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W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion Review

While Korean skincare is pretty much the biggest thing in the beauty world right now, I think that sometimes, Korean makeup gets a bad rep. You've probably heard it all by now: it's not pigmented enough, the products perform worse than western drugstore brands, it all looks like little kids play-makeup. But while that might be true for some brands, I find that Korean makeup in general is just different. While we in the Western world are looking for intense pigmentation at all times, Asian beauty trends lean more toward the natural flush on the cheeks and lips. The slight tint of color on the lids. We lean toward the matte finish on our faces, while in Asia, especially in Korea, the luminous, glowy-look is more preferred. We just have different ideas of how we want our makeup to perform. That isn't to say there aren't cosmetics from Korea that aren't intensely pigmnented, (there are!) but more often than not, you're going to find that the products don't always line up with what you're going for. I mean, try finding a Korean primer that doesn't have some sort of pearlized feature to it!
I was definitely late to the party when it came to cushion pacts. I'm normally on top of my game when it comes to kbeauty, but I was hanging on to BB creams for dear life and honestly, I wasn't entirely sure what the hype was all about with the cushion itself. It just seemed kind of unsanitary to me and I was perfectly happy with my BB's. The thing I was missing out on though, is the wide variety of coverage, consistencies, finishes, shades and CUTE PACKAGING that these cushions offer! While I've tried and owned quite a few cushions nowadays, I was especially drawn to this adorable Honey Beam Cushion by W.Lab. 

What it Is:
W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion is a popular Korean makeup product which contains honey to provide enough moisture and glow to your skin. It has a strong power of covering blemishes and gives you a flawless finish. One touch will give you moisturized, glowing skin. It comes with SPF50m PA++ to protect from the sun.


Unfortunately this cushion (like so many others) comes in two shades: "insanely pale" (honey light) and "slightly less pale." (honey beige) Honestly I don't have the darker shade in my hands so I'm not entirely sure how much deeper it is than the light shade, but they both look pretty light to me. I'm lucky that I have pale skin, however anyone with a deeper skin tone is out of luck with this one, unfortunately. 

Outer Box
Cushion comes sealed really well in foil package
The cushion features the sassiest little bumblebee girl in the entire world and I am in love with her. Seriously look how freakin cute she is! She clearly is taking no shit from anyone and I love it.
This cushion comes with the standard "puff" with the satin ribbon on the back and the sharp outer edges that can scratch like a feral cat if you're not careful! Nothing special here really- if you have fancier puffs I'd suggest using those, but this will do if you don't have any others.
The inside has a nice big mirror and the little "door" that seals the cushion up tightly as well as gives you a place to rest your puff so you don't get bacteria into your cushion.
When you open the door, you've got even more protection with the sticker seal that covers the cushion. No worries about this becoming contaminated, that's for sure!
And there she is! It looks pretty standard to me in terms of cushions of course. Nothing new or interesting here. But let's check out the swatch/feel, shall we?
The consistency of this is actually kind of interesting. It has an almost thin, oily feel to it. While that sounds like it would be unappealing, it actually allows the product to spread out smoothly. I was concerned with my first swatch that this product wouldn't have enough coverage for me, though. While I don't need full coverage necessarily, I do like to have some to even out my skin tone and hide any little breakouts that may be speckled on my face.
In terms of shade, this is actually a pretty good match for me...on my hand, at least. Once it's blended out it leaves a "glow" to the skin that is definitely intense. I wouldn't say there's a "shimmer" or anything like that necessarily, but it definitely leaves the skin with that "dewy" appearance that so many Korean men and women crave. That shiny look isn't as popular here in the US, however I will say that whenever I leave my skin looking a little dewy rather than matte, I always get more compliments on how good my skin looks. So maybe there's something to be said for that healthy, dewy look! I don't think it's over-bearing with this cushion, and it actually manages to look really natural and healthy.
Performance and Overall Thoughts
I think that the performance of this product is decent. It gives a solid medium to full coverage while also giving off that dewy glow. I found my skin stayed hydrated and soft while wearing this, (most likely because of that manuka honey goodness added in!) however I noticed some melting/breakdown on my face after a few hours of wear. It was also caking up a bit around the curves of my nose. The youthful glow you get when first applying this will slowly break down into simply: oily-looking. No one wants that! You can definitely reapply this throughout the day if you so desire, or you can do what I did: add a translucent powder on top. While this takes away that magical glow that this cushion seems unique for, it will keep this stuff in place for much longer without having to reapply or blend it out throughout the day. Just use powder very, very sparingly so you don't end up looking washed out.

Here's some embarrassing photos that I took while I was getting ready today so you can see a little bit how this looks.
First pictures are of my face with absolutely nothing on it other than this cushion. You can tell I'm not joking because my eyelashes are missing. (I have blonde lashes. They make me look weird but whatcha gunna do? haha)
 Look at that dewy-ness!

 Why it looks like I have a lazy eye...I will never know. Mysteries.
You can see that this has really nice coverage, and it hid all of my mini breakouts as well as the redness I have around my nose and on my cheeks. 

Okay, so I decided to put a little bit of translucent powder on top of this as well as my usual makeup. The next photo is of me with my makeup done, sans lipstick.
Sorry that I look like a serial killer in this picture. I totally planned on smiling...don't know what happened with that, haha
You can see that with a tiny bit of setting powder, this still has a little bit of a glowy appearance, but it's not overwhelming and it takes away that tacky-feeling that is left behind after application. I do think that the lightest shade that I chose is a hair too light for my complexion, though.

Overall, it looked pretty decent- although it gave me such full coverage compared to my BB cream that my skin almost looked "fake" which I noticed right away. I wasn't a huge fan of that, but I DO think this would be good for anyone that needs something more full coverage.

Here's a photo of what my skin looked like after wearing this cushion for 3 hours. Can you see where it started to cake up and break down around my nose and on my cheeks?
With or without a setting powder, this stuff caked into the fine lines on my face, and started to seriously break down around my nostrils within just a couple of hours. When this happens, I usually take the cushion out and reapply to smooth it out, however with the translucent powder on top I wasn't able to do that, therefore the breakdown was much more obvious. It almost looked like I had flakes of dry skin speckled everywhere. Not too thrilled about that.

Overall, This cushion isn't terrible. I wouldn't say it's an all-time favorite of mine, but I don't think I own one that imparts such a natural looking glow. I do wish it would last a bit longer without a powder topper, though. I think that this has medium to full coverage, which could be something that is appealing to anyone looking for that, although I would say that the wear time isn't super impressive. I do personally prefer the appearance of BB creams over this though, so I most likely won't be continuing to use this. I think I might keep it on hand if I have a really bad skin week and need some extra coverage and extra glow.

If you want to get this cushion for yourself, you can grab it from Q-Depot!

I received this product complimentary from Q-Depot to give my honest and genuine feedback. These thoughts are 100% my own.
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  1. I love products with honey in them, and that sassy be girl on the packaging sort of reminds me of my cat, haha. The only cushion I've tried is the Sulwhasoo cushion, which actually has really good coverage, and gives you a very natural look :) I love the dewy look, but you're right, after a while it just looks oily! >_<
    Jenny //

    1. Ooh I'll have to check out that Sulwhasoo one when I'm in the mood to splurge! ;)

  2. I totally had the same experience. This is not a long lasting foundation. The light color worked for me and I liked the coverage but it slid off my face pretty quickly and I have dry skin! I don't know if it's just me (and my dry skin) but it felt like a layer of goo on my face.
    Which is a bummer because I loved the color and the glow :D

    1. Definitely not- I really liked how it looked when i first put it on but in a few hours my face looked like an absolute mess. :( Such a shame because the packaging is so cute!