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Beauteque Mask Maven February 2016 Review

 I have a very interesting relationship with sheet masks. There are months that go by where I don't use a single one. There are other times when I can't go a day without slapping one on during my evening skincare routine. Regardless of what phase I'm in at the time, I cannot stop myself from buying new and interesting sheet masks with every single kbeauty order I make. Having Beauteque's Mask Maven subscription arrive each month has definitely helped quell my desires to constantly buy allllll the masks whenever I do online window shopping!
 What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends you 9-11 masks each month. These masks range from sheet masks, hand and foot masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more, although it seems that it's usually sheet mask-heavy. You receive a different variety of masks each month.

Subscription Details and Pricing
You can subscribe Month-to-Month, or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You are billed on the 20th of each month if you subscribe for the month-to-month option. If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, you will have to wait until the following month to receive your bag. Bags are shipped starting on the 20th of each month, although they have shipped earlier occasionally.
 Month to Month: $16 per month
3 months: $16 per Month
 6 months: $15 per month
12 months: $14 per month
Shipping costs range from $3.95 to $9.95 depending on where you live. Beauteque currently ships Mask Maven to the following Areas: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.
February's Theme:
Fabulous February: Put Yourself First
Happy February! The beauty of this bag is the variety that awaits you within. Honey soothes, green tea detoxifies, and blueberry battles blemishes- and that's just a third of the masks you'll find here to work their magic on your face! Enjoy discovering this decadent cache of masks and consider it our Valentine to you. In the month of love, why not show your skin the most love?
Hanaka: Cactus Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Mask
Hanaka: Snail & Black Pearl Elasticity Whitness Mask
Both of these Hanaka masks are made out of 100% natural wood pulp fiber and are completely decompostable after use, which is awesome! The Snail and Black pearl is used to lock in moisture and brighten the skin while firming and providing elasticity. The Cactus and Hyaluronic Acid mask deeply hydrates the skin while giving it radiance and glow.
Here's the thing, at one point these Hanaka masks were sort of new. I hadn't heard of the brand before and Beauteque was including them in quite a few of the Mask Maven bags. I liked giving them a try and I do actually think they're pretty good masks, but I feel like they're showing up in almost every Mask Maven bag lately. While they're plenty nice, I do hope that they retire them from future bags, at least for awhile!

Leaders: AC-Dressing Whitening Sheet Mask 
I am a big fan of Leaders masks because they're affordable and they have very unique types and styles. This particular one is the AC Dressing Sheet mask, which soothes the skin by reducing inflammation and irritation. It also fights acne and reduces the appearance and size of pores temporarily. This mask is clearly made for oily, acneic skin, which I have, so I'm excited to use this one asap!
Ladykin Blueberry Wash Off Pack
This is another sort of repeat mask as I got this wash off pack in 2 different scents/types in a past Mask Maven. This one in particular fights acne and reduces signs of aging, which are my two major skincare concerns, so while I'm not usually a fan of wash-off masks I'll give this one a shot!
Esfolio Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet
Esfolio Honey Essence Mask Sheet 
Esfolio is yet another brand that I was familiarized with through Beauteque, and while I actually think their masks are quite nice, many of them seem to contain ginseng which is one of the few things that I discovered breaks me out pretty badly. I haven't looked at the detailed ingredients of either of these masks yet, but I hope I don't have to pass on these! The green tea mask removes toxins from the skin while firming, and the honey mask works against skin buildup while helping the production of collagen.
Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Nourishing Mask
Mizon sheet masks don't pop up very often, especially in subscription boxes. I was happy to see this! Mizon, while they have their fair share of mediocre products, is still one of my all-time favorite brands for affordability and results. This mask contains avocado is is loaded with vitamins to help nourish and smooth rough tired skin.
Somoon Ampoule Juice Animal Bear Firming Mask
Animal masks surged in popularity and are quietly dying out again in terms of being buzz-worthy. They're still used pretty frequently though, and I just so happen to be one of the people who just gets a kick out of them! This one has a bear face printed on it, and what is really cool about this mask is that it contains the same amount of moisture as an entire bottle of an ampoule. It contains honey, royal jelly, raspberry and blueberry extracts that help make skin retain it's elasticity while reducing roughness and boosting hydration.
Dewytree Honey Moist Black Sheet Mask 
I have a love/hate relationship with Dewytree Black sheet masks. I tried one back during the heyday of Memebox and it was the first time I realized that ginseng was a huge acne trigger for me. Ever since then I've been really worried about using these masks, although I'm sure not all of them contain ginseng. I'm happy to see the brand popping up in Mask Maven though, as it shows they're expanding their brands. This mask is anti-microbial due to having a large dose of honey as an ingredient. It's also moisturizing and firming.
Overall Thoughts
Mask Maven costs $16 per month (less if you pre-pay for a longer subscription) and the December bag contained 9 sheet masks,making each item cost under $2.
I think Mask Maven is a fantastic deal for anyone looking to keep their sheet mask stash stocked at all times. There is a decent brand variety, however if you're a long-time subscriber you might start noticing the same brands popping up over and over. I think we need a break from the Hanaka and Esfolio masks. If they are to be included, maybe not including more than one of each kind would make the variety even more substantial!

If you'd like to learn more about Mask Maven or sign up for yourself, you can do so HERE.
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