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Naturebox: September 2015 Review and Unboxing

I've been getting Naturebox for almost a year now, and they have become my go-to subscription for "work snacks." I work at an afterschool program so I don't have to go in until around 2, and I have some time to eat a quick lunch when I get there. But throughout the day I'm always looking for something to munch on, and I love that Naturebox gives large resealable bags of snacks. I can either break them up into smaller baggies, or just take the whole thing to work with me. I've also gotten my coworkers into Naturebox snacks as well since I have a tendency to share my food with everyone! This month, I decided to try all new snacks! I normally choose some repeat favorites that I just want more of, but they had a few new things and a few things I was interested in giving a shot- and I was pretty happy with most of them!

About NatureBox
Naturebox delivers a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door. Each snack contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Snacking has never been so deliciously fun and naturally easy.

How It Works
Naturebox has you choose a subscription plan from the following options:
Free Trial
This option is a small sampler box that contains 5 different snacks. It's free, however they have a $2 shipping charge on this box, and it rolls into a monthly subscription. So if you are interested in this option but do not want a subscription, make sure you cancel as soon as your box ships.

You can also choose to pay month-to-month for your subscription, which is $19.95 per month. 
There are also discounted rates for subscriptions that are paid in advance, so if you know you'll be subscribing for awhile, these are good routes to take.
Each box contains 5 snacks, and to my knowledge, an occasional "bonus snack" that Naturebox chooses and adds into your box.

Many Options
You can leave your box up to chance, which means NatureBox chooses all the snacks that will be in your box. You can also browse their snack library and add things to your "pantry." This will let Naturebox know which snacks you are interested in trying, and they will incorporate them into your box.

You can also add extra snacks into your box. Each snack costs a different price to add on, however the more you add on, the less the snacks cost.

So now that we've got the basics out of the way, Let's take a look at what I got in my Naturebox, and what I thought of each snack!

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites
I noticed these on the site for the first time last month, so I'm assuming they're relatively new! I am one of those people that tends to prefer salty/savory snacks, but when I'm in the mood for something sweet, it's almost always cookies! These looked like a great way to squash those cravings in a healthier way. These cookies are crunchy and bite sized, and have a good amount of chocolate chips in them. What I did notice is that they have a very obvious "wheat/grain" flavor to them, and aren't as sweet as your typical cookie would be. I did think these were pretty tasty, although I'm not sure if I would get them again.

Honey BBQ Crunch
I chose this snack because I wanted to have a savory trail-mix style snack on hand for work. This contains various nuts (cashews and peanuts) as well as mini pretzels and is flavored with a sweet honey BBQ. I didn't realize HOW sweet it was going to be though- and this turned from what I expected to be a more savory snack, to bordering on a little too sweet for my liking. It's pretty good, but I would say it taste more like a honey roasted peanut mix. You can't taste the BBQ flavor at all, which was a bummer. I did like it, but I passed it onto my roommate who was more than happy to polish it off for me. Another one that I thought was yummy, but it wasn't what I was looking for so I would probably pass on it in the future.

Sriracha Pop Pops
While I am a massive fan of the Naturebox Pop Pops in other varieties, I spent a long time avoiding these ones in particular. I was never really into spicy foods in general for a long time, although lately I've been testing my spicy food limits and trying more of them out. Since spices are good for you metabolism, I think it's probably a good idea I start getting used to them! These pop pops are spicy!! If you're sensitive to spice at all I would steer clear of these. They were a bit too much for me at first, but the taste was so good that I just had to keep eating them! They're really addictive!

Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles
OK, so I cheated a little bit on this "all new snacks" box by getting these! The regular belgian waffles from Naturebox are one of my favorites, so I figured I'd have to try these too! I believe these are also a relatively new snack to their lineup. I found these to be pretty dang delicious! They differ a bit from the classic belgian waffles in that they're a bit thicker and more crumbly. They just have a slightly different consistency overall. The cocoa flavor is very subtle, but still there. I think I prefer the original/plain ones myself, but these are a good option if you're a chocolate lover!

Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars
I think these have been available through Naturebox for a while now, but since I have bad teeth and I don't normally crave fruit snacks, I decided to pass on them time and time again. My fiance loves fruit snacks though, so this time I decided to give them a shot. They actually might be my favorite thing in the box this month! The strawberry lemonade flavor is so delicious and vibrant- and the fruit snacks really taste like real fruit and not a bunch of added sugar and preservatives. The consistency is like that of one of those natural fruit rollups. I really enjoyed these- even though I originally got this snack for my fiance I ended up eating most of it by myself!
Overall Thoughts
I think my experiment of trying all totally new-to-me snacks was pretty successful! It's always surprising to me when I choose things that I'm unsure on and end up liking them way more than I anticipated! Sometimes it's not a good thing to play it safe with these snack subscriptions! I can't tell you how many things I ended up loving that I thought I would hate in my Graze boxes, so I think I'm going to start being a little more adventurous with Naturebox as well and try some of the less immediately-appealing snacks. While most of the ones I got this time around were all pretty good, I still haven't found one that blows me out of the water, so maybe I'll get lucky next month! :)

COUPONS and Deals!
If you're interested in trying Naturebox, you can do so two ways:

Free Trial
If you simply want to give this service a try and are interested in trying a few of their snacks, go for the Free Trial! You get 1 full size bag of snacks, and 4 trial-size bags. It doesn't cost anything, however you do have to pay $2 shipping. This trail does roll into a monthly plan though, so if you just want the one box, make sure to cancel before the next month! 

Coupon Code
There are a wide variety of coupons constantly available for Naturebox. Some give you a percentage off, others will take $10 off etc. They are always changing though, so I'll link you to the retailmetnot page so you can pick which one works best for you!
See Coupons here.
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