" container. It's big enough to hold pretty much anything you could want to bring with you for lunch, and is so bright and cheery! I love the little striped band that keeps it closed- it's a really unique design!

MyYogaWorks: 3 Month Trial ($45)
While it's not listed as such, I find these kinds of things more of a "special extra" than the Folgers drink concentrate. Basically this is a code for a 3 month trial to MyYogaWorks. They have over 700 online yoga classes available at any time, and you can personalize your practice with their interactive website. Since I actually enjoy yoga when I can find time to do it, I think I might just try this out!
Overall Thoughts
PopSugar Must Have costs $40 per month, and the August box has a total value of about $156. That total does not inlcude the 3 month trial to MyYogaWorks, which was valued at $45- which would bring the total value of this box up to over $200!
Seriously this box did everything right. Apparel, beauty, food, home decor and more! Not only was everything covered, I could still feel an overall theme here, and I think it was curated extremely well. I loved every single item in the box this month- which is actually pretty rare for me! I was so excited opening this box because I haven't tried anything here but I am so excited to! If this box isn't enough to convince you to subscribe to PopSugar, then I don't know what is!

If you're interested in signing up for a PopSugar subscription, you can do that HERE.
(Use code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month!)
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