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Snack Fever: Korean Snacks Delivered! October 2015 Review and Unboxing

I feel like I've totally betrayed my love for Snack Fever because this review is so late. For some odd reason, I thought I had already posted this review! I was digging through my "drafts" to get some posts finished and noticed this review sitting there. Ugh! I have no idea where my head has been this month! Regardless, this is currently my absolute favorite food/snack subscription- and it deserves to be posted even if it's a little late because you guys need to know how awesome it is!

The Deets
Snack Fever is a snack subscription based out of L.A. that sends you a box full of really unique and interesting Korean snacks. They don't stop at cookies and chips though- they send soups, ramyun, drinks, candy and more! 

Box Options and Prices
Snack Fever offers 2 different sized boxes: 

The Original Box ($20 or less)
10+ Snacks in Every Box (there were 14 this month!)
Mini Box ( $12 or less)
5+ Snacks in Every Box

Snack Fever also offers 3 and 6 month pre-paid subscription plans that are discounted, so the more you buy in advance, the more you save!

Snack Fever offers free shipping to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. Snack Fever will happily ship outside of these areas for an additional fee. 
Snack Fever also includes a color photo info card that gives you a description of each snack so you're not going in totally blind...unless you want to! It's fun to do it that way sometimes!

Kkolkal Corn Chips
First of all, you know a snack is going to be good when it says "TEENAGERS PARTY TIME" on the bag. I laughed so hard when I saw that, but it made me want to try these even more. The info card says these are barbeque flavored, but honestly it's a flavor that is really hard to describe. It's a teeny bit spicy, a little bit sweet, but so delicious. They're essentially a lighter, airier version of Bugles- only better and tastier. This was my favorite snack in the box and now I'm just sad that I can't find them anywhere!
Pojang Udong
This is an instant seafood flavored ramen. The noodles are udon style which is a softer noodle with a clear soup taste. I'm honestly not a huge fan of seafood or seafood flavored ramyun, but because I've had such good luck with the ramyun I've gotten from Snack Fever, I'm actually willing to give this one a shot It just looks so tasty!
Pepero: White Chocolate Cookie
Everyone knows Pepero by now, although some people may know it more so by it's Japanese name: Pocky. This is essentially the "cookies and cream" flavor and it is just as delicious as it looks. This box lasted all of 5 minutes in my house because we devoured them while I was looking through the other snacks in the box. So yummy!
Baked Potato Sticks 
These are one of the weirdest flavor combos I've come across since subscribing to Snack Fever. First we've got a cheese-flavored baked potato stick. Sounds yummy enough, right? Howevver these cheese flavored sticks are then dipped in a honey glaze. I have no idea why someone would want to do this flavor combo. It doesn't taste awful by any means, but it's definitely not my favorite. The moment you put them in your mouth you get the sweet honey flavor, but when you chew them you taste the cheese. It doesn't work for me.
Miz Black
One of the kids at my work affectionately described this snack by saying, "It looks like cat food but taste like cookies." And you know what? He was right! These tiny cookie bites are cocoa flavored with a bit of white chocolate mixed onto them. Snack Fever suggests eating them with milk like a cereal, which I bet is delicious! I ate these plain, and they kind of remind me of a cross between teddy grahams and oreo cookies!
Plum Candy and Sae Kom Dal Kom Candy
Snack Fever usually includes a sampling of little candies, and this time they've included plum flavored hard candies (which were delicious!) and sweet and sour caramels that contain fruit juice. These are apparently a favorite with Korean children, and rightfully so! They're really unique and tasty!
Jardin Mocha Cappuccino
I like that Snack Fever has such a great variety in that you not only get snacks, but noodles and candies and drinks as well! I got an instant coffee in my first box, and this one has an instant mocha cappuccino. My experiences with instant powder coffee drinks has been mixed. They're usually not flavorful enough for me, honestly. So I made a small cup of water for this one (about 6oz) and mixed this in. It was actually quite tasty, but still not strong enough for me flavor-wise.
 These actually orginated in France, but have become popular in Korea. These are probably the most boring snack in the box, unfortunately. It's a bag filled with thin vanilla flavored cookies. They're like a cross between a shortbread cookie and a sugar cookie. They're tasty, but not really that interesting to be honest. 

Milkis: Melon Drink
I cannot for the life of me figure out why I didn't put this drink in any of the pictures, although you can see it in the final picture at the end of this post. This drink is a melon flavored soda, which Snack Fever recommends you refrigerate before drinking. I can't drink soda, so I gave this to my roommate who said he absolutely loved it! 
Orion: Chocopie
This is a classic snack and extremely popular in Korea. This is a pie made with a vanilla cake and marshmallow center, coated with a layer of chocolate. It's absolutely delicious, and goes really well with a hot cup of coffee or an iced cold glass of milk. And for all you kbeauty fans out there, check out this hand cream from The Saem that is modeled after this snack:
If that's not the cutest hand cream you've ever seen, then I don't even know what to tell you!
Overall Thoughts
As usual, I'm incredibly happy with my Snack Fever box. I think all the snacks and food they include are great sizes, and there's always a wide variety. I love that they include drinks and food as well as candy and savory snacks. They continuously keep it interesting- to the point where I've canceled all my other snack subscriptions that I was paying for monthly. I know Snack Fever is releasing an even BIGGER box soon, and I just might cave and upgrade to that size! I can't get enough of the Korean snacks!

If you want to sign up for Snack Fever, I would love it if you'd use my referral link HERE.
I'm not sure if this coupon is still valid, but give it a shot! Use the code INSTAGRAM to save $2 off your first box!
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