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Wantable Accessories November 2015 Review and Unboxing

Another month is almost halfway over. Seriously guys I'm starting to get nervous because Christmas is going to be here so quickly. I have so much going on this month (I'm starting college!) and blogging, working, Christmas shopping, keeping up with my Korean lessons...seriously I don't know how busy people do it! I'm so used to not having a very busy schedule that I haven't gotten into the swing of having my day filled with errands! What better way to relax though, then opening my Wantable Accesories box? As lame as that sounds, it's one of my favorites for a reason. I love answering their detailed survey and then sitting back and anticipating what they are choosing for me. It feels like getting a gift from a friend who knows your style, which means it's almost always on point!

The Details
(feel free to skip this section if you're already familiar with Wantable!)
Wantable offers a variety of different subscriptions, each one of them costing $40 per month. There is a way to make the price lower, which I will explain later.
The boxes that Wantable currently offers are Accessories, Makeup, Intimates and Fitness. You are able to subscribe to one or all the boxes on one account if you so choose!
Wantable is much different from other subscriptions in that it's completely customizable and risk-free. You take a profile quiz to tell the stylists exactly what you want or don't want based on a "Love, Like, Don't Want" scale. They will never send you something you have marked as "don't want." If you hate necklaces, you'll never get them. If you are tired of getting red lipsticks in subscription boxes, you can simply tell wantable you never want them. Problem solved! You can take the profile quiz as many times as you want- so if one month you want to get socks and bras, but don't want any the following month, simply change your preferences! It really is that simple!

Here's what makes this a really interesting experience: You can return your entire box if you're not happy with it. Even better? You can return or keep as many or as few items as you want! Not only do you get to tell them exactly what you like and don't like, but you can return anything you're not really into- or even return the whole box for a full refund!
  You can start the return process on their website and be done in just minutes. You're able to see how much credit you will receive for the item you're returning, and then you can print out a return label free of charge. Then simply stick the item(s) in the box everything came in, tape the label to the box and leave it outside for the mailman!

$4 Credit for Keeping Everything
If you decide to keep everything in your box, Wantable will reward you with a $4 credit, which you can put toward your next box, making it only $36. This way, you're rewarded for keeping your products, however you also get credits or a refund for anything you return. You really can't go wrong!

There is nothing I hate more than a subscription box that doesn't have a way to cancel easily and quickly! As if Wantable couldn't get any better...they allow you to cancel your subscription with one click on their website. If you don't want to cancel, but would rather skip a month or two, they also have a "skip" button available. Awesome!
As always, here's a peek at how I've set up my profile preferences. I like to switch this around randomly when I feel like I have enough of certain types of things. I'm still hoping for a good pair of sunglasses to show up since I use them year-round!
The first item was the biggest and was stuffed into the box so tightly that it practically exploded out when I opened the box flap! The Mindy Scarf features two different patterns- a blue/green plaid on one side and a sort of herringbone/plaid on the other. This is an infinity scarf, which I like, however it's very short and feels kind of like it's choking me when I put it on. Another thing that I didn't like is the double pattern. I felt like they didn't really match or compliment each other. Also- my fiance had a pair of fleece pajama pants that are blue and green plaid exactly like this, so to me this scarf just doesn't work.
The Kristy Ring is SO unique! This is why I get Wantable Accessories. A lot of the time, they have pieces I wouldn't find anywhere else. This ring is really interesting in that it features geometric wood pieces, but it's most unique feature is the band. It's almost 'hooked' up to the top of the ring to mimic a buckle. This is definitely my style, unfortunately the ring is a little too small for me. I'm a 7 1/2 on my ring finger, and it seems like the size 8 rings they send me are always too big, however this is a size 7 and it was too big for my pinky and too small for my ring finger, so I have to ship it on back, unfortunately!
The Lydia Wrap Bracelet is another one of those really unique pieces that I love getting from Wantable This bracelet looks like multiple varied bangles, however it's actually one long wire bracelet that wraps around the wrist. I love the varied textures and styles of beads that were used and how effortless yet chic this looks. Statement bracelets are not always easy to come by, especially one that fit my style. This was my favorite piece in the box this month!
Finally, the Jorie Earrings were the last piece in my box this month. These earrings feature a green iridescent stone with gold wire wraps and an open almost-tear drop shaped hoop. I didn't dislike these, but I didn't find them particularly unique or interesting, either. I actually saw a variety of this style of earring at Kohls just a couple of weeks ago. Since I get Wantable to find unique pieces, I decided these earrings would have to go back. I think if I had gotten these earlier on in my subscription I would have kept them, but since I'm being much more selective with which pieces I keep, they didn't make the cut this time.
Overall Thoughts
 Even though I'm returning 3 out of 4 items from my box this month, I actually thought this was a nice one! The scarf just wasn't my style, and the earrings were a little to generic for me. The ring I would have kept if it was my size. I still think this was a nice value. Getting the bracelet was more than worth it for me, and what makes Wantable so amazing is that I can just ship back everything else. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I don't have to waste my money on things I don't want!

If you'd like to learn more about Wantable or sign up for one of their boxes, you can do so HERE.
Don't Forget- there really is no risk whatsoever. You pay the $40, and you can very easily return whatever you don't like in the box it came in and get a refund!
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