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Beauteque Monthly BB Bag June 2016 Review

Is anyone else completely confused as to how we're are already at the end of June? I cannot wrap my head around how I got here. My boyfriend and I met in early January, I had just ended a 6 year relationship and moved back in with my parents after living on my own for longer than I can remember. I felt like this was going to be the longest most stressful year of my life and yet here we are, halfway through already! July 1st also marks the 2 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery, which is absolutely crazy because I feel like I just had it done! The older I get, the faster time flies!

When it comes to my subscriptions, I have to be very careful with what I subscribe to due to my immense lack of funds right now. My job is at a school so I'm off during the Summer and I don't get paid a whole lot as it is. Although I need monthly kbeauty coming to me in the mail. It's just a necessity at this point. While I feel like the kbeauty bug has sort of died down with bandwagoners, it almost makes me happy because those of us who have always loved Korean beauty and skincare can finally have our thing back. And for those just getting into it and wanting to become as obsessed as I am, I think Beauteque's BB Bag is a really great option for you to familiarize yourself with brands and products in a seemingly vast world of new things! I know how overwhelming it is when you first discover Korean beauty, so subscriptions like this can be a world of help!

I didn't receive an info card with this month's bag so I'm not sure what the theme is this month or what the retail values are of each product etc so you'll have to bare with me throughout this review where I take wild guesses on value based on my internet findings and kind of ramble about my opinion rather than the ingredients like I usually do!

Subscription Types (3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are Prepaid):
1 Month (month-to-month) $24 per month
3 month $24 per month
 6 month $23 per month
12 month $22 per month
All subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of it's cycle so you never accidentally miss a bag!
You can also gift subscriptions if you want to surprise a lucky friend or family member!

-6 or more full sized products in every bag
-A value between $65 to $85+
-Makeup, skincare, and lifestyle products
-Products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America

Beauteque Beauty Bags ship to the US, Canada, and Europe.
-US shipping is $3.95 per month
-Canada shipping is  $5.95 per month
-Europe shipping is $8.95 per month

 Now that we've got the details out of the way, let's get onto the June Bag contents!
Firstly, each BB Bag arrives in a bag...obviously. While I'm not a huge fan of collecting massive amounts of makeup bags throughout the year, I know others who find the thought appealing or have a lot of makeup to organize. I use these as makeup bags for my purse if I like them enough, otherwise I use them to put gifts into or just give them away. This particular bag is a large canvas bag with a zip top and I really like how sturdy it is, however it has a really strong "musty" scent to it that I have to air out for a few days and hope that works. It seems like a lot of these inexpensive makeup bags that companies buy in bulk (Ipsy has had this issue too) have a weird musty or plastic-y smell to them.

A'Pieu: Rub-in Gelato in "Riso" ($11.99)
I own this mask in both varieties because when my best friend Tiffany got them when they were first released, I fell in love with the cute ice-cream-like packaging! I feel like these masks would make the cutest gifts! This one in particular is the Riso variety, which is a rub in mask that removes dead skin cells and cleanses pores while brightening and moisturizing the skin. To use it, you simply apply it to the face and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water and again with cold water. I also read that this can be used on the chest and back area to help with body acne, so that is kind of awesome! Even though I have already owned this mask, I have yet to actually open it and use it (problems of a kbeauty hoarder) but now I think this is a sign I have to give it a try!

Holika Holika: Cover and Hiding Stick Concealer ($10)
This is the darker of the two shades that are offered with this concealer and I don't think it's going to work with my skin tone. Having said that, I've been outside a lot more this Summer than in the past so I might inadvertently get a tan and have to use a slightly darker concealer, so I'll keep this one on hand! This product is used to mask dark circles and other blemishes- so you know...your basic concealer. It's in a twist-up stick form and has a creamy consistency. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm super insanely picky over concealers so I'm interested to see how a low-cost Korean concealer will work for me. I need it to be extremely full coverage without looking cakey or drawing attention to the blemish, so we'll see how this performs!

Purederm: Botanical Choice Vital Radiance Hair Mask in 'Honey" ($2.99)
This is a one-time-use packet that contains a thick, creamy hair treatment that uses honey, almond and royal jelly to return moisture and shine to hair while eliminating frizz and masking split ends. I mentioned in one of my previous reviews that my hair has been an absolute mess lately in terms of health (super dead/frizzy due to heat styling) so I decided to give this a shot as soon as I got it. It has a nice scent and there is more than enough product here for 2 uses, or one really solid use if you have long or thick hair. It smoothed into my hair nicely and rinsed out well leaving no residue like a lot of hair masks tend to do. I think my only complaint is that it didn't do enough for my hair. It felt nice and soft and more manageable and maybe even slightly less frizzy, but not to the extent where I would feel the need to purchase this again.

Makeup Sponge ($7.99)
Ever since the Beauty Blender busted out on the scene and people started paying insanely high amounts of money for a product that essentially makes your makeup slightly smoother. That's pretty much the only benefit, but it tacks on an extra 10 minutes to your makeup routine, and an extra 10 at the end to thoroughly rinse. I may sound like I'm knocking makeup sponges, but I have 2 beauty blenders and I throughly enjoy them when I need a flawless finish. That isn't every day, but it's definitely useful for important events or when I want to look my absolute best and don't mind putting in some extra effort. This is what you would call a "knock off" beauty blender. Some of them are truly just as good or close to it, and others are not so much. I'm not entirely sure what level of quality this one has as I still have two beauty blenders that probably won't need to be tossed for quite awhile. I'll most likely give this one away but I do think it's a nice tool to include.

Holika Holika: Dessert Time Lip Balm ($5.99)
I'm pretty sure I've gotten a wide variety of these lip balms over the years in a sprinkling of different Korean beauty subscriptions. I think the reason why is because they're from a popular brand, they're relatively inexpensive and they're super duper cute. The first lip balm I had from this line got so many compliments every time I pulled it out. I'm not usually a fan of potted lip balm that I have to apply with my fingers, but I tend to make an exception when the packaging is super cute. This one is actually really adorable, but I think I'm going to keep it in the wrapping so I can add it to a small gift for a friend.

The Saem: Chocopie Hand Cream ($8.99)
If we are talking cute packaging- Chocopie Hand Cream takes the cake for me. The first time I ever saw it was on Key from SHINee's instagram. I believe SHINee are brand ambassadors for The Saem, so it wasn't a surprise to see Key peddling one of their products. Having said that though, I was screeching at not only the fact that there was a jar of hand cream that looked like a chocopie, but the outside packaging was almost identical to the actual food product. It's just so cute that it took me months to actually open the first one of these I purchased. The hand cream is pretty standard, has a light marshmallow scent etc but who cares, really? Just look at how cute!!
I also just so happen to have the edible chocopies in my house right now and just writing this review alone has made me start eating one. I have no self control.
Overall Thoughts
Beauteque Monthly costs $24 (plus shipping) and this bag as a Beauteque Value of about $50 depending on where you get your retail values from. Overall, I think the value being double what you paid for it is great. And while you might save money per item buying directly from Korean websites, you'll be spending a decent amount on shipping costs regardless of what method you choose (trust me I do it a lot), so as I stated above the Beauteque BB Bag is a great option for anyone who just wants to try new K Beauty products, or for those just getting interested! I'm not bowled over by the curation this month although I do think it's cute. I would have liked to see everything be dessert related rather than just 3 items as it would have been much more desirable overall. I'm a weirdo when it comes to curation and cohesion with subscriptions so I have very high standards! Overall, I think it's worth the cost and I would still highly recommend subscribing to the BB Bag.

If you're interested in signing up with Beauteque Monthly, you can do so HERE!
If you want to shop Beauteque's regular website for limited edition bags, and K-Beauty galore, you can check that out HERE.
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Beauteque Mask Maven June 2016 Review

I always mention how many sheet masks I have in my stash whenever I do a Mask Maven review. For a long time I was hoarding my sheet masks and rarely using them, so I decided to do a huge clean out and give them away to a bunch of my friends. Not only were they excited, but I was able to get rid of masks I probably wouldn't have used before they expired, and now I'm able to really only keep the ones I know I will use. Having said that, my sheet mask box is looking a little sparse now and the itch to buy more masks is already hitting me. Luckily I have Mask Maven to help with that! I've been introduced to a lot of brands I haven't heard of through this subscription, and ones that I've really enjoyed too, so I'm always looking forward to what I'm going to get in here each month!

What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends you 9-11 masks each month. These masks range from sheet masks, hand and foot masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more, although it seems that it's usually sheet mask-heavy. You receive a different variety of masks each month.

Subscription Details and Pricing
You can subscribe Month-to-Month, or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You are billed on the 20th of each month if you subscribe for the month-to-month option. If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, you will have to wait until the following month to receive your bag. Bags are shipped starting on the 20th of each month, although they have shipped earlier occasionally.

 Month to Month: $16 per month
3 months: $16 per Month
 6 months: $15 per month
12 months: $14 per month

Shipping costs range from $3.95 to $9.95 depending on where you live. Beauteque currently ships Mask Maven to the following Areas: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

The theme for Mask Maven this month was "Skincare Sundae" which I thought was pretty adorable. Apparently the masks included this month were inspired by the idea of a delicious sundae, so I was instantly interested to see what they had in store!
Lovemore: Rose Hybrida and Wine Yeast Whitening Mask Sheets
 Right off the bat I was confused as to how rose and wine yeast were inspired by a delicious sundae according to the theme...neither one are things that sound very appetizing on ice cream, but hey...whatevs. I'm actually a big fan of the Lovemore masks! While I hate the scent of rose and won't be using that one, I am excited to try the Wine Yeast variety which uses a base of deep ocean water which infuses the skin with moisture while the wine yeast is a natural brightener that evens the skin tone.

Daylight and Hue: Propolis Mask 
This is your standard propolis mask, however I'm always a fan of these because they really do wonders for any skin type. Propolis is a natural antioxidant which softens the skin and firms naturally while also killing bacteria on the surface of the skin which can help with acne as well. 
Ipuda: Strawberry Mask
 This is another basic mask, however in terms of ingredients, strawberry is usually used in masks for brightening and firming purposes. This one also claims to hydrate the skin while leaving it soft, clear and healthy looking.

Lus Essence: Royal Jelly Mask
 Royal Jelly has natural antibacterial properties that help keep skin clear and prevent/kill acne and bacteria on the skin. It's also a great natural moisturizer that doesn't overdo it so it's good for even oily skin.

NO:HJ Manuka Honey Mask
no:hj has quickly become one of my favorite sheet mask brands. Not only because of their beautiful packaging, but because of their wide variety and affordability. This is their manuka honey mask, which helps brighten the skin tone and increase elasticity. It also includes witch hazel as an ingredient which is a natural cleanser for the skin.
A'Pieu: Sweet Melon Sheet Mask
 I feel like I've probably seen these A'Pieu sheet masks a zillion times and I've never actually tried them before. I'm happy to see the sweet melon one included this month. This one is a refreshing and moisturizing mask that also contains milk proteins to make the skin softer and brighter.

Dr. Morita: Green Tea and Amino Essence Moisturizing Facial Mask
This mask uses green tea to soothe the skin while amino essence works to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. So not only does it have anti-aging properties, but this mask is also helping soothe and protect your skin with the green tea extract.

Hanaka: Macaron Facial Mask in "Hyaluronic Acid"
Firstly, let's talk about the cute little macaron packaging!
Squee! So cute! While many of us know that hyaluronic acid is a fantastic moisturizer, this mask also helps retain that moisture. It also has anti-aging ingredients that work to brighten and firm the skin while hydrating and repairing. I have had mixed feelings about Hanaka masks, but I think this is the first wash-off pack I've tried from them, so I'll be interested to see how it works. I'm also tempted to buy a bunch of these and fill a glass jar with them because the little macaron container is just too cute for words!
Overall Thoughts
Mask Maven costs $16 per month (less if you pre-pay for a longer subscription) and the June bag contained 9 sheet masks, making each item cost under $2.
I don't really think that the "Sundae" theme came across very well here, but there are a very nice variety of sheet masks. I absolutely love honey-based skincare, so while it was fine for me to see a manuka honey, propolis and royal jelly mask included this month, I do think it was a bit redundant and I would have liked to see a little more variety in terms of type of masks included. Overall, I think Beauteque did a nice job with this one and I like the wide brand variety as well. 

If you'd like to learn more about Mask Maven or sign up for yourself, you can do so HERE.

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New Beauty Test Tube July/August 2016 Review and Unboxing (Plus 30% off Deal!)

July is going to be the month that I get my hair back in shape again, and this Test Tube is going to help me do it! I've gone through a heat styling phase after going years and years letting my hair air-dry and then leaving it natural. I just can't get enough of my curling iron lately! Having said that, my hair is a frizzy dead mess unless I curl it, which is just a vicious cycle. Spoiler alert: there's a couple of neat hair products included in this month's tube that I'm excited to try out and see if I can save my poor hair!

 New Beauty TestTube is considered the "first beauty subscription service" in the beauty box world. It all began when readers of New Beauty magazine began asking where they could try/buy products that were featured in the magazine- and the test tube was born through the idea that readers could try the editors favorite products for themselves rather than just reading about them. It was a great idea of course, considering a massive, seemingly endless market of beauty subscriptions has risen out of it! 

A great thing about New Beauty TestTube is that they provide a large booklet filled with tons of details about each product included that month. Not only do you get information about the brand, but you can get detailed info on the product as well as tips and tricks to using it properly! It's a really helpful little handbook that I wish more subscriptions took the time to do!
New Beauty TestTube costs $29.95 plus $8.95 S+H for a total of $38.95 per tube. The reason why this review is labeled "March/April" is because New Beauty TestTube comes out once every other month, so you would be receiving 6 tubes per year rather than 12 in a monthly subscription. Each box includes the Test Tube, which is filled with beauty samples and full-size products as well as a detailed informational booklet on the products. You also automatically receive a subscription to New Beauty magazine when you subscribe to the Test Tube. The magazine is delivered separately from the Test Tubes, 4 times a year.

*Save 30% off Every Tube As Long As You're Subscribed!*
This is a totally new thing here- Apparently when you use my referral link, from what I understand in the fine print, you will not only save 30% off your first tube, but EVERY tube that you receive during your subscription! This is an awesome deal!

Sign up with this link to save 30% off for every tube you receive!
Of course for some people that is a good chunk of cash for a box of beauty samples. The good news is it only comes every other month, so it's a price equivalent of having a $15 per month subscription (after the 30% off discount). On top of that, they usually include higher-end items and full size products that other subscriptions do not.

I think the test tube is perfect for beauty junkies, but especially for women who don't have time to shop for beauty product or read pages and pages of reviews on a product. Getting the tube sent right to their door removes the hassle when shopping/discovering new beauty products!
I will say that while New Beauty does provide makeup in their tubes (many times it's full size!) they are usually a skincare-heavy subscription. If you're looking for solely cosmetics, this might not be a good choice for you.
Now let's get on with this month's tube!
Goldwell: Kerasilk Color Shampoo ($3) and Color Intensive Luster Mask ($6)
 So as you can see we've got some awesome hair products right out of the gate. This little sample duo from Goldwell is from their Kerasilk line which is not only meant to protect color treated hair, but also provides deep conditioning and shine. Definitely going right in the shower tomorrow and hoping the small amounts will still do some noticeable repair for me!

Novex: Keratin Hair Cream ($1.70)
I've seen this brand around and I've always despised the packaging. To me it looks like something you'd find at the dollar store, and since I'm all about packaging, I have never tried any of their products. I'm hoping I'll be proven wrong and end up loving this though, because a huge 35 ounce tub is only $17. This is a hair mask that has a high amount of vitamin E and keratin protein which helps hair become softer and stronger. To use this, you simply apply it and massage into hair after shampooing and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing. I'm not sure if I'll ever have the tim to wait 15 minutes for a hair mask, but I'll give it a solid 5 minutes and hope it does the job!
fave4: Up For Air Air Dry Cream ($2.90)
This is kind of an interesting product. I'm not really well versed in hair care, so while this may be something that has been around for awhile, the idea is totally new to me. You apparently apply this product to towel-dried hair and comb it through with your fingers and it somehow (and I quote the company) "transforms your hair into an effortlessly lived-in look everyone will be coveting." More specifically, you apparently apply this product to your hair when you don't have time to blow dry and it gives you a polished, moisturized and frizz-free look. Definitely something that is worth a shot for my frizzy-ass hair!

Denman: D12 Three-Row Comb ($6)
I'm always buying my combs in a pack of 4 at the dollar store, so this is a mega fancy comb for me! It has 3 rows of hard bristles which are used to detangle and help add volume when used to backcomb. I have very, very thin and fine hair, and backcombing has always alluded me in that I end up looking like I have a ton of knotted mats in my hair, so maybe using this will make it easier? I suppose I'll have to test it out!
Probelle: Nail Hardener ($14) and Nail Maintenance ($14)
 While I'm not one of those people who is super into nail polish, I do have brittle nails and absolutely love nail care products that help keep my nails long without them breaking in all kinds of painful ways.
Step 1 is the hardener formula which restores nails to their healthy state and reverses weak nails to naturally strong ones. Step 2 uses garlic and lime which somehow work to maintain the hardness and strength of your nails while protecting against fungus. So I guess this is also a good one to use on toenails!
Leaders: Balancing Recovery Mask ($7) and Coconut Gel with Blueberry Mask ($6)
Leaders is a relatively inexpensive but quality Korean skincare brand, which I am all too familiar with due to my kbeauty obsession. I find it hard to believe that these retail at the prices that are listed since I've gotten Leaders masks for much cheaper in the past. Having said that, it's very rare for Test Tube to inflate prices, so maybe those are the retail values? I'd have to say that Leaders isn't a brand I would ever spend $7 a mask for, but I do enjoy their products and think they work well for the price I'm used to paying, which is usually $1-$4, tops.
The balancing recovery mask helps control oil and shrink pores while soothing irritated skin and hydrate and balance the complexion. The Coconut Gel mask helps promote cell renewal and repairs the skin's moisture barrier. It includes lots of anti-aging ingredients that provide a lit-from-within glow after using it.
I'm more interested in the balancing mask because my skin is porous, acneic and oily, but I'll definitely give these both a shot!
GrandePrimer: Lash Primer and Plumper ($24.95)
 I swear there has been a product from this company in every single TestTube that I have received for as long as I can remember. At least the past 4 or 5. Not only do I find the packaging to look cheap and dated, but I have yet to find any of their products to be worth the cost. I've tried the regular mascara as well as the lip plumper and greatly disliked both. They were small samples though, and this one is a full size so I'm a bit less grumpy about receiving it. This claims to be a primer that also is infused with peptides that help prevent lash breakage and strengthens your lashes over time. I personally don't need or usually enjoy using eyelash primers, however my mother was eyeing this stuff pretty hard when I first opened my tube so I passed it on to her. I'm not sure if she'll get any amazing results due to my experience with this brand in the past, but hey- maybe they have a few decent products!

Mystic Tan: Mocha-Kissed Bronzer Lotion ($5.80)
 Yet another product I passed on to my mom- sunless tanner. I'm just not a fan of tanning of any kind- bottle baking included. Having said that, I know a lot of people do love them, and this is the perfect time of year to put them into a beauty subscription. This one is a bronzer lotion that gives instant color, but also builds up over time with regular use.

VersaSpa: Face Moisturizer Gradual Tanning ($4.38)
 Another sunless tanner that went directly to my mom, although this one is made specifically for the face. This one is also provides a gradual tan over time with regular use, but it doubles as a moisturizer and helps blur lines and wrinkles while giving immediate results. Sounds pretty cool if you're into tanners!

June Jacobs: Neroli Hydrating Mist ($5.70)
I'm telling you, June Jacobs does not get enough love. Not nearly enough. I have tried all kinds of skincare products. So many that I couldn't possibly count them all, from brands all over the world. Still to this day, my favorite facial mask of all time is the June Jacobs Papaya Enzyme mask. I got a small sample of it in one of my very first Birchboxes many years ago, and I fell completely in love. Not only do you need the smallest amount to completely cover your skin, but this stuff smells like the most heavenly fruity drink you'll ever have in your life. I cannot explain it but it's tropical and mouth-watering. The results are immediate and my skin was brighter, softer and more visibily plush and moisturized after just one use. HIGHLY recommend that mask!
Aside from that, this product included here is the Neroli mist. I love the Neroli scent of this. It's kind of herbal and hippie-like, but still mild and refreshing to mist on the skin. I'm not usually a massive fan of facial mists, but I'm already really digging this one. This is alcohol free and has an antioxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts as well as goji berry, pomegranate and grapeseed extract which all work together to keep the skin moisturized and prevent visible signs of premature aging. I have only used this once but it's great to mist on first thing in the morning after you've cleansed. It feels really refreshing and soothing to the skin.
Osmosis Skincare: Polish Enzyme Firming Mask ($10)
Grr. I really dislike masks that are ridiculously expensive because I have so many Korean branded masks that are cheap and absolutely fanastic (hello, Baviphats Strawberry Toxifying Mask ftw!) This is $50 per ounce, so I'm assuming it's got to be a miracle? According to the info booklet, it's supposed to help with hyperpigmentation and aging by filling in fine lines. It has claims that it's like a "facial in a tube." I'm not entirely sold on it yet, but I'd be interested to see how well this works. 

Pencil Me In Cosmetics: Natural Eyeliner Pencil ($6.99)
Woo boy, let me hold back my excitement. A black eyeliner pencil. How unique and interesting. Yawn. Apparently others may have received another shade, but I unfortunately got a black one. I rarely use black liners anymore so it's kind of a waste on me. The good thing about this liner is that it's paraben, petroleum and gluten free while also being non-irritating and eco-friendly. It's got lots of great ingredients in it too, like green tea, shea butter, vitamins A, B, C, D and if you're looking for cosmetics that are good for you and safe to use on your sensitive skin, I would look a little more into this brand!
 Overall Thoughts
 New Beauty TestTube costs $29.99 per month and has a shipping charge of $8.95, making it about $39 per tube. (Much less if you use my 30% off coupon!) The total value of the July/August TestTube about $118.
While I wasn't totally bowled over with excitement when I saw the contents this month, I think that there is a very large variety of products here.  15 products and 7 of them are full size if you count the sheet masks. I think that the value is definitely there, and if you're looking for a beauty subscription that focuses more on hair and skincare, this is a great option. There was a point when I only wanted cosmetics in my beauty subs, but after getting overloaded, I sought out skincare subs and this one was always a good one for that. I'm pleased with the value this month and I'm looking forward to see what the Fall tube brings!
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

PopSugar Must Have June 2016 Review and Unboxing

I'm genuinely terrified to look and see how long it's been since I last made a post. I have received a few messages from some amazing readers asking if I was OK and making sure I was still alive because that's how MIA I've been lately. All I can say is there's a variety of reasons for my absence. The major one: Applied Statistics. Boy, if anyone told me how terrible I was at statistics prior to taking that class I would have ran far the other way. It basically took up every single ounce of my free time and I wasn't able to get my reviews done. On top of crazy college courses, I've also been prepping to move very soon. My boyfriend and I are taking the plunge and decided to move in together (wooo so exciting!) and trying to find an apartment in the Boston area that isn't a zillion dollars a month is incredibly difficult, let me tell you!

I do have to say that since I'm not currently working and I'm desperately trying to save every penny for my move, I had to cancel the vast majority of my subscriptions, which also means less reviews and posts. However, I'm going to do everything in my power to get reviews up of the things I DO receive, so don't give up on me yet!

So let us get down to the business at hand: PopSugar! This is my last month with them unfortunately, but anyone familiar with my blog knows that this is my all-time favorite subscription. There's just no beating it in terms of quality products and a high value for what you pay. You never know what kind of goodies you're going to get, and it feels like a gift from your best girl friend showing up every month. I'm really going to miss not being subscribed but it's the very first thing I'm going to do when I get a new job!

The Deets
PopSugar Must Have Box is a subscription that sends you full size "must have" items from all areas of interest: fitness, beauty, skincare, home decor, books- you name it! You never know what is going to show up in these boxes, and that's why they're always so much fun to recieve! 
PopSugar costs $39.99 per month, however you can save more by buying a longer subscription, or if you gift yourself a box each month, you can use the frequent coupon codes they have available. You can use the code (REFER5) to save $5 off your first box, currently!

Each month, Lisa Sugar (PopSugar's Founder) will put all of the things that inspired the box on the info card.
This month was inspired by the words:
Sunshine, Cheers, Joy, Togetherness, Outdoors, Festivities

Hat Attack: Neutral Diamonds Printed Sarong ($58)
So you're probably wondering why I didn't take this out of the wrapping so you could get a better look at it in all it's pretty summery glory. Well, unfortunately I don't really do beaches or swimsuits because I hate the sun and I burn very easily. I tend to stay away from those things during the Summer, so the last thing I need in my closet is a Sarong. I'm sure there is something else I can do with it...tablecloth? Who knows. If I can't fin another use for it I will pass it on to a friend. It's actually a really nice addition to a June box since the weather is just starting to warm up and beach season is here!

Pressels: Sriracha ($1.29)
Bless PopSugar for always including snacks. Double bless them for including sriracha flavored snacks! My best friend Tiffany is most likely laughing at me right now (she teases me for my sriracha love) but oh man were these delicious. They're kind of like a pretzel chip with a spicy sriracha seasoning on them. They're super low calorie too, which is awesome. If you're not into the spice, they do have other flavors as well, and I highly recommend giving them a try! Delish!

Knock Knock: Are You Ready (For Your Closeup?) Compact ($10)
I am always in need of a good compact mirror to toss in my purse. Granted a lot of my blushes and powders that I carry in my small makeup bag tend to have mirrors on them, however they end up coated in a dry dust of product and are difficult to see into after awhile. Having a cute mirror like this on hand is great, plus there is a magnified side as well!

 Sisters of Los Angeles: "Cheers" Gold Bottle Opener ($12)
This bottle opener is huge and heavy. I'm not a very big drinker, and when I do drink it's usually a glass of wine, so I'm not really in the market for a bottle opener. Having said that, I think this is a cute addition to this box especially with all the summer cookouts and the 4th of July just around the corner. This will make a nice little gift for one of my friends!

Wild and Wolf: Ridley's Games Room"Who Am I?" Quiz ($12.95)
Another great addition to this box! What is more fun that party games at a BBQ? This one is super straight-forward which is good especially when everyone has a few drinks in them. You simply have to read off clues and people have to guess the celebrity or famous person you're describing. It's compact too so you can toss it in your beach back or your purse and bring it along with you wherever you end up this Summer!

NCLA: Born on the 4th Nail Color ($16)
I'm almost positive that PopSugar included a very similar 4th of July nail polish in a previous Summer box, and I was not a big fan. It may have even been from NCLA. Not only am I not a fan of chunky glitters like this, but I'm not entirely sure why I would want a huge bottle of nail polish that is really only appropriate to wear one (maybe 2?) days out of the year. Unless you're super patriotic I can't see this polish being used very often. I left it in the packaging and will pass it on to a friend if they're interested. It's a cute idea but not super practical.

Pacifica: Underarm Deodorant Wipes ($9)
I really like Pacifica and I love the scent of these deodorant wipes and the idea behind them. However, I sweat. A LOT. It's a family curse. I don't believe that a small towelette is going to keep me smelling fresh and dry all day long. Regardless, for those of you who sweat as much as me: I have found a really great use for these! Some of you may also suffer from that "old deodorant smell" that happens halfway through the day when you're out in the heat. It's not quite B.O. but not quite that fresh new deodorant scent, either. Even stacking more deodorant on your pits doesn't seem to get rid of it. Well, I discovered that if i use one of these wipes to cleanse my armpits and then reapply fresh deodorant it works like a charm! Very useful to toss in my bag if I'm at a cookout or going to be gone for most of the day! 

Overall Thoughts
PopSugar Must Have costs $39.99 a month, and the June box has a total value of about $120.
While there were a few things that I won't be able to use personally, I think that this a very nicely curated box. It feels very Summery in that there are lots of things to use here whether you're at a BBQ on the 4th, or lounging at the beach with friends. PopSugar almost always comes through with a cohesive curation. Overall I'm pleased with this box but it's definitely not one of my favorites. I sort of wish it was amazing since it was my last one for awhile, but I can definitely appreciate the party game especially. Can't wait to bust that out on the 4th!

If you're interested in signing up for a PopSugar subscription, you can do that HERE.
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