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Empties Update! December 2015

 Hey guys! This is going to be one of the speediest Empties Updates that I've done- not because I don't want to give you the whole scoop on these products, but because I desperately want to get this finished and posted before the end of December! I already have more empties piling up in the box under my bed and want to make sure this gets posted soon! The holidays have made my schedule so packed that it's always hard to get all my December reviews up on time, but I am so close to being caught up- with 2 days left in the month! Whew!

Since this is a smaller Empties Update than usual, I didn't really number the products, although I did separate them into categories: Hair and Body and then Skincare. I will try my best to go from left to right in the photos in terms of review order! 

Hair & Body
 Aussie Mega Hairspray
I used to just pass these travel sized hairsprays down to my mom or my sisters because I have a favorite one that I use regularly and if it's not a mini version of my favorite, I usually don't use it. (I love the classic Tresemme Hairspray btw!) However lately I've decided to keep the small sprays and put on in my purse for emergency touch ups as well as one on my vanity for a "finishing" spray once my hair is done. This one was semi-decent as a finishing spray. I don't think it has enough natural hold for me to use all over my hair regularly, but it did the job I needed it for. Nothing special here, unfortunately.

Ojon Leave-In Treatment
I loooove the scent of this product. I have seen Ojon product dozens of times but this was my first time testing one out, myself. I wonder if all their products have the same scent. If they do, I'm seriously interested in buying more. It has an earthy, yet fresh scent to it that smells so good in my hair-I ended up spraying way more of this than I actually needed! I don't think this transformed my hair into anything amazing, but it definitely helped de-tangle and protected my hair from heat styling. Ojon is usually a little on the pricey side but if I ever see this on sale I might pick it up again!

Palan Cryscense Organic Hair Essence
This was a popular product from the Memebox days that I had sitting around for longer than I'd like to admit. I finally decided to start buying less and begin to use the products I already had, so when I ran out of some of my favorite hair products, instead of restocking I pulled out some stuff I had in storage. This was one of those products. I know a lot of people raved about this brand and this line in general, but I have to say I used the entire large container of this essence (which is really more like a light cream consistency) and I didn't think it did a damn thing for my hair. It didn't have a nice scent (kind of boring and mild) and it didn't fix my split ends or make my hair healthier or shinier. It just...existed. I can't explain it. It didn't do anything terrible to my hair but I didn't feel any difference after using it, unfortunately.

Missha Sebum Control Hair Treatment
While this is considered a hair "treatment" I simply used it as a regular conditioner. I found the scent to be a little off-putting. Something like...pencil shavings and old-school hair salon shampoo. Really odd. Regardless, I actually ended up liking the results from using this product more than I expected to. I don't think it's something I would repurchase due to the scent alone, but it was light enough to not weigh down my hair, but also strong enough to really smooth out some frizzies and split ends as well. If you see it on sale I would definitely pick it up if you need some care for damaged tresses.

Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash in Pistachio and Magnolia
This has become my all-time favorite body wash. I remember seeing this scent in the store and thinking, 'ew pistachio-scented? NO thanks." But then I realized that I love almond scented things, and maybe pistachio wouldn't be so bad! I don't like heavy floral scents either, so I was reluctant to even take a sniff. I gotta tell you, it's one of the freshest scents! It's slightly fruity in it's own way, a little bit floral and something a little gourmand. I can't put my finger on this scent, but it's incredibly unique and makes my skin smell so clean and feminine. Dove's body wash formula is unbeatable in my opinion, and it always makes my skin feel super soft!

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Whitening Hand Cream
If you need a really thick, luxurious and moisturizing hand cream for the Winter months, get this one! This is more than just ridiculously adorable packaging. This hand cream is extremely rich and creamy. It has a floral scent but it's not super offensive or perfumed. You really only need a small amount of this because it's so rich. It spreads pretty easily and actually absorbs relatively quickly for how thick it is. My hands not only stayed moisturized all night into late the following morning, but I also noticed that the skin on my hands looked more even-toned and uniform. I have dozens of hand creams in my stash that I have to use up, but I will definitely repurchase this one again in the future.

Lather AHA Evening Primrose Hand Creme
I use hand cream like my life depended on it, especially in the colder months. This hand cream comes in a massive jar and will absolutely last you a long time. I cannot recall how long I was using this before it finally ran out. I love the idea of an AHA hand cream because I love AHA/BHA's. This cream has a nice consistency- not too thick, but not too thin. My only small complain is the scent. While it's "evening primrose," I didn't think it had a super floral scent. My fiance said it reminded him of "floral-y fruitloops" which is kind of the closet thing I can think of to describe it. I loved the long-term results of this hand cream so much that I've bookmarked it on Amazon for when I can buy more creams. It's not as thick as the Panda hand cream, but it's amazing for Summer and for using throughout the day!

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant
I wasn't going to include this in the review but hey- it's an empty right? Usually my deodorant tubes look a hot mess by the time I'm done with them so I don't always photograph them for the Empties Update, but this one was small enough that it didn't have time to get coated in a layer of white deodorant film. I really like Dove deodorants in general, but I wasn't entirely sure what the difference was between this one and any other I've tried. I feel like they market their deodorants all differently and they all vary in price, but in the end...it's all the same damn deodorant with a different scent. This one didn't do anything better/worse than the other Dove deodorants I have tried, so I wouldn't spend the extra money on this one.
Skinfactory Wow Wonder Cream
I'm a fan of Skinfactory anyway, but this was one of my favorite creams from them! The one that was included in my Empties last month had little flecks of gold in it that I wasn't a fan of, otherwise it was fantastic. Interestingly, this one doesn't have the gold flecks, and it has a much more workable consistency. While it is a cream, I would classify it as more like a gel. It has a light citrusy scent and it blends/absorbs into my skin like a dream. My only issue with this is that it seems like I used it up so quickly! I would love to get my hands on more of this, although it's not very common for stores (even Korean ones!) to carry this brand. Bummer!

Missha Intensive First Treatment Essence
You've heard the rave reviews about this essence by now if you're a kbeauty lover. Rose Rose Shop had a sale on this a while back so I scooped it to try it for myself since it's normally a bit too expensive for my liking. This isn't a typical "essence" but it's used as a booster- applied to your skin immediately after cleansing. Here's the thing: I didn't notice it doing ANYTHING. I felt that moisture was being put back into my skin after I cleansed and used this, but I think that's where it ended. I believe that most boosters do that anyway and don't cost nearly as much, so I can't say that I will be jumping on the Missha First Treatment Essence bandwagon any time soon. Although if you already have this in your stash, I would say go ahead and use it. It didn't break me out or irritate my skin in any way, it just wasn't that exciting.

The Face Shop Blemish Zero Toner
After Mizon discontinued my all-time favorite toner in the universe, I've been slowly working through my toners to see if I can find one that even comes close to comparing to it. I actually found a couple so far that I do like quite a bit, although they still aren't as good as my old favorite. This one might be as close to what I'm looking for as I'm going to get. Firstly, there's no alcohol in this toner so if you're worried about that, I've got you covered! It has natural AHA/BHA included and worked to clarify your skin while beating back acne. It's relatively inexpensive and comes in a large bottle so it lasts a long time. I actually plan on purchasing this again in the future if what is left in my toner stash doesn't blow me away. I had the best results using this toner than any other so far.

SNP Birds Nest Eye Patch
Arra Top Face Caviar Gold Eye Patch
I put these together because most of the under eye hydro gels I have tried do essentially the same thing. These happen to be two of my favorites. Firstly, they're inexpensive when purchased through Rose Rose Shop. (around $5 per jar of 30 pairs). I use these every single morning as part of my wake up routine, so I need them to not only be quality, but inexpensive since I use one jar a month on average. The birds nest patches are incredibly cooling and are great at depuffing my eyes that didn't get enough sleep. The Gold/Caviar variety are good at brightening and moisturizing my eye area while also staving off fine lines. Both have their benefits, and I had a good experience with both. My only complaint with most eye gels is that they are way too soaked with essence. I find that in order to get them to stay in place under my eye, I have to squeegee them with my fingers before applying. That can get kind of annoying, but it's worth it for the long-term results of using under eye hydro gels regularly. I find I have less dark circles, less puffiness, fewer fine lines and more of an even tone. I can't live without these!

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule
This is another one of those products that you have probably heard everyone raving about at some point. I also picked this up at a really great price from Rose Rose Shop so I could see what all the fuss was about. I've got to say, this is hands down the best ampoule/serum I've ever used on my face. I know it's expensive. I don't care that it's expensive. I will keep buying it for as long as it's in production. I have a lot of serums in my "stash" so I have yet to repurchase this, but I'm at a point now where I just want to get rid of all the serums I have laying around and exclusively use this one. It has such a soft, silky consistency and slides onto my face easily. The scent isn't offensive, but it's a little strange. Like nail polish and grape soda? I can't explain it at all but it's something like that! Aside from the scent, I found this ampoule made my skin feel incredibly soft, brightened and evened out my skin tone and never broke me out. In fact, my skin was as clear as it has ever been while I was using this ampoule, and conveniently began breaking out again shortly after I ran out. I'm sold on this one, guys. Love it. Must have it.

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Eye Stick
I did a mini review on this product when I first got it and I thought it was pretty good. I can't say that it changed my life or worked wonders, but it was a nice little travel-friendly product to apply to your under eyes when they were feeling a little tired or dry. The cooling sensation was nice and I felt that it did pretty good in terms of keeping my skin moisturized. However after only a month of owning this product, I stopped using it for a few days. When  I popped the cap open to use it again, the stick had seemingly shriveled up and fell right out of the holder. There was more than half of it still left, so imagine my disappointment when it was no longer usable. I won't be buying this product again, that's for sure!

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Cleansing Water
I got this as a sample in one of my Birchboxes a while back and finally made myself use it. Here's the thing: I love cleansing waters. I'm obsessed with them to the point where I bought way more than I could ever need. However, this cleansing water is overpriced and unremarkable. It cleansed my face just fine. It has a mild, unoffensive scent. But that's it. The higher price isn't warranted because it works as well as my inexpensive cleansing waters. There are no ingredients in this product that would constitute a higher price, either. *shrug* I'm not impressed. 

Lorac Porefection Face Primer
I'm a huge fan of the Lorac Eye Primer and I think it's the best high-end eye primer on the market. I figured that the face primer would also be great- but not so much. I find that this primer is almost identical to Smashbox Photo Finish in terms of consistency and how it feels when it's applied, although I think that's where the comparisons end. This one wasn't necessarily awful, but as a high end primer I expect way more. This felt a bit like a drugstore brand in terms of wear time and how evenly it applied to my skin. It filled in my pores a decent amount, although not as much as I would like. 
Even though that was a smaller Empties Update, it still felt like a ton of products! Wow! I'm shocked at how much I've been using up though. I almost want to take all the "final" photos from the Empties Updates I've done this year and make a collage so I can see all the stuff I've used. Maybe I wouldn't want to see that though- I might start crying at the thought of how many products I actually use on a regular basis...*shudder.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this update, and keep an eye out for another one in the near future! I can't keep up!

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  1. Interesting read! Love reading empties post, always motivates me to use up my product. Plus I feel that the review is usually more in depth because the blogger has used the product for a longer time.
    Hmm interesting to hear your thought's on the Missha Intensive First Treatment Essence, maybe I don't need to save up for it afterall.


    1. Honestly the treatment essence isn't a bad product but it's definitely not worth the price in my opinion. I highly recommend the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. It's wayyyyy less expensive and works just as well if not better for me!