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Walmart Beauty Box: Winter 2015 Review and Unboxing

 Another season has begun, which means it's time for another Walmart Beauty Box! I'm not going to lie here- these aren't the most well-curated boxes, and sometimes they're just downright disappointing. Having said that, they only come 4 times a year and cost $5 each. So while I'm not always jumping for joy at the contents in these boxes, I think it's worth the $20 a year to get some fun surprises in the mail every now and then. We all know Walmart isn't known for their high end or interesting products, but they do carry a lot of useful basics and tried and true brands. I don't get out to the drugstore makeup/beauty aisles very often so I like to use this box as a way to try some things that may have come out recently that I haven't heard of or tried yet.
 The Walmart Beauty Box is actually "free", except they charge $5 for shipping. So really, I like to look at it as $5 per box since most subscriptions don't charge for shipping. Rather than releasing boxes every month, the Walmart Beauty Box is released once per season, or 4 times a year. Everything included in the box will obviously be available for purchase at Walmart, so I wouldn't expect any high end brands in here.  
The Walmart Beauty Boxes tend to have a slight variety regarding their contents. I believe I've only seen 2 variations for the Fall box. No one knows for sure which boxes go to which people, however it's speculated that the boxes are sent out based on how old the subscriber is: a "younger" box and an "older" one. 
 Nirvana Spa: Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter
I love a super thick body butter in the Winter! I love it even more when said body butter is scented with coconut and/or almond, so this is a home run product for me! It's nothing super special, really, but It's a decent sized jar for traveling or keeping on your night stand. The scent is mild but noticeable and the consistency is thick like you would expect from a body butter. It does smooth on the skin nicely and absorbs well considering how thick it is. I'll definitely use this up.

Goody Slideproof Elastics
I swear Goody has been popping up in almost every single Target Beauty Box and now here they are in the Walmart box. It's not like most of us can't use hair elastics, but as someone who doesn't put their hair up very often I find these piling up in my drawer faster than I can actually use them. These ones are actually really interesting though- they have tiny little silicone "teeth" on one side to help them grab onto the hair and stay in place but won't snag on the hair when you do decide to pull it out. These are interesting enough where I'm fine with getting them, but honestly Goody needs to take a break from being in these boxes or everyone is going to have so many elastics that they're never going to need to buy them!
 Pure Silk: Rich and Luxurious Shave Cream in "Raspberry Mist"
Pure Silk just reminds me of the 80's. Were they even around in the 80s? I'm not sure- but something about the brand and their promotions, packaging etc just makes me think they're a little old fashioned. Regardless, shave cream is shave cream, and I love having these little travel sizes for when I go away somewhere overnight. 

Pantene Hairspray
As popular and well-known as Pantene is and as much as I've tried from them, I've actually never tried their hairspray. I'm a die-hard Tresseme hairspray fan and I have rarely ventured out from using it. However I really love having purse-sized hairsprays so I will definitely toss this one in my bag and see how well it works in comparison to Tresseme.
 Neutrogena: Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser
Honestly, I'm 99% sure I got this exact same sample in one of the Walmart boxes earlier this year. Repeat samples are a huge pet peeve of mine, and when it's coming from a company as huge as Walmart, I feel like there is no excuse. I can imagine they must have access to so many samples from a huge amount of brands- there's no reason why they should keep sending the same thing. I'm very picky with my cleansers though, so even if this is amazing I probably won't be trying it.

Dial: 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion
Since the Walmart Beauty Box doesn't come with an info card, I really don't know all the details on this lotion, but I like that it claims it will keep skin soft for up to 7 days. My lotion that I currently use claims to keep skin moisturized for 24 hours (and it does) so I'm interested to compare this one to my current one and see if it does keep my skin moisturized for longer. I can't imagine it would last 7 days, but maybe 3-4? If so, I would love to pick up more of this so I wouldn't have to lotion twice a day!
 As always, there are some foil packet samples included as well. This time, we have a shampoo and conditioner from Ken Paves, some Centrum vitamints, tone perfecting cream from Olay and a scent from Jennifer Aniston. I don't really use foil packet samples that often unless they are BB creams, so I'll probably send these on to my mom and sisters, but I do think they're a nice addition to the box as some little bonus items. Unfortunately, some people ended up with a box filled with foil packets and very few deluxe samples this month, which is a bummer.
  Overall Thoughts
The Fall Walmart Beauty Box contained 10 products from 10 different brands. 6 were deluxe samples, and 4 were foil packet samples. For $5 shipped, I think that's a fantastic deal. Here's the problem with this box: they don't send the same thing to everyone. It's usually a similar variation, however the Winter box seemed to have a very uneven variety. Some people only received 2 deluxe samples and a ton of foil packets, while others like myself got much more. It's fine if they choose to vary the boxes by demographic, but I don't see how any of these products would only appeal to people in their 20's-30's. I think the older demographic also would be able to use and enjoy all of these items. I think from what I've seen, most of the "younger" boxes tend to have better products in them (and this time around, there was more product in general) so if you're going to sign up for this subscription, I highly suggest you consider making your age younger when you sign up. Unfortunately, they do occasionally include some really great anti-aging products in the "old lady" boxes, which I'm always bummed about missing- but I think overall the younger boxes have a better value.

The next box coming out will be the Winter edition, and will be shipping sometime in December.
If you're interested in signing up for the Walmart Beauty Box, you can do so HERE.
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