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Treats Box: Travel the World Through Food! Review and Unboxing

Ever since I discovered Snack Fever's Korean snack box, I've been keeping my eye on other Asian and generally International Snack boxes. It can get a little repetitive when you're getting the same old snacks repeatedly in Western-based snack boxes. It's incredibly exciting to get a package full of snacks you've never tried before! I love bringing them to work with me and sharing the experience with my coworkers!

Treats Box is really a perfect box for someone who wants variety in terms of where the snacks come from, but also wants that adventurous aspect in terms of the actual snacks that are included. 

The Deets
Each month, Treats Box sends a selection of snacks from a different country right to your door. A different country is featured every month, so you'll never be bored! 

Plans and Price
Treats Box offers two different snacking plans so it'll fit into anyone's price range!

Standard Pack
Contains 4-5 International Snacks for $12.95 per month.
Premium Pack 
Contains 8-10 international Snacks for $24.95 per month. 

You receive your first box within a week of your first order, so no need to wait forever for your snacks!

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the United States. Treats Box  does ship worldwide, however Additional shipping charges will apply for international addresses. For international shipping, Treats Box subsidizes part of the expense for the shipping in order to reduce your cost.
For the Standard Pack: -Shipping to Canada is $5.56
-Shipping to Mexico is $9.47
-Shipping to other countries is $10.73
For the Premium Pack: -Shipping to Canada is $8.86
-Shipping to Mexico is $13.15
Shipping to other countries is $15.80 

I was sent this box for review purposes- so while I received it in October, I believe this box in particular was actually their August Box. The September Box featured snacks from Korea. 

This Box Features Japanese Snacks, so of course I could not WAIT to dig in!
Treats Box provides a basic info card with a color photo of each item along with the name and brand of the product. I do wish there was a little bit more information so I knew what I was getting into before diving in, but hey- I guess it adds to the adventure!

Uegaki: Kaki-no-Tane Rice Crackers
First of all, this is a VERY generous size bag of crackers. Seriously it took me days and days to get through! My fiance was pretty put-off by the fact that these crackers "looked like maggots" but hey- i thought they looked pretty tasty! These crackers have a very light, yet crunchy consistency with a very slight soy sauce and red pepper flavor. They have a bit of spice to them, but it's not overwhelming at all.

Calbee: Soy Sauce Potato Crisps
I brought these crisps to work with me so my coworkers and I could try them together. These chips look exactly like thick cut french fries. The only difference is these are crunchy like chips. They do give a bit of a "stale french fry" vibe at first, but everyone agreed that once you start eating these, you really can't stop! The Butter Soy Sauce flavor was actually really tasty even though it sounded a little off-putting to me. I was a big fan of these!

Gilco: Pocky Tsubu Tsubu (Strawberry)
Ahh Pocky. One of the most popular Japanese snacks there ever was. You can get classic Pocky in almost every store that sells food- and even in some that don't! I can get Pocky in Walmart, folks. I have tried lots of different varieties of Pocky, but never the strawberry kind! These are little shortbread-type cracker sticks that are dipped in different types of chocolate- this one being a strawberry yogurt type. I found these to taste EXACTLY like the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars, which are a favorite of mine. Because of that fact, I ended up eating this entire thing within one day at work. I just couldn't stop!

Kasugai: Fruit Gummy Assortment
These individually packaged round-shaped gummies are actually insanely common in Japan and China. I think they must be pretty popular consdering how may companies make their own versions. This was a very generous sized package of Strawberry, Mango and Lychee flavored gummies. The kids at work were all more than willing to help me try these out! These gummies are soft, not sticky like a typical fruit snack. The consensus was that the strawberry was the best flavor, an the Lychee was the worst. I heard repeatedly that the Lychee gummy tasted like "perfume" which I have to agree that it sort of did! The Strawberry and Mango flavors were both really tasty, though!
Uha: Cola Puccho
These are little taffy-like candies with a...surprise inside. They are cola flavored, and when you chew them, there is a liquid inside that bursts out and bubbles up in your mouth. They really taste exactly like a regular cola- which I'm not a fan of. I thought these were pretty gross, but there were quite a few of my coworkers that disagreed with me and thought they were delicious! I think if you like cola or the fun idea of these candies, they might be a hit with you!

Morinaga: Milk Caramels
This box contained quite a few individually wrapped soft caramel chews. They were yummy- but nothing too remarkable to speak of!
Meiji: Watapachi Cotton Candy
 This was a fun one! This brightly decorated package contained a decent hunk of watermelon-flavored Cotton Candy, which is pretty unique in itself- however there was a little surprise mixed in there: Pop Rocks! It was a bizarre, yet really fun combination with a sweet, yet pleasant flavor!

Gilco: Giant Caplico Strawberry
This was the snack I was most excited to try because of how interesting it was! I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting myself into with this, but from what I could tell it's an ice cream cone filled with aerated chocolate. The inside of the cone is filled with regular chocolate while the top was strawberry-flavored. I took a big ol' bite off the top and I was confused to say the least. I really liked the flavor, but the consistency of the chocolate kind of reminded me of candle wax. I definitely wasn't a fan of it, however I handed it over to my coworker who exclaimed, "It's chocolate! It's delicious!" and promptly wolfed down the entire thing. So hey- it may not have been my cup of tea, but she certainly enjoyed it!

Amanoya: Himearu Rice Crackers
We started with a bag of rice crackers and we're going to finish with one! These ones are much different than the first ones though- they're more traditional in terms of shape and size and have a very different flavoring on them. One of the kids at my work said, "is that a bag of chicken?" because these little crackers really do look like popcorn chicken when you take them out of the bag. Hilariously enough, the seasoning on these is very similar to a chicken seasoning! I can't really describe it, but it's really unique and quite delicious! Everyone at work loved these and we were all fighting over them until the bag was empty. Probably the fan favorite of this box overall!
Overall Thoughts
How fun is Treats Box? I loved how large the snacks were in particular! There servings were so large that I was able to share these snacks with my friends and coworkers without a problem. I love the wide variety of sweet and savory snacks as well. I think this was very well curated! I will admit that I'm a little bit biased toward Asian snacks, so I'm not sure how much I would enjoy snacks from countries outside of Asia, however I have to admit I'm completely clueless to other countries snacks for the most part! I think this is such a fun, adventurous box that would be such a blast to gift to someone of any age. The kids at work has so much fun with this as did my coworkers. I also think it's great for someone who likes to be a little more adventurous with their snacking! I love that Treats Box also offers 2 different size boxes so that it can be affordable for everyone!

If you're interested in signing up for Treats Box, you can do so HERE
You can also save 15% off your first box if you subscribe to their e-mail list! (A Pop Up will Appear shortly after you visit the site!)
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  1. Ah, this box! I really loved this box. I mean, I should hate it because it has caused me to make large purchases at Candysan in order to get more. More of the Melon Watapachi, more of the caramels, more of the cola flavored Pucho (I love cola flavored candies!).

    And whoever said the Lychee tasted like perfume was spot on. They totally did. And they definitely were the worst flavor.

    I totally agree that part of the fun of this box is that the sizes are so big that you can share without feeling like you're going to be sad someone else is eating that delicious food. And those bags of rice crackers were a really nice size! The value is really great in that respect.