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Snack Fever: Korean Snacks Delivered! August 2015 Review and Unboxing

I've definitely subscribed to my fair share of snack boxes. Up until this month, I had cut down to Graze Box, Love With Food and Nature Box- all of which I get for different reasons. I like that Graze has pre-portioned snacks that I can just toss in my lunch bag before heading out to work. Nature Box is great for those times when I'm craving a semi-healthy alternative to junk food, or just want something to munch while I'm watching a kdrama! I think out of all 3, Love With Food has been the most interesting of the bunch in terms of variety.
I'll admit though, sometimes snack boxes can get boring. The entire reason why I get food subscriptions instead of buying things at the grocery store is because I want variety and excitement with my snacks. Lately, as much as I love my snack subscriptions, I've been feeling like they haven't been interesting or exciting like they used to be. Recently, I discovered a snack box that is totally in-line with my interests (basically anything related to Korea, of course) and it's quickly become the best snack subscription I've ever received!

The Deets
Snack Fever is a relatively new snack subscription based out of L.A. that sends you a box full of really unique and interesting Korean snacks. They don't stop at cookies and chips though- they send soups, ramyun, drinks, candy and more! 

Box Options and Prices
Snack Fever offers 2 different sized boxes: 

The Original Box ($20 or less)
10+ Snacks in Every Box (there were 14 this month!)

Mini Box ( $12 or less)
5+ Snacks in Every Box

Snack Fever also offers 3 and 6 month pre-paid subscription plans that are discounted, so the more you buy in advance, the more you save!
Snack Fever offers free shipping to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. Snack Fever will happily ship outside of these areas for an additional fee. 
Snack Fever includes a helpful info card for all the snacks that are included in the box- this is especially great considering most of the snacks have Hangul written on them or have inconspicuous packaging with no hints as to what it might be!
Here's a first look at the box! It's hard to tell from the picture, but the box is quite large- it's about the size of a deluxe Love With Food box, although it's a bit deeper.
Snack Fever included these chopsticks as a bonus because some of the boxes shipped late this month. They got a large influx of subscribers in August that they didn't anticipate, which explained the delay on some boxes. I did received this on August 31st, so it was still in just under the wire! I actually LOVE these chopsticks. I have a metal pair already, but these are hollow and incredibly light, plus they have the grooves on the bottom to make grabbing slippery stuff a lot easier. I used them with my lunch today (something included in this box, actually!) and they're awesome!

Here's what was in the August "Original Box!"
Honey Twist Snacks
First up, we have these delicious Honey Apple Twists. They look a bit like crinkle cut french fries, although they taste more like a crunchy chrurro. I think the best way to describe the flavor is that they taste a bit like Apple Cinnamon cheerios without the cinnamon. A sweet honey glaze with a light apple flavor- these are so yummy! This was a favorite among everyone in my house.
Honey Butter Potato Fries
 Honey-flavored potato chips are insanely popular in Korea right now, and I have tried some in the past that were just...really not good. They tasted like fake honey flavor and salt and oil- but these are totally different! These little hollow potato straws are light and fluffy- not oily or heavy at all! They have a very light, sweet buttery flavor- the perfect amount of sweet and salty.
2% Peach Drink
This is pretty much exactly what the title says. This drink contains water, sweetener and concentrated peach. It's not overly sweet, and it's quite refreshing! I don't usually like peach flavored things that much, but I thought this drink was excellent! Plus I was excited just to get a drink in general-they're not very common in snack subscriptions!
Nongshim Soon Veggie Noodle Ramen
I haven't tried Ramyun outside of the Top Ramen they sell at grocery stores- which of course is delicious, but it's usually what I eat at the end of the month when there's nothing else left in the fridge. This Ramen is a bit different in that the noodles come in a large disc-shape, and are noticeably thicker than the Ramen you find here in the states. Inside was not only the veggie-flavor packet, but a packet of dehydrated veggies as well. Simply boil water and dump everything in at once and cook for 3-4 minutes and voila! 
I actually made this for lunch today and once I finished it, I cracked an egg on top and added some diced Kimchi, and holy moly was it GOOD. I haven't had veggie ramyun before, but I think I actually prefer the flavor over the typical chicken and beef that I see around here all the time!
Butter Waffles
While these look sort of like a Belgian waffle cookie, they actually taste totally different! I expected that ligth vanilla "ice cream cone flavor" but these taste more like a butter cookie! If you've ever had the Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies, these taste almost exactly like those! So yummy!
Lotte Sand Black
Lotte is an incredibly popular snack company in Korea. They are the makers of the famous "Peppero" which is known elsewhere as "Pocky" which I'm sure most of you are familiar with! Lotte is so popular that they even have their own theme park called "Lotte World" that is sort of like Korean Disney World- complete with Lotte snacks everywhere, of course! I also kind of love Lotte because they have EXO (my favorite kpop group!) as their spokesmodels! Observe the cuteness:
Just too cute. 

Anyway- the snacks! These are essentially the "Lotte Oreo." I'm actually not a massive fan of Oreo cookies, but they're decent. I actually liked the Lotte version much more- the cream tasted more...real? The cookies were thicker and more chocolate-y as well!
 I had no idea what these could possibly be when I saw the packaging- but when I opened it up and saw these little flat chip-looking things I was very surprised. I've never seen potato chips packaged this way! These are the "Original" flavor according to the package, and they basically taste like "Baked Lays" in terms of flavor and consistency. Tasty, but nothing overly special flavor-wise.
Korea Rice Crackers
My box had no one package, but two of these Korean rice crackers. The flavor is a bit difficult to explain. The consistency is close to a rice cake, but a little crunchier and slightly more dense. The flavor reminds me of those popcorn balls I used to eat around Halloween as a kid. It's a bit sweet, slightly savory. Very different in terms of what I usually snack on, but I thought these were really good!
There was also a variety of "littles" as I like to call them! The first one being the thing you see in the green package, which is called a "Choco Crunch Bar". It says "Coffee Slim" on the package, so I'm assuming it's something you eat with, or dip into coffee. Here's what it looks like out of the package:
It's actually a longer stick, but it was broken when I opened it. This has a very interesting flavor combination: it's a banana-flavored crunch bar with a layer of chocolate in between. It has a slight crunch, but it's also kind of soft at the same time. I'm not usually a fan of banana-flavored things, but this was really delicious and I can imagine it's even better dipped in coffee!

Caffe Bene
The long red and black packaged item is what seems to be instant coffee. I haven't tried this yet as I'm planning on sticking it with our camping food, but it's a fun addition to the box!
Star Pops Lollipop/ Anytime Candy/ Lotte Candy
There were 3 pieces of candy also included in the box, the first being a grape-flavored lollipop- which is pretty self explainitory! The "Anytime Candy" is a "cooling" candy that has no sugar added to it. Jeff tried this and wasn't a fan- he said it felt like it was numbing his mouth, but that it had a vanilla/menthol flavor he wasn't fond of. The Lotte Candy wasn't listed on the card, but it was seemed like a small piece of crunchy nougat with a little almond on top. It was really cute and also quite tasty!
Overall Thoughts
While I have no idea what these snacks value at in Korea, looking up these snacks on Amazon, ebay etc showed me something really interesting: I'm getting a great deal with Snack Fever! While I'm sure these things aren't expensive to purchase in Korea, since interesting snacks and asian foods in general are so popular, it's not easy to find these products at low prices here in the US. Even my local Asian supermarket has snacks like these for marked up prices because of their commodity and popularity. Getting all of these snacks for $20 shipped is an insanely good deal! I actually got it for even less since I signed up for a 3 month sub. There wasn't anything in this box that I thought was gross or weird- although I'd be open to those kinds of things too! That's what makes this box so fun for me! I love having no clue what everything is and having new and exciting snacks to try out! I was incredibly impressed with the variety of food included in the August box, and I loved that they also added a drink, coffee mix and Ramyun! It's not only a snack box, but a meal and drink box too!

Snack Fever has immediately shot up to the #1 spot when it comes to snack subscriptions. It's interesting, creative, affordable and has a great variety! I could not be happier with this sub and I truly encourage everyone to sign up if they want more fun during snack time! :)

If you want to sign up for Snack Fever, I would love it if you'd use my referral link HERE.

I'm not sure if this coupon is still valid, but give it a shot! Use the code INSTAGRAM to save $2 off your first box!

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  1. Oh, wow!!! I totally need to try this one!

  2. Oh, wow!!! I totally need to try this one!

  3. Nong shim,the ramyun company, is probably the best on the market.