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Kloverbox October 2015 Review and Unboxing (Plus Coupon Code!)

We're already a week into November, and I'm just finishing up my October reviews! Yikes. Granted this one wasn't completely my fault- It seems Kloverbox had to replace an item that was supposed to be in the box this month and that set them back while they waited for the replacement product to arrive. Kloverbox updated their subscribers (via facebook...possibly elsewhere too?) about this delay though, so I'm totally fine with it. These things happen, afterall! 
Kloverbox has been one of my favorite subscriptions for a long time now, and that's because they do what very few subscription boxes can- introduce me to new and exciting products. If you're a blogger or a subscription box addict, you've probably seen it all before and have doubles and triples of some products that overlap in subscriptions. You probably have enough hand lotion and lip glosses from specific brands to last you a lifetime. Kloverbox is awesome because they partner with smaller businesses more often than larger ones. Many are even etsy stores, which I absolutely love. When I open my Kloverbox every month, I never say "oh...I already have this." I'm always interested and excited to try whatever they've included, and that's what makes them  freakin' awesome!
 What is Kloverbox?
Kloverbox is a lifestyle subscription box that sends 4 or more natural and organic products for you to fall in love with each month. This isn't a beauty subscription. Kloverbox sends products from all categories: beauty, health, food and home products, so you can incorporate more natural products into every aspect of your life!

How Does It Work?
On the Kloverbox site, you can choose a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription. The one month and 3 month subscriptions automatically renew, which means you will be billed again once that cycle is over (monthly, or every 3 months.) The 6 month subscription is a one-time purchase; Meaning you will not be billed again once the 6 month subscription is over. This is a great option to gift to friends and family because you won't have to remember to cancel the subscription. The longer the subscription you choose, the more of a discount you get, which is also awesome!
Another really great thing about Kloverbox is that they usually include a coupon code on the information card for each product for that month. So if you really fall in love with something from your box, you'll be able to get more at a fantastic discount. 

How Much?
  A month-to-month subscription to Kloverbox is $25 per box.
 3 month subscription is $71.25 ($23.75 per box) 
6 month subscription is $135 ($22.50) per box. 
Shipping is free and fast! 
You can save even more money by using the code "HB10" at checkout to save 10% off! This code can be used on any length subscription.

Foxy & Watson: Organic Kitchen Towel ($16)
Guys. It's a kitchen towel with blue hedgehogs/porcupines on it. I don't think you could pick a cuter print! Foxy & Winston is a fun company owned by textile artist Jane Buck. Her products feature fun and whimsical prints inspired by nature. The line includes everything from jewelry, bags, scarves, candles, perfumes and SO much more. Seriously I was "oohing and ahhing" while looking at her shop! Everything is so pretty! 
These kitchen towels are screen printed using non-toxic inks and the towels are 100% organic cotton canvas. I am going to buy a second one and possibly use the coupon provided by Kloverbox to buy some little holiday gifts!

Red Flower: Hand & Face Towelettes ($1.50)
 I haven't heard of this company before, but I think they've been featured in other subscriptions at some point in the past as other seem to be familiar with them. They're new to me though! These are hand and face towelettes that can be used to brighten and replenish the skin while also washing away bacteria and dirt.
The Italian blood orange scent uses anti-bacterial soft fiber clothes to cleanse and moisturize while the Wanderlust scent cleanses while stimulating the senses with a mix of lots of different notes including red cedarwood atlas, mandarin rind, balsam resin, cypress wood and more. It seems like a very layered scent! These are very unique scent-wise compared to other "wipes" so I'm excited to try these!

Goodie Girl Cookies: Quinoa Chocolate Chip ($1.00)
I can't be the only one who gets excited when there's a snack included in my subscription boxes, and I've got a certain weakness for cookies! Goodie Girl Cookies is a company owned by a New York mom who wanted to create a line of cookies that were gluten free, and all-natural. What I really loved about these cookies is that they didn't taste "weird." I saw "quinoa cookies" and I immediately thought that meant they would taste "grainy" or not like a cookie at all However there were little crunchy bites of chocolately goodness. Seriously. So delicious. I must have more!

Bee's Wrap: Sandwich Wrap in "Clover Print" ($10)
As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I always know Kloverbox is going to provide me with something I've never seen before, or something I never knew I needed, and this is definitely that product! I wasn't sure what it was when I first looked at it, but noticed the packaging said "Sustainable Sandwich Wrap." Mkay! I was immediately drawn to how beautiful this wrap is. I love the pattern and the color of the print- but I especially love the little wooden button with the bumble bee on it! 
Essentially, this is a cloth coated in beeswax and jojoba oil which have natural antibacterial qualities and keep your sandwich or other snacks fresh and protected. When this first comes out of the package, it has a pretty strong bees wax/jojoba oil scent. It's actually quite lovely (I'd love it in candle!) however I worried that my sandwich would start to smell like that too if I wrapped it in this wrap. Luckily, you can wash the wrap with cool water, and let it air dry. After a few washes the scent fades away completely so there's no issue there! These wraps will last up to a year as long as they are cared for properly. I really love this idea- especially because I take sandwiches to work with me frequently!
Overall Thoughts
Kloverbox costs $25 a month (or less with a longer subscription!) and the October box has a total value of $28.50. I know that Kloverbox had some issues this month with a product not showing up, so I'm wondering if the value would have been higher had that product been included. I'm not sure which of these products was the "replacement" item, but I still surprisingly enjoy this curation quite a bit, even if this months value is on the lower side. I think it would have been helpful if Kloverbox included maybe 2 bags of cookies, or 4 wipes just to fill out the box a little bit more.
Here's what's important, though: This is the first time in the history of Kloverbox that I had an issue (however small) with the value. And even in this case, The value still exceeds the cost of the subscription. Kloverbox was very upfront about the delays and issues they had this month, and they also managed to provide a thoughtful, useful curation of products. I absolutely love the hand towel and the beeswax sandwich wrap. Lifestyle items like this make my heart skip a beat because it's so much less common to get these kinds of things in sub boxes. They're both so lovely, well-made and would make great gifts. The cookies were also absolutely delicious and something I'm definitely going to repurchase! The only thing I probably could take or leave were the wipes, but even those are useful and will be put in my purse to take to work with me!
I  know there were quite a few subscribers who preferred this month to others in the past, even with the lower value. While I personally have enjoyed all the Kloverboxes I've received, this one was one of my favorites because of the lifestyle items. It goes to show that a crazy-high value is really not the most important thing, but thoughtful and unique curations are what keep subscribers happy.
If you want to sign up for Kloverbox (and why wouldn't you??) You can do that here!
Don't forget to use HB10 at checkout to save 10% off any length subscription!
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