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Beauteque: Relaunching as Your Mask Marketplace! July 1st!

As many of my long-term readers might now, I have been a customer and a fan of Beauteque since their original launch. Not only have they grown from a small Korean/Asian beauty product company to one of the top Kbeauty websites based in the US, but they've also developed two very successful Subscription services: Mask Maven and the BB Bag. 

Another big change is coming to Beauteque on July 1st, and it might be their largest one yet! Beauteque is rebranding and now focusing all their attention on masks! Beauteque will be "Your Mask Marketplace" in that you'll be able to constantly choose from well over 500 different masks, available in all price ranges, throughout all brands and styles. Beauteque will always have the newest and most talked about masks in stock with competitive prices that will challenge even the biggest stores in the US. 
Also don't worry! Beauteque will be continuing both the BB bag and Mask Maven subscription services!

Beauteque will not just be selling sheet masks, though! While their sheet mask selection is going to be no joke, they will also have wash off packs, clay masks and all sorts of face masks you could only dream of! The best part is, masks are not just for your face! Beauteque will also be selling eye masks, nose masks, hand masks, nail masks, foot masks, hair masks...if it's a mask, Beauteque is going to be carrying it!

Beauteque is also committed to helping those who are new to Asian beauty get acquainted with not only brands, but product types, ingredients and uses. The website will provide education for those who are unfamiliar with specific masks and types. Categories will be easily searched, and customers can choose exactly what masks they're looking for with just a couple of clicks. You can search masks by your skin type or skin concern, or feel free to get in touch with Beauteque and they will help get you the perfect masks for your skin concernns!

As always, Beauteque offers Free shipping over $35 in the US, and ships Internationally
To celebrate their new re-branding and launch, you can used "MASKLAUNCH" at checkout to save 10% off your order! Also, don't forget the free shipping with a $35 purchase!

Since this a big relaunch where one of my favorite online stores is now primarily selling one of my favorite skincare goodies, I thought I'd share some of my favorite masks with you that Beauteque will currently have available in their shop!

Innisfree: Skin Clinic Mask BHA ($3.80)
You know I love anything with a good AHA or BHA acid in it, and when I first saw these masks from Innsifree I had to have them! BHA and AHA basically single-handedly saved my skin. Not only did my pores shrink, but my redness evened out, my acne and fine lines subsided...they really are little miracle acids! This mask from Innisfree is super thin, which I love because it clings very well to my face. The BHA acid helps with acne and breaking down dead skin cells to reveal a more smooth, youthful complexion. It also does a great job of dissolving the gunk and junk out of your pores. This mask is a great one to stick into your routine if you haven't found a regular BHA acid treatment that you like. 

Annie's Way: Secret Garden Edelweiss Iris Witch's Timeless Secret ($3.25)
Annie's Way has become one of the more popular mask brands over the past year or so due to their extremely affordable, yet high quality and result-giving products. I really love the names and the packaging of their sheet masks in particular. And this one is a personal favorite! 
Not only does this mask help reduce fine lines, but it softens up rough patches on my skin, firms up the looseness on my neck (however temporarily) and slows down skin aging with continued use. It's super moisturizing and very easy to apply. The mask is very high quality and adhere's to the face perfectly while allowing the essence to fully absorb without drying out too quickly. Definitely love this one!

I usually cannot be bothered with a wash-off mask, no matter how good someone tells me it is. I always reach for a sheet mask because they're so easy to pop on and off without all the mess and cleanup. While I do have a few favorite wash off masks in my stash, I have to say that this Strawberry Toxifying Mask from Baviphat is genuinely my all-time favorite. I feel like it was made for my skin. 
This is a clay mask that won't make your skin feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of it. It not only naturally cleanses but it also helps to tighten large pores, control oil and relieve acne and troubled skin. I find that it also helps control my uneveness and redness. It also visibily brightens my skin tone in one use which I love. The scent smells like candy strawberries, and it comes with a small spoon spatula however I like to apply this with a brush. (Grab an old flat foundation brush- they're excellent for applying wash-off masks!)

So these are just a few of the masks that Beauteque will be carrying that I personally really love. There are so many more that I haven't tried! Go check out the newly relaunch Beauteque and grab some masks for your Summer skincare routine with the code MASKLAUNCH to save 10% off! Also don't forget to get free shipping with a purchase of $35 or more! Yay!

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