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Jane Iredale Holiday 2015: In the Blink of a Smokey Eye Palette & Forever Red Lip Stain

I feel like such an awful blogger today! I had full intentions of getting this review up almost 2 weeks ago, but I've been so incredibly busy that it completely slipped my mind! I had promised a few people on instagram that this would be up ASAP so they could take a look at swatches etc, and I totally dropped the ball. I'm so sorry about that! 
Even though I'm terrible about keeping track of reviews, I got myself a really adorable planner for the end of 2015/2016 so I can keep myself more organized and on track. Since I'm starting school in exactly one month, I want to make sure I'm able to balance school work and blogging as much as possible!

Now that I've gotten my apologies out of the way, it is time to unveil the 2015 Holiday Collection from Jane Iredale!

First things first: Why Do I like Jane Iredale So Much?
1. Because the company started in my home state! (MA Pride!)
2. Because their products are unique!

What exactly makes them stand out?
Their products are non comedogenic, meaning your skin will be able to breathe and behave normally when wearing Jane Iredale products. No clogged pores for you!
Their products are safety, allergy, clinically, and dermatologist tested.
They make an effort to use only anti-irritant ingredients and natural preservatives. No parabens or phenoxyethanol!
 Jane Iredale is also cruelty free! 
I think that Jane Iredale products are always "staples" in a collection. You could buy anything and most women could wear it, pull it off, and use it regularly in their makeup routine. While I'm a super adventurous type when it comes to makeup, my daily routine requires me to have fast-working, multi-tasking products that look natural. Not only does Jane Iredale cater to me, but to people like my mom, who don't really like to use too much makeup, but still want to look their best. What they also do really well is gorgeous packaging. Seriously some of the prettiest most chic shadow palettes I own are from Jane Iredale!
I'm a huge fan of this brand and every year they release some really fantastic collections for the Fall and Winter. This collection is actually a bit more pared down, but still packs a punch! The "In the Blink of a Smokey Eye" Palette includes every shadow you'll need this holiday season to create a beautiful eye look. Who says smokey eyes can't be colorful, right? Also included is a new shade of their famous lip stain called, "Forever Red." While I don't necessarily agree with the name (and you'll see why later!) I have been using this stain like my life depends on it. I use it more often than any other lip product right now because it gives me such a great look with just a couple of swipes!

Let's first take a look at the palette, because it's just beautiful!

This palette is set up as sort of a hardcover book. It's made out of a heavy duty coated cardboard, and contains 8 eyeshadows: 3 large pans and 5 medium pans. There is also a mirror, applicators and multiple tutorial cards within.
A little quote from Jane on this collection that is revealed as soon as you open the cover of the palette.
Here's a look at some of the large and detailed tutorial cards that come inside this palette. These lay out step-by-step how to achieve multiple smokey looks with the shadows included in this palette.
A larger shot of one of the tutorial cards so you can get an idea of how the instructions are detailed!

The Shadows
As I mentioned above, this palette comes with 3 large pan and 5 medium pan shadows. I appreciate that they chose larger pans for the lighter shades because these are the ones you'll be using most often in terms of "all over the lid" shades and highlight/blending shades. 

Base Shades (Large Pans)
These are what I like to call your "base" shades. Whether they be used all over the lid, as a highlight, or a blending shadow, these are the workers of the eye shadow world. They may not always be the prettiest or most unique shades, but they're always necessary when creating a really beautiful look!
Because I'm pale, these kinds of shades tend to look invisible when I swatch them, however this shade is true to it's name. It's a creamy, off white shade with a matte finish, and is absolutely perfect as a simple, yet natural brown highlight. What I also love to use this shade for is blending out any harsh lines I've created with darker shadows. Blending is KEY to really nailing the smokey eye look!
Pure Gold
Pure Gold like the previous shade, matches it's name perfectly. This shadow has a shimmery, sparkly finish without being too "glittery." Think of it as a little adult sparkle! I find that this shade works beautiful when dusted over a finished eye look to give it some dimension and make it a little more festive! 

The deepest color in the base shade trio is Dawn. This is a gorgeous brown with a shimmer finish and a really soft, buttery feel to it when it's applied. The pigmentation is lovely as well. I find that a shade like this is essential when doing a smokey eye, because using brown to smoke out an eye look instead of black will lessen it's severity and give the finished look a more natural appearance.
The Colors (Medium Pans)
Next up we have the colors! While brown and black are not necessarily colorful, they do work quite well with the shades that Jane Iredale has included in this palette! Most of these are semi-matte in that they have a bit of a satin finish to them. No chalkiness at all and have a lot of dimension on the eye!

Rose Gold
 This shade is the closest to a "shimmer" in the entire collection, although it's a subdued shimmer. I'd say rather than "rose gold" this is more of a rusty orange/brown tone which is absolutely beautiful when paired with the purple- it looks like a sunset! This shade is beautifully pigmented and easily blended out. It's really workable and can be used as part of a brighter look or mixed with the brown to keep it neutral.

 Iris is an absolutely beautiful royal purple with a matte finish. I am always falling in love with Jane Iredale's matte shadows because they're so buttery and vibrant. They never look chalky on my eyelid, and Iris is no exception. It looks absolutely beautiful when packed on for a punch of color, but it can also be blended out for a softer look.

Forest is a beautiful hunter green that has a matte finish, however I find it to be a bit of a satin since it has a slight sheen to it. This shade is also beautifully pigmented and applies smoothly and easily. 
Double Espresso and Ebony
This is your basic matte brown and black shades. I included them together here because while neither one of them are particularly unique, I do find that they're absolutely essential to a "smokey eye" palette. You definitely will have a hard time creating a neutral smokey eye without these shades. Both of these are inky and pigmented, and I highly recommend using a light hand with the Ebony shade. It's almost like soot it's so pigmented!
I know. This photo is super blurry. But by the time I took it off my camera and realized it- I had already used up at least half of this tint already and it looks a mess. So...blurry photo it is! This lipstain comes in an extremely well-made tube that twists up and down with ease. I have major issues with luxury brands that package their lip products poorly (I'm looking at you, MAC!) Even though they feel hefty or well-made, the lipstick bullet always ends up wiggling around and falling out, or not twisting back down after you twist it up etc. It drives me crazy! Luckily Jane Iredale is known for their fantastic, chic and sturdy packaging. 

This lip tint is called "Forever Red" however I had a much different and more surprising experience with this shade! To me, it not only looks like a red/orange, but comes off a more berry/orange on my lips! Here's a look at the tint on my pale hand rather than on my lips.
You can see that for some reason, on me it shows up more of a burnt orange. However something really awesome happens when you apply it over your lips:
While to me this doesn't look "red" at all, I find that it gives me exactly the kind of look I want for a casual day. This lip looks also works when you're doing a very dramatic eye look, as in contrast you'll want to play down your lips. I have little to no pigment to my lips at all, so this tint is wonderful because it lightly stains my lips and also make them look moisturized and youthful.
I'd say the color lasts for hours, but the gloss does fade away over the course of the day and you'll want to reapply to keep that shiny look going. What's good is you don't have to worry about the color fading or wearing off unevenly- this gives you a very even color payoff! The formula feels a bit thick, but in a comfortable way. There is no stickiness to this tint either, which I love!
Overall Thoughts
I think Jane Iredale really hit this collection out of the park. What I love the most is that as a company, they consistently put out products that are able to be used by all sorts of women. These shadows are fool proof, especially when using the tutorial cards. There are enough shades included here where someone who is a little "color shy" when it comes to shadows can still create lots of lovely neutral looks and possibly incorporate a little pop of color when they're feeling daring. For those color lovers, the orange/purple/green addition to this palette make for a really interesting Fall/Winter selection of shades. 
All the shadows are beautifully pigmented, apply and blend easily. They don't have any fallout nor are they powdery in consistency. I'm always pleased with the formula of Jane Iredale shadows, though!

As for the lip tint, it's slowly becoming one of my favorite and most used lip products. I love how completely effortless it is. All I have to do is swipe it on and I get a bit of a stain on my lips, a perfect amount of tint and shine, and a long lasting formula to keep my lips moisturized all day. Zero complaints on this one- now I just have to keep myself from buying the other shades! My wallet can't handle it!

If you're interested in these products, or more from Jane Iredale, you can visit their website HERE.

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