Thursday, August 13, 2015

Target "Hello, Sunshine!" Beauty Box August 2015 Review and Unboxing

It's amazing how quickly Target is pumping out these Beauty Boxes lately! They just released 2 back-to-school themed boxes last month and almost as soon as I received those, the "Hello Sunshine" box became available! Since their boxes are always incredibly inexpensive (this one was only $7 with free shipping!) and have a great value, I can rarely resist picking one up- even if I end up passing half of it along to my mom or my friends, it's still a great buy. What I love about these boxes is they aren't a subscription, so you can buy them as you want them. There's also no limit to how many you buy, so they're a cheap way to buy some fun surprises for the beauty-obsessed pals in your life! 

This box is now sold out, however as I have mentioned in the past, I always post on the Harlot Beauty Facebook Page as soon as I find out that I new one is available- if you're missing these and are interested in getting the next one, feel free to like Harlot Beauty on facebook and look out for updates!
The "Hello, Sushine" box was loosely themed on late-Summer essentials. As always, Target included a card with more information on each product, as well as a coupon for $3 off a $15 beauty purchase. There was also a 20% off coupon code for Harry Josh Pro Tools from
CoverGirl: Super Sizer Mascara by LashBlast 
I was just talking about my love for drugstore mascaras in a different review, and it's true: I think that drugstore mascaras are on par with and sometimes better than some high end mascaras! While CoverGirl formulas are usually hit-or-miss for me, the LashBlast line usually has pretty good reviews across the board. This mascara claims to give a 400 percent increase in fullness and the brush apparently "twirls as you apply" which is something I've never seen before. Sometimes I find the brushes to be really gimmicky on mascaras because companies are always trying to find ways to keep mascaras new and intersting. Maybe this brush will be the greatest thing ever, maybe it'll be more of a pain than it's worth. I'm excited to find out!
Crest: 3D White Strips 1hr Express 
While I have to admit I think it's a little cheap on Crests part to only include ONE package of these, they are one of my favorite beauty tools! I use Crest white strips pretty regularly since I'm a coffee addict, and these 1hr Express strips are really great for a quick whitening. These aren't the ones I use normally, but if you are in need of a quick whitening or touch-up, these are a great option. I'm going to hold onto this packet for one of those days when I'm out of white strips and I need a last minute whitening!
Olay: Active Botanicals Moisturizing Toner and Day Lotion
Olay seems to be popping up quite a bit in these beauty boxes lately! I'm fine with that though- I don't get to the drugstore beauty aisle nearly enough anymore, so I rely on these boxes to point me in the direction of anything that is a standout product. This duo includes a toner that is non-drying, while removing excess dirty and oil to leave skin soft and fresh. The day lotion is a lightweight formula that includes snow mushroom which helps hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours without feeling greasy or heavy on the skin. I haven't tried either of these yet since I have a pretty consistent skincare routine right now, but I think these would be great to travel with! I don't think I have any travel-sized toners!
While these samples are on the small side, there is still more than enough here to get quite a few uses out of each product. As long as sample provides me enough product to allow me to form an opinion on it, that's all that matters to me!
Clairol Hair Food Moisturizing Mask
I loooove when I see a full size product in a box that only cost me $7! First the mascara, and now this Clairol hair mask! This is a deep-cleansing mask that removes dulling residues from the hair to reveal luster and shine. You work it into damp, clean hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. I'm assuming it can be used in place of a conditioner. Since it removes residues from hair, I don't think it'll weigh down my thin hair too much, so I'm actually excited to give this one a try!
Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Mist
The second Fekkai product I've received in a beauty box this month, but I'm not complaining! This is a pre-sun spray that help protect your hair from sun damage while also boosting shine and reducing frizz. I love this idea! It's like a sunscreen for your hair! You simply shake it to activate (aka mix up the two-toned oil) and mist evenly onto damp hair before going into the sun. I'm curious to see if this changes the way my hair dries or if it is rendered useless after heat styling or adding other products to my hair. Since it's applied to damp hair I'm not entirely sure how this product works or how long it lasts in the hair throughout the day. I love the idea though and I'm excited to test it out and do a little research on how it works!
Overall Thoughts
I've gotta say, for a box I spent $7 on, this was really great as always! There's no surprises with the Target Beauty Boxes. They always reveal what products will be included so while I knew what was coming, I didn't look at the details of each product. I like a little surprise in my beauty boxes! Unlike the Walmart Beauty Boxes, the Target boxes manage to provide a nice variety of nicely sized samples and full size products that actually seem relevant to the season, as well as being new and interesting. I've never seen 90% of these items in stores. Partly because I don't look often, but also because some of them seem like new(ish) products. I'm really pleased with the overall curation and value of this box, and I'm totally on board with Target coming out with these more often! I'm already ready for the next one to come out!

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  1. The Target Beauty Boxes are where it's at! I was too slow for this one. I'm glad you liked it!

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