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Wantable Accessories September 2015 Review and Unboxing

Wantable Accessories is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. Many of you that have read these reviews before might already know how obsessed I am with Wantable because of their amazing return policy, which makes it so I could essentially buy a dozen of these boxes and return anything I don't like and get a quick refund! I've been getting 2 accessories boxes for a few months now, mostly because I wanted to build up my jewelry collection a little bit, but also because I'm kind of addicted! I had some credits that Wantable awarded me for winning a Picture of the Day contest on Twitter, but now that those credits have run dry, I might just go back to getting one box a month. I thought the day would never come, but I think I'm started to get overloaded with accessories! I'm thinking of going back to subscribing to the Intimates box for a little while and see how that goes! Since the weather is getting colder, I'd love to get some fuzzy socks and warm pajamas!

But for now, let's take a peek in the 2 Accessories boxes I got this month!
The Details
(feel free to skip this section if you're already familiar with Wantable!)
Wantable offers a variety of different subscriptions, each one of them costing $40 per month. There is a way to make the price lower, which I will explain later.
The boxes that Wantable currently offers are Accessories, Makeup, Intimates and Fitness. You are able to subscribe to one or all the boxes on one account if you so choose!
Wantable is much different from other subscriptions in that it's completely customizable and risk-free. You take a profile quiz to tell the stylists exactly what you want or don't want based on a "Love, Like, Don't Want" scale. They will never send you something you have marked as "don't want." If you hate necklaces, you'll never get them. If you are tired of getting red lipsticks in subscription boxes, you can simply tell wantable you never want them. Problem solved! You can take the profile quiz as many times as you want- so if one month you want to get socks and bras, but don't want any the following month, simply change your preferences! It really is that simple!

Here's what makes this a really interesting experience: You can return your entire box if you're not happy with it. Even better? You can return or keep as many or as few items as you want! Not only do you get to tell them exactly what you like and don't like, but you can return anything you're not really into- or even return the whole box for a full refund!
  You can start the return process on their website and be done in just minutes. You're able to see how much credit you will receive for the item you're returning, and then you can print out a return label free of charge. Then simply stick the item(s) in the box everything came in, tape the label to the box and leave it outside for the mailman!

$4 Credit for Keeping Everything
If you decide to keep everything in your box, Wantable will reward you with a $4 credit, which you can put toward your next box, making it only $36. This way, you're rewarded for keeping your products, however you also get credits or a refund for anything you return. You really can't go wrong!

There is nothing I hate more than a subscription box that doesn't have a way to cancel easily and quickly! As if Wantable couldn't get any better...they allow you to cancel your subscription with one click on their website. If you don't want to cancel, but would rather skip a month or two, they also have a "skip" button available. Awesome!
As always, here's a peek at how I've set up my profile preferences. I like to switch this around randomly when I feel like I have enough of certain types of things. I'm still hoping for a good pair of sunglasses to show up since I use them year-round!
Wantable recently changed their inner packaging to this cute box, although I can't say I prefer it to the old jewelry pouches. It was a lot more fun to open the box when each item was individually packaged- now it's sort of completely spoiled the moment you open the lid of the new box. Ah well. I suppose it's much less expensive for them to use these than the little velvet pouches!

BOX #1
First thing out of my box this month was the Abby Scarf which features a coral almost snakeskin-like floral print. It's actually a really pretty, light scarf. I think it would have worked better in a Spring/Summer box, though. Since it's September, I'm starting to look more at warmer scarves that will take me through the colder months. As nice as this is, I figured it wouldn't get much use until it gets warmer, so I decided to pass on it.
The Carlee Ring features a really pretty aztec/mandala pattern with brass-like finish. It's actually really heavy- which I didn't think would be very comfortable, but it's not too bad once it's on my finger. I don't have a lot of statement rings in my collection, and since I tend to lean toward bohemian-styled jewelry, I decided to hang on to this one!
 Next up is the Elly Necklace. This features multiple strands of turquoise and brass  beads that are placed at different lengths, and the clasp allows it to be adjusted to different lengths. I surprisingly don't have anything like this in my collection, so I was going to keep this when I first saw it. However after I tried it on, I realized that the strands of beads kept getting twisted and tangled within each other, and the longest strand seemed to be a bit too long- in that it didn't sit right with the other strands. I felt like it would be more of a pain to wear than anything, so I decided to send it back.
Finally, a small problem: silver studs. I have no idea what these are called, because interestingly enough, I wasn't supposed to receive these at all. I have silver jewelry on my "don't send" list, so I was a little confused as to how they ended up in my box. Taking a look at my order details, I realized I was actually supposed to get a completely different pair of earrings:
It's hard to tell from the small photo, but I think I would really like the Kate Earrings that were supposed to be in my box. I contacted Wantable about this, and not only did they let me keep the silver studs that were accidentally sent, but they are mailing out the correct earrings to me as I type this. They were super fast at responding and it made me love them even more!
Overall Thoughts
While this box (minus the incorrect earrings) fit my profile quite well, I'm becoming more particular in what I decide to keep and what goes back. Everything in the box was nice, but not exactly what I'm looking for right now in terms of jewelry for Fall. The only piece I decided to keep was the ring, although I feel like I'm going to really like the earrings when they do arrive!

BOX #2
The Arin Ring is really interesting! It features a magenta-colored square stone that is a pyramid shape. It has two gold bands at the top and bottom rather than a single band, which really made this ring stand out to me. I tend to wear more understated jewelry without a ton of color, so I thought this ring would be nice to offset that!
I squealed the moment I saw the Delilah Earrings. I love the gold tone and the geometric cutouts. They're not too big, not too small. I feel like these could really go with anything from a pair of jeans and a cute top, to a cocktail dress and heels. They're really versatile, which is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for! Plus these really match my style well.
The Lucia Earrings while less exciting to me than the previous pair, are also really pretty! I like the different play on a typical hoop earring, and the cute triangular stone pendants dangling in the center make these interesting without being too much. Definitely a fun pair of earrings that I think will look nice with some of my Fall outfits!
Finally, my favorite piece in the collection this month: the Issa Necklace. It might be a bit hard to tell in the photo, but this is a multi-toned necklace that has a heavier metal cord, brushed silver beads and brass-colored pendants. I love the pattern on the pendants, and how it manages to be industrial, modern and bohemian all at the same time. I am also a huge fan of House of Harlow jewelry, and this piece is modeled after one of the more popular HoH necklaces. I have worn this piece a few times already and each time I have received compliments! You know it's a nice piece of jewelry when that happens!
Overall Thoughts
This was clearly the better of the two boxes for me personally, considering I'm keeping everything! I think that if I was really being frugal, I would send back the ring and the hoop-style earrings, but they're both really cute so I'm keeping them! Take that, wallet! Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with this collection. It manages to be unique and interesting, yet also simple and not overbearing. I love jewelry, and I wear a lot of it so I don't like any pieces that are too "statement-like." I think that the necklace is probably my second favorite piece I've received from Wantable, so I couldn't be happier!

If you'd like to learn more about Wantable or sign up for one of their boxes, you can do so HERE.
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