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Beauteque Mask Maven January 2016 Review

Let me tell you, it has been one crazy month! It's my second month back in college for the first time in probably close to a decade. I'm still actively learning Korean, recently started writing for a Korean music and entertainment website, working my regular job and just going about my life. And then, a little over a week ago, my 6 and a half year relationship came to an end. A peaceful end, luckily. Unfortunately, that also means that I am moving out of my lovely little apartment and back home for awhile with my parents while I focus on school and saving money. I'm still in the process of packing and trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing, but I'm hanging in there, guys. Why do I bring all of this up in this post in particular? Because as silly as it sounds, sheet masks have been a saving grace during this crazy time in my life. Whether I throw one on while reading a particularly long chapter in my Lifespan Development class, or if I wear one after a really, really emotionally stressful day, I feel like having my skincare rituals and pamperings on my side has made all the stress and changes in my life a lot less terrible!

If you want some monthly de-stressing goodies, you're definitely going to want to consider Mask Maven!

What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends you 9-11 masks each month. These masks range from sheet masks, hand and foot masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more, although it seems that it's usually sheet mask-heavy. You receive a different variety of masks each month.

Subscription Details and Pricing
You can subscribe Month-to-Month, or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You are billed on the 20th of each month if you subscribe for the month-to-month option. If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, you will have to wait until the following month to receive your bag. Bags are shipped starting on the 20th of each month, although they have shipped earlier occasionally.
 Month to Month: $16 per month
3 months: $16 per Month
 6 months: $15 per month
12 months: $14 per month
Shipping costs range from $3.95 to $9.95 depending on where you live. Beauteque currently ships Mask Maven to the following Areas: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore
January's Theme:
 Land and Sea
We went natural for the first Mask Maven of the new year! Beauty is all around us, and this collection truly captures the refreshing feeling of a day spent being one with nature. Feel as if you've wandered into a grove of peach trees, picked a barrel full of strawberries, or explored the depths of the mineral-rich oceans when you use these indulgent masks.
Mask Maven provides a detailed sheet to tell you a bit about each mask and their uses. While most of us know the drill with sheet masks: stick 'em on, take 'em off after 5-20+ minutes- each one has it's own benefits and some are quirky in terms of fabric, essence type etc. It's best to take a peek at this before using a mask to make sure you're picking one that will help your skin concerns!

Tonymoly: Pureness 100 Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet
This is not the most exciting mask in the world to receive because it's pretty popular and I've used it multiple times, but there are few things I love more in the Winter than a good hyaluronic acid mask. They're deeply hydrating and really make your skin feel plumped up and refreshed. This one is pretty decent, although not my favorite. I will definitely use it, though!
SNP: Animal Otter Aqua Mask
These animal-print masks were all the rage early last year although like with most kbeauty buzz-worthy items, are kind of a staple now. They're still fun to use and the SNP line of animal masks happens to be my favorite. Not only are the animal prints really cute and detailed, but the masks themselves fit very nicely and are soaked in essence. This one in particular includes coconut water and coconut oil that help moisturize and replenish the skin.
Freeset: Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack
Donkey Milk products have been popular for awhile but still manage to stay relevant and not "over done". (I'm looking at you, snail goo!) This gel mask contains donkey milk which is rich with vitamin A, B, D, C, and E, which work together to slow down the aging process and deeply moisturize the skin. I've used a wide variety of donkey milk items and quite a few from Freeset and I've enjoyed these masks in the past, so this one will probably be used very soon!
Mediheal: Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask
Now this one is definitely a new mask for me! This actually massages the skin to what Beauteque calls, "renewed vitality" and helps remove impurities from the pores. It contains papaya, apple, mung bean, and persimmon leaf extracts It looks a little freaky since it only goes on the lower half of your face, but what's even more interesting is that this mask bubbles up once it has "completed" it's purpose. I'm interested to see if this is a gimmick or something kind of fun to use once in a while!
Hanaka: Marine Mud and Seaweed Mask
When I first tried a Hanaka sheet mask, I ended up getting a bad breakout shortly after that I associated with that particular sheet mask. It was hard for me to brave using another one. Luckily I did, because these are actually pretty solid masks. I think that my skin just didn't like an ingredient in the first one I used. Bad luck, I suppose! This one in is the marine mud and seaweed mask which is not only super hydrating, but removes impurities from the pores and leaves your skin flowing and radiant. 
Hanaka: Camellia and Hyaluronic Acid Mask
Another mask from Hanaka, and another Hyaluronic acid mask. As I mentioned earlier, I'm totally down for a good hyaluronic acid mask, but since this type and this brand was already featured in previous masks, it would have been nice to see a different one in it's place this month for a bit more variety. Regardless, you know I'll be using it!
Baviphat: Green Tea Juicy Mask Sheet
Baviphat: Strawberry Juicy Mask Sheet
Baviphat is a lower-priced Korean brand that I've had mixed results with. Their strawberry toxifying clay mask is probably my holy grail wash-off mask, although there have also been some products here and there from them that I haven't been impressed with. Their sheet masks are usually pretty good though, so I'm happy to give these a shot. The Green Tea variety is used to moisturize and increase elasticity while the strawberry is used to deep-clean pores an control oil. I'm definitely more excited for the strawberry variety because moisturizing sheet masks are a dime a dozen. I like ones taht will help clear my acne and do a little damage to excess oil!
Scinic: My Bottle Juice Mask "Firming"
I'm familiarizing myself with Scinic a bit more now that they've been appearing regularly in Beauteque subscriptions. I really do like this brand a lot and have been impressed with their affordable price and wide range of products. They're still "new" to me and not a brand that I normally see talked about, although I hope that changes with time! This sheet mask is used to help firm up sagging skin and also moisturizes. I used another variety of this mask from a prior Mask Maven bag and liked it overall, so I'm hoping to have similar feelings with this one!
Overall Thoughts
Mask Maven costs $16 per month (less if you pre-pay for a longer subscription) and the December bag contained 9 sheet masks,making each item cost under $2.
I really liked the theme this month although for some reason I feel like the selection was lacking, just a little? The Scinic mask didn't really fit with the theme, and I feel like the Baviphat and hyaluronic acid masks are reaching a bit with the "Land and Sea" theme. I would have liked to see a lot more charcoal, clay, maybe even Jeju Island-ingredient masks included here. Having said that, I still think there's a great brand variety, and I will most likely use all of these at some point. Hopefully there will be a bag in the coming future that will have less moisturizing masks and more specialized masks for anti-aging, oil control etc. Those are always the ones I gravitate to because so many sheet masks are already "moisturizing", so it seems old-hat to me when a particular mask is only good for that. Overall, I'm pleased with this months bag and I think it includes masks that will work well during these cold days in January!

If you'd like to learn more about Mask Maven or sign up for yourself, you can do so HERE.
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  1. Sorry, to hear about everything going on!! Your followers are always here for you!!! Good luck with everything - I know it will be tough, but everything works itself out in the end!

  2. I've tried the Mediheal bubble mask and it gets crazy bubbly. It's definitely fun though I didn't find it really effective. Haha. One huge benefit of living with the parents is you save a ton of money - I did it for a year when I was 33 and I was amazed at how much I saved!!

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  4. I would love to try all these products. I have started using cream by lifecell and the results are amazing.