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Beauteque Monthly BB Bag June 2016 Review

Is anyone else completely confused as to how we're are already at the end of June? I cannot wrap my head around how I got here. My boyfriend and I met in early January, I had just ended a 6 year relationship and moved back in with my parents after living on my own for longer than I can remember. I felt like this was going to be the longest most stressful year of my life and yet here we are, halfway through already! July 1st also marks the 2 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery, which is absolutely crazy because I feel like I just had it done! The older I get, the faster time flies!

When it comes to my subscriptions, I have to be very careful with what I subscribe to due to my immense lack of funds right now. My job is at a school so I'm off during the Summer and I don't get paid a whole lot as it is. Although I need monthly kbeauty coming to me in the mail. It's just a necessity at this point. While I feel like the kbeauty bug has sort of died down with bandwagoners, it almost makes me happy because those of us who have always loved Korean beauty and skincare can finally have our thing back. And for those just getting into it and wanting to become as obsessed as I am, I think Beauteque's BB Bag is a really great option for you to familiarize yourself with brands and products in a seemingly vast world of new things! I know how overwhelming it is when you first discover Korean beauty, so subscriptions like this can be a world of help!

I didn't receive an info card with this month's bag so I'm not sure what the theme is this month or what the retail values are of each product etc so you'll have to bare with me throughout this review where I take wild guesses on value based on my internet findings and kind of ramble about my opinion rather than the ingredients like I usually do!

Subscription Types (3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are Prepaid):
1 Month (month-to-month) $24 per month
3 month $24 per month
 6 month $23 per month
12 month $22 per month
All subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of it's cycle so you never accidentally miss a bag!
You can also gift subscriptions if you want to surprise a lucky friend or family member!

-6 or more full sized products in every bag
-A value between $65 to $85+
-Makeup, skincare, and lifestyle products
-Products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America

Beauteque Beauty Bags ship to the US, Canada, and Europe.
-US shipping is $3.95 per month
-Canada shipping is  $5.95 per month
-Europe shipping is $8.95 per month

 Now that we've got the details out of the way, let's get onto the June Bag contents!
Firstly, each BB Bag arrives in a bag...obviously. While I'm not a huge fan of collecting massive amounts of makeup bags throughout the year, I know others who find the thought appealing or have a lot of makeup to organize. I use these as makeup bags for my purse if I like them enough, otherwise I use them to put gifts into or just give them away. This particular bag is a large canvas bag with a zip top and I really like how sturdy it is, however it has a really strong "musty" scent to it that I have to air out for a few days and hope that works. It seems like a lot of these inexpensive makeup bags that companies buy in bulk (Ipsy has had this issue too) have a weird musty or plastic-y smell to them.

A'Pieu: Rub-in Gelato in "Riso" ($11.99)
I own this mask in both varieties because when my best friend Tiffany got them when they were first released, I fell in love with the cute ice-cream-like packaging! I feel like these masks would make the cutest gifts! This one in particular is the Riso variety, which is a rub in mask that removes dead skin cells and cleanses pores while brightening and moisturizing the skin. To use it, you simply apply it to the face and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water and again with cold water. I also read that this can be used on the chest and back area to help with body acne, so that is kind of awesome! Even though I have already owned this mask, I have yet to actually open it and use it (problems of a kbeauty hoarder) but now I think this is a sign I have to give it a try!

Holika Holika: Cover and Hiding Stick Concealer ($10)
This is the darker of the two shades that are offered with this concealer and I don't think it's going to work with my skin tone. Having said that, I've been outside a lot more this Summer than in the past so I might inadvertently get a tan and have to use a slightly darker concealer, so I'll keep this one on hand! This product is used to mask dark circles and other blemishes- so you know...your basic concealer. It's in a twist-up stick form and has a creamy consistency. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm super insanely picky over concealers so I'm interested to see how a low-cost Korean concealer will work for me. I need it to be extremely full coverage without looking cakey or drawing attention to the blemish, so we'll see how this performs!

Purederm: Botanical Choice Vital Radiance Hair Mask in 'Honey" ($2.99)
This is a one-time-use packet that contains a thick, creamy hair treatment that uses honey, almond and royal jelly to return moisture and shine to hair while eliminating frizz and masking split ends. I mentioned in one of my previous reviews that my hair has been an absolute mess lately in terms of health (super dead/frizzy due to heat styling) so I decided to give this a shot as soon as I got it. It has a nice scent and there is more than enough product here for 2 uses, or one really solid use if you have long or thick hair. It smoothed into my hair nicely and rinsed out well leaving no residue like a lot of hair masks tend to do. I think my only complaint is that it didn't do enough for my hair. It felt nice and soft and more manageable and maybe even slightly less frizzy, but not to the extent where I would feel the need to purchase this again.

Makeup Sponge ($7.99)
Ever since the Beauty Blender busted out on the scene and people started paying insanely high amounts of money for a product that essentially makes your makeup slightly smoother. That's pretty much the only benefit, but it tacks on an extra 10 minutes to your makeup routine, and an extra 10 at the end to thoroughly rinse. I may sound like I'm knocking makeup sponges, but I have 2 beauty blenders and I throughly enjoy them when I need a flawless finish. That isn't every day, but it's definitely useful for important events or when I want to look my absolute best and don't mind putting in some extra effort. This is what you would call a "knock off" beauty blender. Some of them are truly just as good or close to it, and others are not so much. I'm not entirely sure what level of quality this one has as I still have two beauty blenders that probably won't need to be tossed for quite awhile. I'll most likely give this one away but I do think it's a nice tool to include.

Holika Holika: Dessert Time Lip Balm ($5.99)
I'm pretty sure I've gotten a wide variety of these lip balms over the years in a sprinkling of different Korean beauty subscriptions. I think the reason why is because they're from a popular brand, they're relatively inexpensive and they're super duper cute. The first lip balm I had from this line got so many compliments every time I pulled it out. I'm not usually a fan of potted lip balm that I have to apply with my fingers, but I tend to make an exception when the packaging is super cute. This one is actually really adorable, but I think I'm going to keep it in the wrapping so I can add it to a small gift for a friend.

The Saem: Chocopie Hand Cream ($8.99)
If we are talking cute packaging- Chocopie Hand Cream takes the cake for me. The first time I ever saw it was on Key from SHINee's instagram. I believe SHINee are brand ambassadors for The Saem, so it wasn't a surprise to see Key peddling one of their products. Having said that though, I was screeching at not only the fact that there was a jar of hand cream that looked like a chocopie, but the outside packaging was almost identical to the actual food product. It's just so cute that it took me months to actually open the first one of these I purchased. The hand cream is pretty standard, has a light marshmallow scent etc but who cares, really? Just look at how cute!!
I also just so happen to have the edible chocopies in my house right now and just writing this review alone has made me start eating one. I have no self control.
Overall Thoughts
Beauteque Monthly costs $24 (plus shipping) and this bag as a Beauteque Value of about $50 depending on where you get your retail values from. Overall, I think the value being double what you paid for it is great. And while you might save money per item buying directly from Korean websites, you'll be spending a decent amount on shipping costs regardless of what method you choose (trust me I do it a lot), so as I stated above the Beauteque BB Bag is a great option for anyone who just wants to try new K Beauty products, or for those just getting interested! I'm not bowled over by the curation this month although I do think it's cute. I would have liked to see everything be dessert related rather than just 3 items as it would have been much more desirable overall. I'm a weirdo when it comes to curation and cohesion with subscriptions so I have very high standards! Overall, I think it's worth the cost and I would still highly recommend subscribing to the BB Bag.

If you're interested in signing up with Beauteque Monthly, you can do so HERE!
If you want to shop Beauteque's regular website for limited edition bags, and K-Beauty galore, you can check that out HERE.
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