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Luxe Pineapple X Glamour & Giggles Holiday Box of Joy Review and Unboxing

 I feel like the worst blogger on the planet guys- I wanted to get this review up while the box was still available, unfortunately it sold out just a day or two after I got this so it was almost impossible! The good news is, Luxe Pineapple is always offering amazing boxes- limited edition ones like this as well as a build-your-own Box of Joy! So head on over to their site and join their mailing list ASAP so you can get in on the action!

What is Luxe Pineapple?
Luxe Pineapple is a company that sells discounted high end and name brand beauty products; From makeup to skincare, beauty tools and more! What they are most known for though, are their "Boxes of Joy." These usually have a specific brand theme, however you can also have an opportunity to build your own box! To find out more about the details of their usual Boxes of Joy as well as where they source their products etc, please check out my detailed review HERE.

Luxe Pineapple has also recently released their own line of cosmetics! I was admittedly a little skeptical at first, simply because I've seen a lot of companies do this in the past and the products are drugstore quality and pretty basic. I've gotta say that is NOT the case with Luxe Pineapple! I got to try out some of their branded cosmetics through this box and I am blown away by the quality!

Holiday Box of Joy
Luxe Pineapple teamed up with popular blogger Glamour & Giggles to bring a beautifully packaged and curated collection of products to gift to yourself or a loved one this Holiday season! This box was sold for only $42.50 and has a retail value of well over $100! It was a really great mix of skincare and makeup, so I was really excited to get to review this for you guys! Think of this as not only a review for this particular box, but for the Luxe Pineapple cosmetics as well!
 Luxe Pineapple is one of the best in terms of beautiful packaging. I never see such care taken in packing a box! This is truly ready to go right under the tree- all you need is a gift tag! I was so in love with how nicely this was packaged I almost didn't want to open it!
Another example of the beautiful Luxe Pineapple packaging. light green tissue paper sealed with a logo sticker conceals all the products, which are carefully packed to protect them during shipping.

TT Bio Cellulose Hydra-Soothing Moisturizing Masks ($11ea)
 We all know I'm not stranger to sheet masks, nor am I new to hyaluronic acid sheet masks. However I think this is the perfect type of mask to include in a Winter box because it will provide a huge punch of moisture for your dry and irritated skin. These masks are made with a bio-cellulose nanoscopic fiber cloth that allows for a deeper penetration of the intense serum. It contains hylao-oligo, hyaluronic acid and hydrolised hyaluronic acid. Not only do they help with moisture issues, but also improve the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Luxe Pineapple Lip Glosses in "Regal" and "Sweetheart" ($15 ea)
This was my first experience with the Luxe Pineapple lip glosses! I've seen a lot of photos of them on instagram and I couldn't wait to try them out for myself. Unfortunately, (fortunately for Luxe Pineapple) these lip glosses are sold out on their site, although I'm assuming they'll be restocking soon! 
 I love the feeling of these lip glosses and really love the color payoff as well. I'm not a huge fan of super pigmented lip glosses, mostly because I just prefer to wear a lipstick if I want mega-pigment. What I do want is the color to show up on my lips, but have just enough of my natural lip peeking through. These glosses are beautiful, wearable shades and feel really nice on my lips. They're thick enough that they're not going to wear off in an hour, nor are they going to slide around on, and possibly off your lips. They're not so thick that they become sticky or uncomfortable though. It's a really great formulation! Very happy with these!

Luxe Pineapple: Luxe Blush in "Winter Rose" ($15)
 What a perfect name for a blush included in a Winter box, am I right? This is such a beautiful shade for this time of year, and I feel like it would be a really flattering shade on anyone. I find it to be a cross between a dusty rose and just a hint of peach. The feeling of this blush is so freakin' velvety. I found myself swirling my finger on it just because it felt so nice! It's incredibly pigmented and blendable- everything I could ever want for a blush! Swatch is a little further down!

Luxe Pineapple: Luxe Eyeshadows in "Enchant" and "Mystique" ($10)
 Glamour and Giggles did a great job choosing complimentary shades in this box overall, but I especially love the choices with the eye shadows! I think these are great shades for a feminine holiday eye look! Both shades, like the blush, are insanely pigmented and buttery. So in love with the formulas! Check out the swatches!
 Left: Blush in "Winter Rose" / Center: Eye Shadow in "Mystique" / Right: Eye Shadow in "Enchant"

Let me be clear: these swatches were done with no primer, with one finger swirled in the pan and swiped onto the back of my hand. I really cannot express how buttery and pigmented these are. The shadows are just so beautiful. It's so hard to find a purple that doesn't show up looking muddy on my lid, and this one is just perfect purple goodness! Enchant is a really beautiful highlight shade. It's like a warm, buttery highlight shade that reminds me of my favorite Laura Mercier highlight. It has a gold pearlescent appearnce that gives you some beautiful brightness without being overloaded with glitter. Gorgeoussss!

Timeless Truth: Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum ($32)
I love a good serum. I specifically love a good hyaluronic acid serum even more. I haven't heard of this brand before, but I am always, always down to be introduced to new skincare brands! This product has active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (obvs!), Ceramide, Algae Extract, Glacier Extract, and Baobab Extract which work together to create a powerful and intensive moisturizing treatment. It's super concentrated hydration so it helps your skin stay super plumped up and supple all day. I can get on board with that! I'm almost done with my current serum so I might slide this one into my routine shortly as it's perfect for this time of year!
Overall Thoughts
For only $42.50, I think this is an absolutely awesome value and an even better curation and presentation! I love how there's a great variety of skincare and cosmetics that are perfect for this time of year. Super moisturizing skincare products and bright, feminine shades for all the makeup. What I was most excited about was the really impressive quality of the Luxe Pineapple cosmetics. I really can't believe how pigmented the powder products are! While I'm normally not a huge fan of single shadows, I think I'll be using these a lot! I am super impressed with this box- Kudos to Luxe Pineapple and Glamour and Giggles for all the hard work they put into this one!

Even though this box is no longer available for purchase, Luxe Pineapple is always, always doing fun boxes and events. I highly suggest you join their mailing list to be the first to know about these deals because they're always in limited quantity and sell out crazy-fast!

Browse their website for goodies, or scroll to the bottom of the main page to sign up for their mailing list HERE.

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