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Love With Food: September 2015 Review and Unboxing (Plus 40% off!)

If you're looking for an affordable snack box that not only gives you a wide variety of snacks, but a large quantity of them- then Love with Food is the snack subscription for you. I've been getting the Deluxe boxes for the better part of 2015, and there has yet to be a box I was disappointed with. My fiance and I both love digging through these boxes and trying everything together. It's kind of a lame little bonding time for us each month! We're easily entertained by food!

The Deets
Love with Food is a $10 a month (+$2 shipping) subscription box that features 8+ organic and/or all natural snacks delivered to you monthly. For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in an effort to support the end of child hunger. I think it's an absolutely wonderful cause and makes me feel good about subscribing to them!
Love with Food also offers a Deluxe Box which is the one I will be reviewing this month. The deluxe boxes cost $19.95 per month (free shipping) and features 16-20 snacks. It seems like the deluxe boxes are double the amount you get in the regular box, plus a few extra goodies.
They also have a Gluten Free box available for anyone that might be interested!
The theme this month was "Smarty Pants"
It's that time of year again, when everyone's buckling down for a new school year and in need of some serious brain food. The September box has you covered, so get cracking on snacking! And while you're savoring that gift of knowledge, be proud to know that every Love with Food box helps fight hunger. Extra credit, anyone?
The Daily Crave: Veggie Chips
These are made with nothing but vegetable powders (potato, tomato, spinach, beets), flour, safflower oil and salt. No fillers or weird ingredients here! I brought these to work with me this week and oh my gosh they are delicious! They taste like your standard baked potato chip, but I have to admit I felt like I was being "healthier" by eating "veggie chips." Call me brainwashed! They were still super good though- I would definitely buy these again!

Route 11 Potato Chips
These potato chips are all natural, contain no trans fats wheat or gluten and come in a variety of flavors. We received the original/lightly salted as well as the dill pickle flavor. Since I had laid claim to the veggie chips, I gave these to my fiance and our roommate. They both seemed to enjoy them, although as someone who isn't a big fan of pickles, I can't imagine a potato chip flavored like one would be too appetizing for me, personally!
Snack Factory: Mini Pretzel Crisps
These are gluten free pretzel crisps that are perfect to throw in your bag with a cup of hummus. Which is exactly what I did for lunch this week! There's not a whole lot to talk about here considering, well, they're pretzels...but if you're looking for a gluten free, tasty snack, these are a good option!

Bear Naked: Sea Salt Caramel Apple Granola
My fiance snatched these out of the box so quickly I almost didn't even notice they were in there! I had to pry them out of his hands so I could take a picture! He's a huge fan of anything that "tastes like Fall" as he would put it. Unfortunately, he wasn't that thrilled about the flavor of this granola. He said: "It doesn't taste's just not that good either. It kind of tastes like a candle." That made me not-so-interested in trying the unopened bag, but I might sprinkle it on top of some oatmeal and give it a shot at some point soon!
GoGo Squeez: Apple Pineapple Applesauce
These little applesauce packs have been around for quite awhile, and I've tried my fair share of them- but never the pineapple one flavor! These are perfect to toss in your lunch bag for a healthy snack, and I think that this one may very well be my favorite flavor yet! The pineapple is subtle, but noticeable, and really just makes the flavor more exciting, in my opinion! Definitely something I'll be picking up next time I'm at the grocery store!

YumEarth Organics: Fruit Snacks
My fiance loves fruit snacks. He's forever a kid at heart! I like that these particular ones are made with real fruit juice and have interesting flavors like banana and peach- which aren't really flavors you often find in most fruit snacks! We both really enjoyed these- they have a sweet flavor but it's not overwhelming!

Jimmybar: Mini Peanut Butter Clutter Bar
I have actually tried a full size version of this bar in the past when I received it in a Pijon Box-although I never got around to reviewing it! This bar is interesting- it has a pretty good flavor for a 'health bar' as I like to call them, but I don't find that it's peanutbuttery enough for my liking. It's a bit on the bland side. Definitely not bad, just not anything exciting or something I'd look to repurchase.
Harvest Snaps: Lightly Salted Snap Pea Crisps
OK- Snapea Crisps are literally one of my all-time favorite snacks. These were featured in a PopSugar box quite awhile ago in the Ceasar flavor, and I was immediately addicted to them! They have a very light, airy crisp to them- similar to that of a cheese puff. The flavor is there, but it's light enough that you're not bombarded with saltiness. There are so many varieties of these, too! I highly recommend grabbing these if you find them in your local store. I have found them at my local Walmart in the front where the nuts and dried fruits are for only $1.50 per large bag. Happy to see them in the box this month!

Funley's Delicious: Cheddar N' Stuff Super Crackers
These are cheese crackers that also contain vitamin D and calcium! I think that's pretty cool, although I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of these. I was hoping they'd taste a bit like cheddar goldfish, and while they seem like kids would probably enjoy them, I thought the flavor was a bit bland and the crackers had a bit of a stale flavor/consistency. 

Smarty Pants Adult/Child Gummy Vitamins
What's a "Smarty Pants" themed box without these gummy vitamins, right? These are your standard multivitamins for adults and children, only they look and taste like soft gumdrops. They're coated in a layer of sugar, which honestly makes no sense to me. They're very sweet on their own, so why add unneeded sugar to them? While these were definitely yummy, I think I'll stick to my less expensive, less sugary adult gummy vitamins! 
While this isn't a snack, it was included as a promotional bonus in the box so I thought I would mention it! Schoola is a company that sells gently used children's clothing at a discounted price so that everyone can afford back to school clothes! Included is a large bag for you to stick your donated clothing into (with free shipping) and send it to $2 of every $5 made on their website is donated to support kids' programs. I think it's a great cause! Although I don't have any children's clothing to donate, I'll be passing this on to a friend!
Overall Thoughts
Yet again, Love With Food delivers what they always do: variety and quantity! I love that the snacks are healthy/healthier, and they never ever skimp on how much they give you! Many times in the Deluxe box there are multiple packages of snacks so my fiance and I can easily share them between us. I feel like there aren't many other boxes out there that provide this many snacks for the price, and they manage to constantly give something new and different month after month. There were a few things in here that I didn't love, but overall this was a really successful box for me!

Don't Forget!
If you're interested in trying Love with Food, you can get 40% off your first box when you use THIS LINK.

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