Saturday, November 25, 2017

I'm Obsessed with Fairy String Lights

Yes, I'm still on hiatus (only a couple months left of school stuff before I finally graduate omg!) but I had to make a post about this product as it was incredibly frustrating for me to find it! Why? Keep on reading, my loves!
I'm sure you've seen these string lights in almost every Pinterest post, but did you know that the majority of those string lights are battery operated? Yea...frustrating. Maybe it's just me, but I really can't stand having to find batteries (at least 4 AA's in the case of these lights) and then changing them out whenever one is drained just to have my pretty lights on. It seemed like no matter where I saw these lights, they were sold inexpensively, but with a battery pack. Finally, I discovered this particular set of lights on Amazon, and not only do they come with an option to plug in or have a battery pack (for those cases where you have no where to plug them in), but they also come with a small remote to control the brightness as well as strobe effects and other fun things!

I have had these bad boys up around the small window in my room for a few months now, and they have continued to glow strong- my first set that was battery operated ended up dying after just a month of regular use. Since I've had less time to test and explore beauty products during my college time, I've become more and more interested in home decorating- unfortunately I lack the funds to really make my home look Pinterest-worthy! Having said that, I had to give a shout-out to these string lights real quick on my blog because I've become that obsessed with them. Just placing them around my window or along the top of a curtain rod, even wrapping them around hanging plants etc has made my home look so much more warm and cozy. What I particularly love about the copper wire lights is that they are smaller than regular Christmas lights and the wire makes it easy to form the lights around anything your heart desires! I did purchase these and there are no affiliate links in this post, just wanted to let some of you know they existed in case you were like me and grumpy about all the cheap, short-lived battery pack lights out there! :)

If you want to snag a bunch of these like I did, you can grab them on Amazon HERE! They are currently under $18 at the time of this post, but the price tends to fluctuate- Well worth the few extra dollars compared to the cheaper ones- these are built to last!

Until next time! <3


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