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Snack Fever: Korean Snacks Delivered! September 2015 Review and Unboxing

Last month, I blindly subscribed to Snack Fever because I was obsessed with the idea of getting even more things from Korea than I already do: movies, tv shows, music and of course, beauty. South Korea has such an incredibly vibrant entertainment industry that is almost impossible to ignore, I wanted to know more about their food and snacks as well! Plus it's way more exciting to try things you've never seen/tried before than getting a bunch of western snacks you've noshed on dozens of times!
Last month, I opened each snack and took a picture of what it looked like so you could get a better idea of what the snack was, but I will openly admit there was no time to do so this month. I got the September box as I was walking out the door to work, so I quickly snapped photos and then piled the entire thing into my lunch bag to share with my coworkers. Needless to say, I wasn't able to snap any photos of the snacks themselves. I'm super sorry about that, but also it goes to show you how excited I get over this box!
The Deets
Snack Fever is a relatively new snack subscription based out of L.A. that sends you a box full of really unique and interesting Korean snacks. They don't stop at cookies and chips though- they send soups, ramyun, drinks, candy and more! 

Box Options and Prices
Snack Fever offers 2 different sized boxes: 

The Original Box ($20 or less)
10+ Snacks in Every Box (there were 14 this month!)
Mini Box ( $12 or less)
5+ Snacks in Every Box

Snack Fever also offers 3 and 6 month pre-paid subscription plans that are discounted, so the more you buy in advance, the more you save!

Snack Fever offers free shipping to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. Snack Fever will happily ship outside of these areas for an additional fee. 

Snack Fever also includes a color photo info card that gives you a description of each snack so you're not going in totally blind...unless you want to! It's fun to do it that way sometimes!
 Cheese Ramyun
Last month, we received a veggie ramyun that was so amazingly delicious, I was even more excited to see cheese ramyun! Yummm. This particular ramyun comes with a soup seasoning packet, a dried veggie packet, and a bonus packet of cheese powder. You cook it as you normally would, and then add the cheese powder in last. I added some scallions and an egg when I ate it, and it was so. stinkin. delicious. I'm not huge on the "top ramen" and things like that, but I've been really enjoying the ones I've gotten in Snack Fever- it's like they're totally different from the ramen we have here in the US!
Country Corn
This was a fan favorite with my coworkers! The bag is huge and filled up almost to the very top with puffed corn chip-like triangles. The picture on the front is of a bowl of corn with butter on top, and to be absolutely honest, that is exactly what these taste like. It really tastes like you're eating corn on the cob slathered in butter. Everyone agreed that they were, "weird, addictive, and soooo good." Definitely a fun one!
 Homerun Ball Puffs
This was the first snack I opened because I was totally confused as to what the heck they were, and the package was pretty large. When I opened it up, I found little bouncey ball-sized pastry puffs. Inside them is a custard/cream. I'm personally not a fan of custard or vanilla cream fillings (even in oreos!) so I wasn't a huge fan of these. A few of my coworkers thought they tasted "stale" or "like air" however there were a few people who thought they were really good and they ate the entire container. The best comparison I can make is that they're like little bite-sized cream puffs.

Ggoma Bus Tayo
I'm assuming this Tayo the Bus is a Korean kids show. Maybe like a Thomas the Tank Engine? Regardless, this was a package of essentially butter cookies. If you've had the Peppridge Farm 'Chessmen' cookies, this is exactly the same thing, only round and with picture of buses printed on them instead of chess pieces. They were yummy, but nothing new or exciting, really.
Cham Bunggeo Bbang
This was probably my favorite snack in the box, and the one I regret taking a picture of the most! When taking this out of the wrapping, you see that it's a vanilla/white cake that is shaped like a fish. Inside the cake is a red-bean chocolate cream. It was so ridiculously good, guys. Like...I want 100 more of these immediately. It was sweet, but not overly so. Decadent, but not too dense or rich. Definitely a great thing for a sweet treat or dessert!
 Crispy Almond Cookie
These little cookies are thin and crispy, and while I normally like chewy cookies, I found these really satisfying for some reason. The flavor was similar to pecan sandies cookies, but with almonds.
Lotte Binch Biscuits
When I quickly looked at these, I thought they said 'Bitch' on them and I laughed so hard! Of course I was quickly let down when I realized it said "binch" instead. Lotte is a popular snack brand, so I'm pretty sure they'll be a regular in these boxes. These are round biscuits that have a thick round piece of chocolate on top. We have a few Western equivalents to these, but the chocolate on these was very creamy and unique. I'd probably buy these again if I see them at the Korean market!
Strawberry Milkis Drink
When I first saw this, I obviously assumed it was a strawberry milk drink. Weirdly enough, it's a strawberry soda! I unfortunately can't drink anything carbonated since I had weight loss surgery, but I passed this on to my roommate and he said it's really tasty!

Honey Butter Leaf Pie
I was perplexed as to what the heck a "leaf pie" could be, however when I opened it, I was relieved to see it's simply shaped like a leaf! I also wouldn't call this a "pie", but more like the flaky outside of a danish or a pastry dipped in a sweet glaze. It was a little bit on the dry side, but I actually really liked the flavor!

Congcongi Candy
Snack Fever seems to add a few little candies in each box, and this lollipop as well as a Tayo the Bus candy were included this month. I somehow lost the Tayo candy while I was taking pictures, though! This lollipop is nothing wild or crazy, but my fiance enjoyed it!
Overall Thoughts
Yet again, I'm super happy with my Snack Fever box! I feel like this month there were fewer snacks that I enjoyed overall, but there were some absolutely delicious snacks this time around as well! The Cham Bunggeo Bbang was soooo good- discovering it alone was more than worth the entire cost of the box or me- that's how much I loved it! I also really enjoyed the buttered corn chips and all the cookies! This box was a little heavy on the "sweet" stuff though, I noticed. I'm hoping to see more savory/salty snacks included in future boxes, but overall I'm thrilled with the selection and the fun that comes along with trying all these new goodies! When I first subscribed, I purchased a 3 month subscription, and October will be my last month- however I definitely plan on continuing to get these boxes! I've even decided to cancel my Love with Food box so I can keep getting this one! I just have so much fun with these snacks!

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  1. Aww I think this is the food box of my dreams! I love Korean snacks and these look awesome!! They did an awesome job putting this together with snacks that Westerners would find tasty and some envelope pushing stuff. Hopefully next box they send something with a sweet potato filling! I lived it Korea teaching English for a few months and the snacks were such a memorable part of it. The pictures are all nuts (and cute!) so figuring out what is on the inside can be a challenge. What does a dancing shrimp and a yogurt container mean on a bag of chips??

    1. Isn't it fantastic?? I know there are some international snack subscriptions that will occasionally feature Korean snacks here and there, but I love that Snack Fever is consistently providing Korean snacks every month! That is so exciting that you taught English in Korea! I am actually striving to do the same thing within the next couple of years- I've always wanted to do it but never decided on where I would go to teach- but my love for Korea has grown so much that I think it just has to be there! :)

      And LOL your last sentence had me dying!! I can't tell you how many times I've seen stuff like that- even more commonly on Japanese packaging! hahaha

  2. I really like this box! I especially like their price point. I don't think I've ever seen a strictly Korean snack box, so I'm definitely going to give this one a try.

    1. I agree that they might be the first snack subscription to be specifically Korean, which I think is awesome! And the price point is awesome- I love that they added the less expensive, smaller version for people who just want a little treat each month or would like to try the service before committing to a larger box. :)

  3. The fish shaped snack is even better fresh. If you have a korea-town near you you may be able to find them.