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PopSugar Must Have December 2015 Review and Unboxing

So something super weird happened last week with PopSugar. I saw some coupon codes going around that would save $75 off a 6 month subscription and I posted them on my facebook. Myself and a few of my readers were able to successfully use it, however shortly afterwards, I got a comment on my post from PopSugar saying the codes weren't valid. Where the heck did they come from? No one knows. But the code worked, PopSugar honored it and gave me my big ol' discount on my 6 month subscription. I'm a happy lady. Also, it seems like I got my box this month way earlier than I usually do. Not complaining. Seriously this box is one of the best I've gotten this year! Although I feel like I've said that a lot in 2015! I think they only had a couple duds for me, and they're usually Summer boxes, I've noticed.
 The Deets
PopSugar Must Have Box is a subscription that sends you full size "must have" items from all areas of interest: fitness, beauty, skincare, home decor, books- you name it! You never know what is going to show up in these boxes, and that's why they're always so much fun to recieve! 
PopSugar costs $39.99 per month, however you can save more by buying a longer subscription, or if you gift yourself a box each month, you can use the frequent coupon codes they have available. You can use the code (REFER5) to save $5 off your first box, currently!

Each month, Lisa Sugar (PopSugar's Founder) will put all of the things that inspired the box on the info card.
This month was inspired by:
Celebration, Holiday Glamour, New Year's, Indulgence, Chocolate, Sparkles

Swing Design Nova: Blue Mist Jewelry Box ($36) 
Love. Love. Love. IN. LOVE with this jewelry box! I've got to admit that I already have a ton of different storage solution for my jewelry, and I don't think a box with no separators is really that practical in terms of storing necklaces, earrings etc- but c' pretty is this?? I love the soft suede-like interior, the silver lift clasp, the pale blue color of the exterior. It's also incredibly well made. I'm not 100% sure if I'll keep jewelry in here, but I definitely know it will be used. It matches my vanity color scheme perfectly, so perhaps I'll keep perfume samples or hair accessories in here.

Nima Oberoi: Lunares Geo Stopper ($24)
This is a hand-crafted wine bottle stopper that is created specifically not to tarnish or break so it can be used time and time again. Now I'm a wine drinker, don't get me wrong, but I have never had a bottle of wine around long enough to use a fancy stopper. Am I the only one? I feel like if I found a really pretty wine bottle I might keep it as a decoration and use this fancy stopper for it, but I don't really have much use for this currently. I might pair this with a wine-related gift I got for my younger sister so it will get a bit more use!

 Stowaway Cosmetics: Creme Lipstick Trio ($30)
Oh, how I love lipsticks! I used to be a lip gloss girl for many years, but as I've gotten older, I find that lipsticks can really take my makeup or even my entire outfit to a whole new level. I love the endless variety of shades and just can't go wrong! I've heard a little buzz about this brand, and they apparently make cosmetics that are smaller sized so you can actually use them up! They're also great for traveling! These shades in particular were chosen by PopSugar founder, Lisa Sugar. The far left is Cranberry, middle is raspberry and the right is muted plum. I will wear all of these shades and I love that their not matte. I know that is the trend lately, but I really love a creamy lipstick!

 Meri Meri: Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape ($4)
I think PopSugar usually includes some sort of gift wrapping-type product in their December boxes, whether it be gift tags, fancy wrapping paper or in this case glitter tape! It's similar to washi tape, however it's much thicker and higher quality. I love the pattern of this and it will look really pretty on some of the presents I've wrapped for my bestie, Sample Hime! So sparkly and festive!

My Cup of Cake: Classic Belgian Chocolate Cake Mix ($6)
Say it with me folks: Yummmmmmmmm! It is taking everything in me not to abandon this post and rush to my microwave to make this right now. Seriously, how delicious does this look? You can easily make this cake mix with just a mug, a microwave and 3 minutes. This is definitely going to be saved for those nights when it's my time of the month and all I can think about is chocolate!

Luv Aj The Rose: Gold Ombre Bracelet ($65)
This bracelet from Luv Aj was designed by PopSugar and mixes silver, gold and rose gold tone metals. I almost always love the jewelry that PopSugar includes in their boxes, although this one I'm still a little on the fence about. I actually love the multi-colored metal and the idea of the chain bracelet, but for some reason it looks a little "heavy" on my wrist. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but I wish the links were just slightly smaller. I think I'll wear this bracelet layered with others so it sort of blends in and compliments my other jewelry. It looks a bit masculine when I wear it alone.

Special Extra: Tiny Prints Labels and Coupons
I completely forgot to photograph them, but Tiny Prints provided a $20 off coupon code as well as a few sheets of To/From labels for gifts that were designed by Lisa Sugar. They're pretty basic-looking but are black and white so they'll match almost any wrapping paper. It's a cute little bonus item, and I've actually ordered from Tiny Prints a few times so I'm sure the coupon code will be used!
Overall Thoughts
PopSugar Must Have costs $39.99 a month, and the November box has a total value of $165. If you include the Tiny Prints coupon code, the value bumps up to $185- and that doesn't even include the sheets of To/From labels. The value this month was absolutely amazing. I can't get over it! While the bracelet is technically the "high end" product in this box this month, the jewelry box and lipstick trio were also substantial items! Personally, I think this was an absolutely fantastic curation. This is a great box to gift as a whole, although I do wish they would include the "wrapping" items in their November box. If I buy a December box to gift, the recipient isn't going to get much use out of the wrapping tape and gift labels. Aside from that small little issue, I am absolutely thrilled with the December box, just like last years! PopSugar really stands at the top of the pack for me in terms of overall value, brand inclusion and curation. I'm almost never disappointed!

If you're interested in signing up for a PopSugar subscription, you can do that HERE.
(Use code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month!)
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  1. I just got an email for a family & friends sale with coupon codes for $15, $25, & $75 off and I used the $25 off to renew for another 3 months.

  2. The contents are definitely different than what I used to get in my Birchbox. To be honest I'm not a fan of getting a "surprise box" every month. I'm very picky and particular and when I'm paying for something I do tons of research to make sure I'm getting what I want. My experience with Birchbox was getting a bunch of free samples which were not flattering or not what I needed. Basically paying for more clutter.

    1. I definitely don't think subscription boxes are for everyone, that's for sure! If you have very particular ingredients or types of products you like I don't think they're always a good fit. I've always been someone who likes to try anything and be exposed to new products I otherwise wouldn't bother trying- even if they don't always work out well for me. You are totally right though- paying for clutter is no good! I canceled quite a few of my subscriptions because I realized I wasn't using most of it an the money I was spending could be used elsewhere!