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Harlot Beauty's Favorites! (Holiday Gift Ideas!)

There are a few people on my Christmas gift list each year that know they're getting beauty products from me: My Mom, my younger and older sisters, and my bestie. While I really love "value kits" like the ones Sephora pumps out year after year, I think what I like to gift even more are "favorite products." I feel there's something more personal in gifting something you already really love- and I tend to write little notes on the packages explaining why I love the product and why I'm giving it to them. This year, I have so many favorite products that I'm not sure which ones to gift and who to gift them to! Another issue I have is that most of my favorite products are Korean, meaning most of them ship from Korea. So if I don't have my plans for presents ready to go LONG before Christmas, I'm usually out of luck in terms of the packages showing up on time. 
This is where Beauteque comes in. Not only are they having all kinds of sales from now until Christmas, but they're based out of New Jersey, meaning whatever I order, I know it's going to show up in time to be gifted on Christmas morning. I was able to browse their site and choose a small variety of products that I feel would make great gifts. These are things I already love for a variety of reasons and they're all really affordable!

Let's start with the "cute" products first!

 OK, do I even have to explain why I chose this as a "cute" item? Because I'm pretty sure this speaks for itself! If you're unfamiliar with Doraemon, it's actually a Japanese manga and anime series about a robotic cat that travels back in time to help a boy. Doraemon roughly translates to 'stray.' This cushion blusher actually features a different character: Dorami, who is Doraemon's younger sister and she's the cutest!
This is actually only the second cushion blusher I've owned- because I haven't really dipped my toes into the cushion cosmetics world too much. I'm still trying to figure out if they're worth it/what the point is/if there's enough product to make it last long etc. What I do know, is that cushion products are insanely popular. So much so, that Western companies have finally caught wind of them (like Physician's Formula for example) and are producing their own versions.
This cushion blusher comes in coral, bronze and  pink shades, however I'm usually partial to coral/peaches in the winter. I think it gives the cheeks a naturally flushed look and the shade pairs well with a lot of the Fall/Winter makeup I use!
The cushion blusher is set up exactly like a foundation-type cushion would be. There's a mirror inside the compact, the little "door" that snaps shut to protect the cushion and keep it from drying out, and your basic "puff" to apply the product.
I am absolutely in love with this shade and the formula of this blusher. It's liquidy enough that it's easily spreadable/blendable on the cheeks, and you can really build up this color to show up on any skin type. The picture on the right shows the blush slightly blended out, although you could continue to blend to make it even more light and natural, or even build on this for a more intense color. I've been using this daily for the past week and I really, really love how natural it looks on my skin and how much it brightens my face! 
As a gift, this product is the whole package! Most people are still relatively unfamiliar with kbeauty, and still unfamiliar with the idea of cushion pacts. A cushion blush is a great option, especially if you don't know what shade their skin tone would match best. Also, the adorable packaging makes it even more fun to give to someone!

It looks like this particular scent/packaging style is not currently available on the Beauteque site, so I have linked above to the Avocado/Lesser Panda variety. There is also a Mango/Fennec Fox variety which you can purchase here. I absolutely love Korean hand creams because they almost always come in the most adorable packaging. Seriously, look for yourself on the Beauteque site! Everything from fruits to animals are used as inspiration for the packaging of these hand creams! The "Protect Me" line from The Face Shop features 3 different scents with 3 different animal characters. Not only is the packaging for this lotion adorable, but the box that it comes in is just as cute! I absolutely love Cocoa butter/Cacao scented things, and this lotion smells delicious. It's also incredibly moisturizing with ingredients like shea butter, cacao seed butter and macadamia oil.
The lotion itself it's overly thick, which is great in terms of gifting. I'm pretty open with my preferences on hand creams, although I know many people who don't like their hand lotions to be too thick or rich as it takes awhile for those types to absorb and can leave a greasy feel on the skin. This one is a great consistency- it's a little on the thin side, but when it's rubbed in, you can really feel how moisturizing it is!

 Many of you may already know my obsession with under-eye hydro gels by now, so it's probably no surprise that these ended up on my list. I put a pair of these on every single morning before I even get out of bed. I use a makeup wipe, a moisturizing mist, some lip balm, and finally slap on some under eye patches. I go about my morning, surfing the internet and drinking coffee and by the time I'm ready to get in the shower, I can remove the patches and go on with my day. These are also great to put on at the end of the night when you're looking a little tired or puffy around the eyes. I used to have horrible, dark eye bags and a lot of puffiness early in the morning, but after months of using under-eye hydro gels, the dark circles are almost unnoticeable, and puffiness is non-existent. It's one of my favorite parts of my morning routine!

These patches from Petitfee tighten, brighten and smooth under eye skin while improving blood circulation and hydration. You can wear these for as long as you'd like, although I sometimes leave these on for upwards of an hour- or at least until I feel the patch beginning to dry out. If you usually don't have that much time in the morning, 15-20 minutes is perfectly fine!
Here's what's pretty cool about these particular patches. Not only do you get 30 pairs of under eye gels, but you also get 30 spot patches. You can see in the photo above, right in the center are the spot patches. These are great especially in the winter if you have red, or rough skin on your face. While using the under eye gels you can use these patches on any area that needs a little extra moisture or care. I tend to use them on my cheeks near the outer corners of my nose, as that's where my skin gets the more red and irritated in the cold weather. 
While I have the original price ($18) listed for these, they are on sale right now for only $13.50- which is a great deal for an entire 30 days worth of under eye gels AND spot patches! 

I love a good sheet mask. But I love acid-based skincare even more. There is something so magical about AHA/BHA acids- they've absolutely transformed by skin, and I'm always looking for new and interesting acids and acid-skincare to add to my collection of favorites. I wanted to include a sheet mask in my gift ideas, because I think they're super affordable and something that every skincare enthusiast should have somewhere in their routine. While everyone has their favorites brands, I think most people can agree that the Taiwanese company, My Beauty Diary has some of the most affordable and effective sheet masks in the game- and there's such a huge variety!
This is one of the more recent lines from MBD, and it features a Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Mask, an Oligopeptide Treatment Mask, and my favorite, the Tranexamic Acid Treatment Mask. While they all have their own uses and benefits, I'm just going to talk about the last one here for this review!
This mask is essentially used for whitening and brightening the skin. Now if anyone reading this is still unfamiliar with the term "whitening" in kbeauty, it almost always means "evening" of the skin tone. It's not going to bleach your skin, but more so will reduce and remove redness or uneven tones in the skin, while also brightening and making your skin look healthier and most luminous, naturally. I love these kinds of masks because they really do make my skin look more youthful and even-toned!
My Beauty Diary masks are always very well saturated with essence, and this one is no exception. I was able to leave this on for 30 minutes and it still hadn't completely dried out. You can also purchase a silicon mask cover if you want to leave this on for a long period of time and keep it saturated for as long as possible. I have one and it was a great investment even though it makes me look like a serial killer when I wear it! You can get one for just $5 on Amazon, and it's a great little addition to a sheet mask-type gift!

I was introduced to the Ladykin brand back in my Memebox-obsessed days, and I immediately fell in love. Not only is it affordable, but I have yet to try a product from this brand that I don't absolutely love. They quickly became one of my favorites. I especially love the Broccoli line- more specifically, the Broccoli Power Ampoule and of course, This toner! When I first tried this toner, I was elated with how soothing and calming it was to my skin, but I also noticed that it brightened and evened my skin tone really nicely. It also has anti-aging properties which are always welcomed in my skincare. I rarely find a moisturizing toner that plays nice with my combo/oily skin, but this one does just that. It doesn't over-moisturize, nor does it make me break out. It's my go-to toner for the colder months! Also a little bonus: it has such a subtle, refreshing scent. Something like cucumber and fruit with a every so slight floral hint to it. It's sooo nice and the ampoule smells the same way.
What is interesting about this toner is that it has a pump-type of top. You flip the cap open and there is a little platform that you press down on with a cotton round and the toner will saturate the cotton. I do like the idea of this, although I do find that sometimes the toner drips down under the "platform" which can be wasteful. It's not so much that I would decant this into another bottle, but it's something I wanted to mention!
I put this into my gift ideas post because I think that Ladykin is still a very underrated and under-discussed brand in the kbeauty world, and this toner is absolutely something I would gift my friends that are already familiar with kbeauty, but may not be acquainted with this product or Ladykin in general.
Overall, I think that Beauteque has a great selection of brands and products to really help you with your kbeauty gifts this year! I love that they have consistently included brands that aren't super easy to find, and are keeping up with current trends by including limited edition lines like the Doraemon products! Whether your giftee prefers "cute" products or effective skincare- the world of Korean Beauty has definitely got you covered.

Check out the Beauteque website for a bunch of awesome Holiday deals and sales. They're doing a different one every day and tomorrow they'll have 50% OFF Annie's Way Jelly Masks- which are hugely popular!

They're also doing a sale currently where you can get 20% off products that have been previously featured in BB Bags that were fan favorites! Get your hands on the Baviphat Toxifying Mask- it's one of my holy grail products!
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  1. I love that handcream!! So cute :) I picked up a few of them for gift giving too. I am glad to see Beauteque is carrying LadyKin products as those were so hard to find for a long time. Great ideas for gift giving, Rachel!

  2. Thanks so much Michele! I agree it's SO amazing that they're finally carrying Ladykin. Not many places do and while I've seen the requested on TesterKorea, it's nice to have a US-seller stocking the brand. I hope they expand on the products they're carrying because I really want to try some new things from Ladykin!