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Tonymoly Strawberry Seed 3-Step Nose Pack and Egg Pore Shiny Jewel Soap Review and Coupon!

Even if you've only dipped your toes in the vast waters of Korea Beauty, I'm willing to bet you've heard of TonyMoly. Along with Etude House, they seem to be two of the most popular brands in the world of Korean Beauty. I personally think the reasons are simple: Their both incredibly affordable, and their packaging is some of the cutest you'll ever see. I'll be the first to admit that I regularly purchase products solely because the packaging made me squee with delight. 
Recently, Memebox sent me a couple of classic TonyMoly products to review for you guys, and while I've tried both of them before, I think they're both things that are regularly purchased due to their claims of saving those of us with giant or clogged pores. Let's check 'em out!

What It Is:
While you may have seen the famous Biore Pore Strips in the drugstore hundreds of times, you may not know about these 3 step nose packs. Many brands have their own version, however the TonyMoly one is the one I have seen around the most often. Instead of just a simple nose strip, this product has 3 different nose strips total- each used for a different purpose. The result is the removal of blackheads and impurities from the nose to leave behind clean, smooth skin and smaller pores.
A Word On Blackheads / Sebaceous Filaments
Before I continue with this review, I do want to mention that it's highly unlikely that those little bumps on your nose are blackheads. I spent years of my life buying pore strips and yanking out all those little pore clogging buggers, only to find them showing up again in a few days. Blackheads don't act like this though, and what you're most likely dealing with are sebaceous filaments. I don't want to steal anyone's photos of how to tell the difference between the two, but this site has a great photo of both so you can decide which one's you're dealing with.
Everyone has sebaceous filaments, but what exactly are they? 
They're essentally attached to the hair follicles on your face and produce sebum which looks like a waxy substance. When you pull a pore strip off and see a bunch of pale yellow dots on it, those are not blackheads- it's simply sebum- you can't get rid o them for long because it's part of your skins natural existence, but you can use products (cleansers, exfoliators etc) that will help keep their occurrence at bay. 

A blackhead will appear on your skin when the sebum that is clogged into your skin reached the surface of your skin. The head turns black when it oxidizes. These are very obviously blackheads because when they are extracted, they have a very dark "head" on them and are usually a bit harder than sebaceous filaments. 

The 3-Step Nose Pack may help a bit with removing sebaceous filaments that might be bothering you, but they're going to come back pretty dang quickly. So a product like this is fine to use once in a while, especially if you end up with a couple of blackheads on your nose here and there. I would say that you don't need  to use a product like this very often though.

How to Use:
As I mentioned above, there are 3 steps to this nose pack. I will go into detail about each one below so you know what the heck each one does!

Keep in mind, to use all 3 steps as recommended, you will need to set aside 30-45 minutes. I usually use these on the weekend in the morning when I'm just lounging around the house!

Step 1
Step 1 consists of a cotton mask that is similar in feel to a sheet mask. The essence that it is soaked in is used to open up your pores to prepare them for step 2. It is recommended that you leave this on for 15-20 minutes.
This had a fruity scent to it, but I also detected something spicy- like cinnamon maybe? It's really a pleasant scent in my opinion! While this is nicely soaked in essence, I did find it didn't stick very well to my nose for very long. Every time I tried to talk to my fiance, I felt the mask start to lift up off my nose. I would suggest patting it down well and not talking or moving your face at all while wearing this step!

Step 2
Step 2 is the one that most of us are already familar with: the pore strip. Your nose should still be a bit wet from Step 1, however I added a tiny bit of water to my nose as well to help this stick well. Simply apply this to your wet nose and press down until it sticks. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and you should feel it harden/tighten up on your nose. After the allotted time has passed, slowly and gently peel this strip off your nose. You'll be able to see all the gunk and sebum that has been pulled out of your nose. I am pretty diligent with exfoliating and taking care of my crater pores, so this didn't pull much of anything out of my nose.

Step 3
Step 3 is my favorite step! This mask is sort like a soothing hydrogel mask and it's made of a very thin gel material. This step is used to soothe the pores after using Step 2, which can be a little irritating to the skin at times. It claims to close your pores back up after opening the with Step 1, however I really feel it's more or less used to soothe the skin. This one is recommended to be left on for 5-10 minutes, however I would suggest you leave it on for longer if you have the time. It feels really nice on the skin! I left mine on for close to 20 minutes.

Honestly? None. I don't know how else to get around saying that, really. This was a fun little pack to use, it had a nice scent and felt pampering, but I didn't feel that Step 1 opened my pores, nor do I feel like Step 3 closed them. The nose strip was just that- a nose strip. I will say that if you consistently struggle with an excessive amount of sebaceous filaments on your nose, or if you're one of the few that deals with blackheads, this 3-step system is definitely a step up from a typical nose strip. I especially like the soothing 3rd step as my nose tends to feel a little irritated after using a pore strip. I would recommend this if you are a regular user of pore strips, however if you exfoliate regularly (chemically or manually) you most likely wouldn't need to use a product like this.
The TonyMoly Shiny Jewel Soap is a perfect example of mega cute packaging being the sole reason for purchasing something. I know that now there are tons of brands packaging bath bombs and soaps in these cute little egg cartons, but one of the first ones I ever saw was from TonyMoly!
What it is:
Remove waste from your skin and clean off any excess impurities that collect on your skin throughout the day. Tighten and brighten your complexion with this sebum reducing and pore shrinking shiny jewel egg soap for nourished and well-cleansed skin.  Formulated with egg whites, red clay and shea butter, to extract, shrink and purify those pores while still keeping your skin moisturized.

These soaps are 5-in-1 in that they provide cleansing, nutrition, pore care and hydration. It's also suggested that you later these soaps and use it as a mask pack at during nighttime cleansing.

This is actually a different version of a TonyMoly product that has been around for awhile now: The Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap. The Jewel Soaps that I have here differ in that they have "gold and silver content." According to the TonyMoly site, the new ingredient formulation create a, "way more powerful new egg." Their words, not mine! haha :)
As this infographic describes, the ingredients are actually made from an egg fermented in vinegar for approximately 1-2 weeks. Acidic components from the vinegar and nutrition from the egg combine to create a special pore care solution. It creates rich bubbles that provide a soft massage in the morning and a powerful, smooth cleanse at night.
While the original Egg Soaps contained one egg white soap to use in the morning and a red clay soap to use as a night cleanser and mask pack, these eggs seem to be similar to each other in that the only clear differences are one contains silver flecks and the other contains gold. Almost all the information online that I can find are for the original Shiny Skin Egg Soaps and not these Shiny Jewel Soaps, so I apologize for not knowing if there's a clear difference between the two- even the official TonyMoly site doesn't specify. 
Personally, I continued to use these as I did the original egg soaps: The white one in the morning and the brown on in the evening.
Using these is pretty self explanatory: Use the white soap in the morning as a cleanser, and the brown one in the evening as a cleanser and pack if desired. 
Here's the honest truth on these guys, though: I only used these one time. I find that these soaps lather incredibly well, so if you're into a bunch-o-lather and have oil control/pore issue, these might be something you should look into. However I vividly remember the original egg soaps breaking me out really terribly, and I just got my skin back to normal after a hormonal breakout and didn't want to risk it. I have also read quite a few reviews from people saying their skin had a "purging period" with these soaps. However I want to make my stance on purging perfectly clear here when I say I don't believe it exists 99% of the time. According to skincare experts, there are very few products that would actually cause your skin to "purge" itself. Accutane and retinoids are pretty much the only skincare products where purging periods have been clinically identified. They thin the epidermis (upper layer of the skin) and thicken the dermis (lower layer of the skin) and increase cell turnover. This naturally pushes acne that is still in its beginning stages from the lower layer to the upper layer where you can see it.

If your using a simple cleanser and your skin begins to breakout, chances are that product is not right for your skin and you should not continue using it in hopes that it's a purging period that will come to an end. I can't tell you how many people I've seen encouraging the "purging" theory or accepting it as fact. I would hate for one of my readers to damage their skin due to me not acknowledging my thoughts on purging in regards to a specific product, so there you have it. Sorry for the little rant, but it was important to discuss with this product in particular due to the many "purging" reviews I read.

The Good News 
Even though I did not have good experiences with the previous version of these egg pore soaps, a close friend of mine has used them many times and thinks they works beautifully for her oily skin. I chatted with her briefly about why she likes them and she gave me the following reasons:
- Helps with sebum production and oil control
-Makes skin feel fresh and clean without drying it out
-Does not irritate her skin
-Seems to temporarily shrink pores with regular use

So as I always say, what may work for one person might not work for the other. While these soaps haven't played nice with my skin, it seems they're a preferred cleansing option for my friend. If these soaps are appealing to you and it seems like the things their intended to correct and help are skin problems you struggle with, then by all means give these little guys a go! They're super cute!
Overall Thoughts
While I don't think either of these products will save your oily skin or large pores, I do think they have the potential to help with certain skincare concerns, even if temporarily. The 3-step Nose Packs are great for an occasional "pore care routine" as I like to call it! As for the Egg soaps, Egg-based skincare has always been good for pores and oily skin, so keep an eye out for egg based products and research reviews, ingredients and consumer opinions before pulling the trigger. Not all egg-skincare is created equal! Having said that, if you're looking for something cutely packaged for gifting purposes, or want to grab these to try for yourself, they might work well for you!

For a Limited Time, use the code: TONYMOLY20 for 20% off all TonyMoly products!
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  1. I have so many blackheads on my nose and my aunt got me tonymoly nose strips and they worked wonders, though i will be checking out the egg jewel soap too!